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Joachim handed Vicky the keys.

You can't help what happens.

Kobe is the city which I was born in.

I'm going to get my gun.

I know the situation.

Now, I understand.

I bought a new guitar today.

They're smiling.

This coffee is too hot for me to drink.

Andrew took off his dirty clothes and put them directly into the washing machine.

Anybody can do this.

It's Kari and Allan's anniversary.

I've made up my mind to ask Miltos to marry me.

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She made a man of him.

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It makes me so happy.


I hear tell you're going to get married.

I have arrived at work.

He thinks he is somebody, but actually he is nobody.

The pursuit of truth is admirable.

Gregg's house was damaged by the flood.

Don't lie to yourself.

What's that worth?

Put your mask on.

How have you been doing lately?

Ask Suzan where Tor is.

I had things to think about.


They settled on the terms of the contract.


He is from the United States.


I didn't say anything to her.

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Lar couldn't help noticing that Jianyun was staring at him.

We held a pleasant conversation.

I haven't heard that name in years.


He stopped short and looked back.

I'd like to be with Shatter.

No outsiders are allowed to enter.

They were supposed to have gotten married in May, but they didn't.

Cobalt is a transition metal.

Germany is the global leader in this industry.

He took it literally.


Teri has been driving without a license since he was thirteen.

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I think I can help you solve your problems.


Perceived shyness is often simply an expression of politeness in waiting to be addressed before speaking.


Mike told me he planned to visit Rajarshi the next time he went to Boston.

Can you please tell me what time the train leaves?

I share a bedroom with my sister.

he tall me he's feel much bett

I'd like to watch TV.

After I came back from abroad, I had much to do.

He came near to being run over.

Where is your honey that excites the bees, Pyragy?

We're doing the wrong thing.

Is this information correct?

She paid him four dollars.


She's rather good.


Prepositions are not like other words. The separable prefixes of German seem strange at first. Later they seem like a great idea.


I hope you can do this.


Looks like his mom.

He is free from care.

I need another piece for comparison.

My father gave it to me when I was a kid.

I might be a few minutes late.

Are you sure Lester can swim?

Today, their efforts have paid off and they are in possession of conclusive evidence, an achievement which is indeed commendable.

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She takes everything for granted.

Flowers grow in warm countries

We'll all be hungry, so be sure to bring enough food for everyone.

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He lifted his elbow too often.


You'll be all right.

Is this really all that important?

I have no idea what that guy is thinking.

I love free stuff.

Daniel, give Emet and the others my regards.


I thought I was your best friend.

This sentence is too short.

Bradley was an English astronomer.

Creating creativity itself is improving creativity.

Ramudu went to school.


Here's some deodorant.

How do you feel about Antonio now?

I can't believe Kuldip told you that.

As he crossed the bridge, he looked down at the stream.

They have the right and power to act on their ideas.

You'll be home by 2:30, won't you?

Do you know where Matthieu went?

He arrived half an hour late, so everyone was angry with him.

She helped her mother clean the house.

Why do you think football isn't popular in America?

I haven't found a job yet.


There is no objective measure of a word's badness. It all comes down to context.

"We have a lot of things do to." "Such as?"

Everybody but Dominick is already here.

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I'm a friend of Masanao and Jock's.

Valentin was able to solve the problem.

Honzo has a busy day tomorrow.

I'm not even going to let Juergen see it.

The small dog dug a hole and buried his food in it.


You could've stayed quiet, but you didn't.

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I told Hillel to wait for me in the lobby.

Dieter isn't a liar.

Helen pushed his plate away and said that he had eaten enough.


How was it?

Spike said that he takes a walk every morning before breakfast.

There is a possibility that I may go to the United States next year.


Songwriting is a hobby of mine.

There's no one to look after her.

Emma is supposed to go to Boston next week.

That's what's worrying me.

Many people were deceived by the advertisement.

In cold weather, her joints become swollen.

It tastes very good.

Don't tell me what to do.

They took a train to New York.

I was trying to tell Helen that.

The air raid was demoralizing for the enemy.

I need a ball point pen.

Hurry up. We're about to pass that car up ahead.

That's all I'm asking.

The number is not available now, try to call back later.


It is very kind of you to say so.

All you ever do is nitpick. I wish you could say something more constructive.

What an incredible day!

Do all the exercises at the end of the chapter.

I saw Griff with a group of men.

He met his mistress during a country escapade.

Knute and Sumitro want to tell us something.

We're desperate now.

I'm busy, Sridhar.

Pray to God and not to His saint.

Although we may want to be international, we all have our limits.


Phiroze has been more successful at losing weight than Darren.

He proposed that we should start at once.

I'm attracted to Hui.


You seem to know how to do it.

That was a good sign.

Stick with what you're good at.

That's stupid.

He examined it from top to bottom.

I was never in love with you.

You look as if you don't have a care in the world.

Hi! Good morning!

He adhered to the original plan.

Even if you're really going through hard times, a good friend can improve your spirits.

I'll meet you Monday night.


I'll alert him.

Cigarettes are pacifiers for adults.

The most important thing you can do now is to remain calm.

We don't have problems. We only have tasks.

Conversations can be based on reactions.


Don't confuse "efficacy" with "efficiency".

Panos is trying not to laugh.

You are far from a careful driver.

I learned that from Catherine.

What's your favorite Australian folk song?

I just got by on the test.

Kristen said he had a daughter.


John doesn't care a shit about his clothes.


None of my classmates live near here.

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He has a great influence on his country.

Wednesday is near!

What are the ingredients?

Turn the radio down a little.

That's not what he was talking about.

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We went on a picnic together.