Lindsey nervously looked around.

You'll be staying with Mickey and me.

This dictionary is primarily intended for high school students.

We have no more information.

I've never cared for Martyn.

Let's ask Stacey if he knows what to do.

Dan found Linda a good job.

If you ask me anything I don't know, I'm not going to answer.

You never can tell what will happen.

If it happened to Pandora, it could happen to me.

Just pretend nothing happened.

Stuart went into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee.

Mikey thinks he knows what's going on.

Just tell her I called.

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Society does not encourage relationships between people who have a large age gap.


I went to the library to read some books.


Their comments were illuminating.


When are you going?


I'll have him look at it.


They made sure that these orders were carried out.


As I left the brothel, I was embarrassed to be seen by my friends.

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If Jo doesn't want to tell you, I will not tell you either.

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He thought it impossible to pass the exam.

Why don't you sit with them?

I'd like to do a feasibility check.

Andrew came in third place.

He's a sloppy kisser.


That is a good place to live.

It was a very rewarding experience.

Sales are down.

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People are still scared.


We have seldom seen such a sight!

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How many years did the Hundred-Year War last?

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He does not listen.

I think Gordon is kind.

I wasn't allowed to see Thierry.

I had two copies of the book.

I know you're working for us.

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I don't trust him any longer.


Knudsen left the house without even saying goodbye.

He earns half a million yen every month from that work.

I didn't think List could run that fast.


I'll stay in Moscow for six days.

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I came home and found everything destroyed.


Dan was to sign the contract in July.


He's always so fast!

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Do you speak Chinese?


He is quite a gentleman.


How much are you willing to pay for it?

I have not heard a word from him as yet.

Gerard agreed to participate in the robbery.

We're no longer children.

Leads wanted to see Terrence's room.

Get on your feet.

This is a duplicate copy.


How long has Afonso lived there?


I should've been more honest with Stevan.


He still has springtime on the brain.


I told you never to speak to me again.

A is 5 times as long as B.

I'll be waiting for Roderick.

I eagerly await hearing your opinion on this subject.

Can I use the phone?

She swallowed her pride.

I should go pack.

Lorenzo no longer wished to be married.

Where does that leave her?


This is Farouk's umbrella.

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Mongo is staring at me.

He's rather handsome, isn't he?

Mr Wood had no sons.

A mistranslation is sometimes called a leiterjakab in Hungarian.

Who in the rainbow can draw the line where the violet tint ends and the orange tint begins?


Her speech was excellent.

Did you kiss her goodbye?

It was my father's wont to read the newspaper before breakfast.

Eva kissed me on the mouth.

The mother fox was worried while she was eagerly waiting for the boy fox's return. When the boy returned she pulled him to her warm chest and was so happy she wanted to cry.

Be careful not to get caught.

I can't leave him.

Can you describe the object?

His latest works are on display at the city hall. They are fabulous beyond description.

Please provide contact details.

Her clothes are the best advertisement for her dressmaker.

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Look, I'm really not interested, OK?


Being less urgent, this plan is lower in priority.


Stewart never was very friendly to me.


The new regulations were confirmed by the full committee.

These mosquitos are eating me alive!

His personality is marked by forwardness.

Hello my beautiful!

I had to get my tattoo removed.

I wish I could see them again.

Wayne is the team's head coach.

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I'm not about to tell Erik that.

That's his favorite language.

I'm a responsible, hardworking, and, above all, professional person.

Blayne is in the dressing room.

Johan's wicked.

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I believe that I belong here.

The most frightening of our enemies are often the smallest ones.

I think that Japan's marriage system is an unequal and discriminatory contract disadvantageous to men.


I wonder what this could mean.

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Where were you when all this happened?

Let's wait for the test results.

These are common diseases of children.

What are you going to do with that?

This is a question of conscience.

I've told you once already that you can't use my car this afternoon.

She earns half as much money as her husband.

I always laugh at funerals.

She is overly competitive.


The first of human rights is to shut up!!!

His answer to her being late was to fire her.

Turn the corner and you will see the stadium.

I'm trying to do you a favor.

I bought it from him.

Tell Spock he has to leave.

He is easy to talk to.


We are still clinging to the dreams of our youth.

He has only read 10 pages so far, I've already read 60.

You should tell us yourself.


Perhaps she does not know you.

Neal is checking his messages on his phone.

Jeany is faithful to Marcia.

Bruno felt like getting drunk.

Excuse me, but let me have another look at the photo.

My promotion hangs on his decision.

Can we get help?

Unless a beautiful woman is an angel, her husband is the most wretched of men.

You can't trust rumors.

"Shall we order a pizza?" "Do you know what time it is?" "Peggy's Tavern is open around the clock."

I had to wait 20 minutes on the phone before reaching the customer service rep.

Don't take this the wrong way, but what you have related doesn't matter.

I'd like you to meet my husband.


We're really glad you decided to help us.

Bad answers show the way to the right ones.

She was painfully skinny.

Nobody's hungry.

Douglas Engelbart, the inventor of the computer mouse, was born on this day in 1925.


I could be persuaded to sing a song or two.

He left the water running.

I'm resting my legs.

I'm going to get out of here.

I need to find a better job on the double to pay my bills.

I ordered fries, too.

Guido has more money than he knows what to do with.

We must not stop here.

What more do you require?

None of them can hold a candle to Maria.

What happened? There's water all over the apartment.

The sales plan allows of no alteration.

I must go to work early today.

This is all still new to me.

We're all adults.


Don't wait up for me.