Just The Best.

  • Bendapens


    Gleaming, smooth-writing, exciting Bendapens with your name and info on them. Now in fifteen bright and lively colors!

    People love these pens because they write so well for so long, because they don't roll off tables, and because -- well, because they're so unique.



    Hanger Holders

    Gleaming white handles with your name on them and a loop of super-strong Nylon-6 make this a perfect giveaway. Holds over a hundred pounds!

    So many uses. Dry cleaning customers love these, but they're good for so much more. Thousands of uses, and they last forever.

    Hanger Holders


    (618) 492-3770

    Made from hi-tech memoryless Impresstic that feels nice to the touch, glows with vibrant color, writes like a dream -- and that can be bent into any shape!

    Made with high-tech tungsten-carbide tips that lay down a smooth line of high-quality ink. Let your customers have some fun!

    Straight Bendapens


    Soon: Shorties

    High-quality imprinted small pens that fit in a purse or pocket. Comes with full-sized cartridge. Kids of all ages love these cute little guys!

    Coming soon in standard colors and quantities. Currently available only in limited colors and large quantities. Contact us for details.


The Amazing Bendapen!

Unique. Bold. Eye-catching. Writes like an expensive fountain pen at a fraction of the cost.

  • Your information/logo screenprinted on the barrel in fine detail.
  • Standard pricing -- no hidden fees or extra charges tacked on at the end.
  • Any barrel, cap, and plug color combination you want at no extra cost.
  • Easy, seamless, reorder process.
  • Our three-year shelf life guarantee insures your satisfaction.

The most effective advertising money can buy.

Multiple studies prove that we've got the edge on cost/impact.

The Amazing Bendapen is statistically proven to be one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising -- because they get used, and they last. Bendapens tend to pass from hand to hand once they're given out -- bouncing your name all around the community for years in a fun and exciting way!