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Communication and engagement is the focus of every successful business. According to one study, * companies with high communication patterns are three and a half times more likely to outperform their industry peers than those that do not effectively communicate. However, as important as communication can be, it is a one-way dialogue, and it is only outward-facing. We use communication to share information about ourselves, our products and accomplishments.

Engagement on the other hand is received. Through engagement, you know who your customers are, and if you listen closely, you’ll know what they want, and how much they are willing to pay. Engagement is about loyalty, and it’s the basis for keeping customers.Most businesses work very hard to balance their communications (marketing of goods or services) with the level of engagement that is seen through increased sales and revenue. When communication and engagement are in balance, loyalty and growth increase.

This is where Signal Hill Solutions, Inc shines.
We can assist with communications, engagement or both.

By learning the details of your particular business, we can observe where customer or patient loyalty may be lacking and suggest ways where infrastructure can be improved using technology to increase efficiency. By identifying opportunities, Signal Hill Solutions, Inc can improve your current efforts and help develop additional revenue streams. We work with all industries and have successful programs in place to back up what we’ve been able to accomplish.

Our experience and knowledge will ensure that your company will receive the products and services you need, and nothing else. We don’t like high-pressure sales pitches any more than you do, so we’ll give you an honest assessment of the solutions that would help you reach your goals, even if we don’t offer them.

*2013 – 2014 Change and Communication ROI Study The 10th Anniversary Report December 2013

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