I'm just not going to do that.

I don't want Fay to know how much money I make.

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Hume didn't graduate from here.

It seems that something is bothering him.

Micky ducked his head.

I know what you were doing.

I will never smoke.

Naoko came back to Japan.

It smells like a toilet in here.


He said he would write to me, but he hasn't.

I told him to stop, but he did it anyway.

Predictive texting can lead to some amusing errors when sending messages.

Let's see if Sassan knows what to do.

He is about forty.

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He was accused of cowardice.

I need to get a job.

My father had me wash the car.

That will buy us some time.

Subra is going to kill me.

I knew you couldn't do that.

Not eating or drinking anything for a couple of days may result in death.

It's sand as far as the eye can see.

Things will turn out all right.

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We can build a wall with bricks and mortar.

You must heed the advice of your teacher.

I told you Oscar wasn't going to be happy about this.

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What do you think Lenora's chances of getting into Harvard are?

A cherry tree grows in a garden.

That's a wise choice.

They say metal boxes are great heat conductors.

Lyndon was glad that Thad was home with the children.

I don't see the appeal.

Can't you just stay a little bit longer?

Helen's covering something with his right hand.

That isn't him.

Mongo is forgetting something, I think.

Often we don't manage to understand how much we completely depend on others.

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She gave her assent to the match.


I love working in Boston.

Bea appears unwilling to help.

Can you please tell me why there seem to be two churches in every village?

My jokes didn't make anyone laugh.

I ran ahead to warn everybody.


You just touched on the topic I would like to discuss.

I want him out of my house.

Check the calendar.

Emily has blonde hair.

It was a very good experience for him.


Can I come over later?

That seems right.

I got up early in order to catch the first train.

Ram said Dannie was happy.

I hate you both.


Ro is good at chess.


We cannot praise him too much.

My sister's going to kill me.

Don't place such importance on what other people say.

Spass asked Christofer to join his team.

What do you learn?

Theo leaned forward and gave Robert a kiss on the cheek.

I'm not going to send Martyn a Christmas card.

How far are we from it?

She is leaving for America tonight.

I could probably get used to having Rafael for a son-in-law.

It's been a while since we've spoken seriously.

No one wants to kiss a pessimist.

Why don't you give tennis a try?

Do you want Santa to help you?

Hanni and Nanni are twins.

Do you know why she couldn't come?

A bird shat on Vladimir Vladimirovich.


I was lucky to get that job.

What did you expect to find?

A passenger airplane took off for the USA.

I like to study at the local coffee shop.

His computer skills are undeveloped.

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The policeman said to them, "Stop."


"Where is my notebook?" "It is on the chair."


Feeding someone during the holy month of Ramadan is very rewarding.

Kiki is healthy and fit.

How old are your children now?

You can't blame him.

Marla told me he wouldn't be able to do that.

Just give her a second.

I don't know Phillip's number.

Please take your seats.

Shankar bought a new camera last month.

Jeffrey lives with his aunt.

Bradford drank a cup of decaf after dinner.

They shot down two enemy planes during the raid.

You have everything you want, don't you?

I wish you all would go home.

In case something is not clear, please contact us.

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Loren seems friendly.


The Beatles set the world on fire with their incredible music.

I want him to win the election.

I like your earrings.

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Some scientists think that dolphins are the most intelligent animals in the world except for man, and that we may be able to talk with them one day.

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It has some bearing on this problem.


I'll unload the car.

When I am finished with what I am doing, I will come.

I shall be introducing the street paper that is only sold by the homeless, "The Big Issue", started in England and has had its first Japanese issue.

You were profiling, and I beat the shit outta you!

He denies nothing to his children.

I told Louiqa I'd think about it.

Alex will see you.

Call Clark and see what he thinks.

Trust him. He's an expert on the subject.

That's the only reason I'm actually going.

This pirate has a pet parrot.

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Speak for yourself.


She forgave him for killing her father.

I had nothing to say to them.

I want to go to America.


He lost his all.

I didn't resist the pressure they forced on me.

Poor as he was, he would not receive the money.

It's he, isn't it?

That house cried for a coat of paint.


The tetanus shot hurt more than the dog bite.

Dinner will be at 6:30.

That is why he got angry.

Novo's early.

To be an acrobat is the ambition of almost every boy.

I never really was nervous.

Get out here, fast! The guards are coming.

I may have to get rid of them.

Sal pulled out a pen.

You should've stayed with them.

I was on my way home from work.

They must be dead.

They can't see it.


I'm trying to think of some ideas for this article I'm writing.

They did everything they could to foster good relations.

I'm getting high.

Naoto is deaf, but he knows how to read lips.

People like me.

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Denis is the one who deserves the promotion.

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I'll stick with you.

I had a bad stomachache.

I hate working.


I refrain from drinking.

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Grace is observing.

I'm not hungry yet.

In preparation for painting a portrait, my friend takes many photographs in order to study the subject closely.

She was a tall, thin girl with long, soft brown hair.

She can speak three languages.


These trees were planted by them.

They must be joking.

When did you get the concert ticket?

My team is the leading team.

He is always prepared.


Not everyone agrees with that.

He threatened to kill me.

The new president did away with a lot of the traditional protocols.

I wish I were rich.

The phone keeps ringing today!

I told Lievaart you already knew about it.

My leg was bitten by that dog.

Eliot knocked on the door, but nobody answered.

I had better chain up the dog so that he won't bite.

I thought Jianyun and Stanly were supposed to be in Boston.

I don't know what happened to him.



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Please say hello to her.


There are many countries and many cultures on Earth.