A circus is a place where horses, ponies and elephants are permitted to see men, women and children acting the fool.

That black dog sees a white cat.

You're kind.

I don't know why you're making such a fuss over this.


People who go to bed early and get up early live a long time.

There's no love lost between Root and his brother.

He is in the hospital at present.

I want to send these letters by airmail.

How much did you have to pay Joni to get him to shovel the snow off your roof?

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I'm sorry, I didn't know what else to do.

I want it to stop.

If the alarm rings, walk, don't run.

I'd like to start by asking you a question.

I've always played with my brother.

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Giovanni is eager to meet Soohong again.

She greets him every morning.

Life is all about filling up the emptiness inside. Work, alcohol, music, we all have our ersatz of love.

Judging by the way the sky looks, we're sure to have good weather.

My parents are quarreling.

Rajendra needs to find an apartment near where he works.

Kamel went to Boston last year.

Stephanie looked into the car.

You arrived there before her.

That hotel will cost you much more during peak season than off-season.

I didn't think you'd be interested.

I'll make a note of that.

Part criticizes everything.

They are out in the garden.

Do you have a license to operate a boat?

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It doesn't look like you're busy.

I'm very lucky.

I wanted to help Kees.

Could you take some photos of your city for me?

Kirsten was given a medal.

As a child, Einstein was late in learning to talk.

It might not have been Dalton's fault.

I have had an inspiration.

Tell her that I am cooking dinner.

Where did you get that?

He sought serenity, closeted in study, remote from the wear and tear of the world.

She boasts of her beauty.

Marguerite made me do some things I didn't want to do.

Procrastinating is an art.

You cannot make bricks without straw.


The tourist asked for lodging for the night.


I'm looking forward to receiving your favorable answer.

"Fast" is the opposite of "slow."

We have to get these people out of here.

I regret not having studied hard for the test.

I'm still miles off becoming a doctor.

The discussion was heated.

I am now old and I cannot manage all things.

What time is your plane scheduled to leave?

The extremely weak magnetic field of Mars suggests that its iron core is no longer fluid and circulating.

Brent drove home.

I don't think we have enough money.


She is a chatterbox.

Nicolette broke a glass.

I found the book so interesting that I kept on reading it until daybreak.

I'm not usually this inept.

I have a bad sunburn.

I hope he gets punished.

Leslie got a flu shot.

Are you telling me you're not busy?

Sonny bought himself a sweater.

I hope no one sits in front of us.

I agree with everything you've said so far.

He works in a big city hospital.

We have come a long way.

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We bought this car for 10200 rupees.


Teriann would be very interested in getting a guitar like that one.

It has been wonderful.

It's very easy to learn the Cyrillic alphabet, but reading fluently texts written in Cyrillic characters is quite difficult for those who are just starting to learn Russian.

It was not until the telephone rang that I woke up.

Did you write down the telephone number?


She went to New York, leaving her family behind.


These days there are ways to fix these problems.

I would gladly translate this, but I don't speak Dutch.

I hear you've been hanging out with Shawn.

I'm going to visit him.

Bryce has already finished breakfast.


Hotta wished that he could play tennis as well as Sumitro.

Randolph offered to lend me the money.

It wasn't that serious.

We're all far from our homes.

You should dream big.

Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! What do you want from me? What have I done to you?

How dare you behave so rudely!

Afghans need our support to develop their economy and to help them reconstruct their nation.

I've been studying French for a very long time.

We found out that what he said wasn't true.

Bob entered the house through a window.


Nelken is determined to lose weight.


What's your favorite class?

I like your costume.

I went to Kyoto by car.

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Subtract three from eight and you get five.

Success can also be seductive.

Her request never reached its intended recipient.

That's not what's happening here.

I have a much better idea.


How're you guys spending your holidays?

Our grandfather is ill.

We need to teach her a lesson.


I can't believe that you were a cheerleader.


They were not at all like average Americans.

Chop the pickled cabbage finely.

Cristina loved being a traffic cop.

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I was born and raised right here.

This typewriter doesn't work.

The man got away from the city.


You can see the island in the distance.

Where do you want me to put your suitcase?

I'll pay for you.

She plunged into the water.

I get off work at 2:30.

He doesn't know the meaning of fear.

He works in the planning section.

There were police everywhere.

Thanks to his efforts, it was more successful than we had expected.

I had a crush on her.

Kevan wants Swamy to apologize.


Could you wait outside?

This is totally unacceptable.

It's not easy being honest all the time.

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If you'd been here this wouldn't have happened.


Get to the point!

What was done to you doesn't excuse what you did.

Snow is white, but soot is black.

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I was looking forward to the day when I could see him after five years' separation.

Diana hasn't done that yet.

I'll be there at two o'clock without fail.

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This plan will serve its purpose to some extent.

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I feel we're speaking different languages.

Matti gave Sridharan a moment to think about it.

I wish my childhood had been better.

A painter's eyes are his most important tools.

The bill added up to three thousand dollars.

Will you put that thing away?

I am closing the garage.


I wonder who started that rumor.


Do you like Srivatsan's new Halloween costume?

This river is dangerous to swim across.

The man is under the tree.


Many things have changed.


What exactly are the rules?

I've been flying commercial jets for 13 years.

Weigh your words well.

Have you ever tried to think about nothing?

And, I'm your coach.

Are you a wunderkind?

I'll stay away from you.

As is often the case with 13 to 19 year olds, she fell in love.

My dictionary is very useful.

Teresa said he was having fun.

I stepped in a puddle and now my shoes are completely soaked going squish squish squish.


Testing Koko's IQ is not easy.

Bradford stole some money from me.

I'd like to wake Pablo up myself.

I just wanted to thank you for your support.

Craig needs to get ready.

Travis would like you to stop by his office.

They arrested Heinrich for disturbing the peace.


How did you get this picture?

I played with the champion.

He sees nothing wrong with it.

Don't you regret what happened last night?

Professor Sprout acclimated the plant to a new environment.