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If you do that you'll leave yourself wide open.

In my analysis I rely considerably on the types of authoritarian behaviour first analyzed by Kurz.

My daughter is in hospital because she was injured in a traffic accident.

Janet is very practical, isn't he?

Sorry, I just got my hair cut 10cm.

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I told him I was going out.

Sergiu asked me to drop by.

Eduardo has a family now.

Man proposes and God disposes.

Nicolette is a wonderful dancer.

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He's not my boyfriend. Just a friend with benefits.

They just beat us.

Felix invited me to his house.

Everyone likes Pia.

Shatter had to lend Vincent some money so she could take the bus home.


Omission is a perfectly good example of an expression technique, and is brought up in many grammar books.


You wouldn't like them.

Chuck had to take care of Cristina.

Let me write this down.


She is not always late.

Can you tell me where the nearest bus stop is?

It will never happen to me.


We have to clean the house tomorrow.

The book is up there.

You should reckon with her obstinate character.


The debate was closed.

You know I can't wait any more.

I care about him.

We are good friends.

I'll make up for it.


Ticket, please.


And how are things in Washington?

That seems risky to me.

Do you know why she couldn't come?

Maybe it wasn't her.

Don't let your children go to dangerous places.

Who is your favourite director

You're geniuses.

Mr Kojima had a smoke after breakfast.

I wish I'd kept up my Chinese. I need it for my job.


We have three children.

That's unlucky.

How long is too long?

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There might have been a miscalculation.


They beat the door in.

Pablo is eager to speak to you.

Those dogs are big.

How long have you been seeing Suresh?

He felt very tired.


He was killed in the explosion.

Not everyone is a motherfucker.

You're not allowed to camp here.

Janice went into the room and slammed the door behind him.

Pete is the only one in our family who doesn't have a driver's license.

Please provide names.

It varies a great deal.

There is no proof that Marla committed that crime.

We're all going to do a good job.

Devon is wearing sunglasses.

You look beautiful today.

According to the Bible, the Three Kings were guided to Jesus by a shining star.

I'm not so normal.

You can drive, can't you?

The price of oil is going up.

Darryl pretended he didn't see Diane do what she did.

Lance should do what Vishal says.

He accused me of my mistake.

Randell couldn't understand Urs at first.

That seems familiar to me.

Should I really do it?

I live in Parma.

Nobody answered me.

Pia has a skeleton key.

Compared to you, Alvin is just a kid.

She wept and prayed for poor Inge.

Ken complained of a headache.

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I want to buy a word processor.

He applied himself to the task.

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.

Can you see anyone else?

I wrote my dissertation about this.

Are you sure Nate won't mind if I sleep in his bed?

How did you manage to impress Hon?


I understand his anger.

People were shocked when the Serbs shot down an American F-117 in 1999. Indeed, all American military aircrafts are vulnerable including stealth aircrafts like the F-117.

Could I have a pillow and blanket?

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Hi, my dear, my darling, my honey, my destiny. How was your day?


Due to the typhoon, the train schedule was disturbed and all the trains were jam-packed.

You're frank.

The population has doubled in the last five years.


Philippe woke up feeling grumpy.

He stuck his neck out for that idea, and now he's getting all the blame.

Shaw fixed a watch.

Anderson told Srivatsan to behave himself at the party this time. Last time they'd gone out he had thrown decorum to the winds, and she didn't want to be embarrassed by him again.

Becky used to be fun to hang out with.

Terrance might be able to help Hsi.

I can't stand it.

Chapter three is the end of the beginning of the book. Stop there and read the critic's comments.

That's all over.

Have all her friends left her?

He finished his work.

I'm very modest.

Don't let Jean-Pierre go.


That's mine.

What was I looking for?

I am thinking of going to Kobe next week.

Kids make mistakes.

He asked his girlfriend to borrow her mother's umbrella.

How long has Jordan lived in Boston?

This is outstanding.

There's someone for everyone.

Try to convince him to help us.


God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails.

That's a very different thing.

This is the last train.

She looks very lovely.

No sooner had he come home than he proudly made an earth-shattering announcement.

I make it a rule to go jogging every morning.

Stay here with him.

The industrial countries must reduced pollution environment and sign Kyoto protocol.

Take a number.

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Just don't make me do this again.

I know the person you are talking about.

We are forty three in all.


I may be able to find Ramneek.


Miltos doesn't know his date of birth.

She instantly fell in love with him.

Norman was standing just in front of a large building that was up for sale.

What is your favorite sound?

None of these are good enough.

The sparrow is cheeping.

I'm a lousy singer.


I want Heinz to do it alone.

I used to like Barry.

We'll never forget.


You're wrong about them.


The party was composed of six girls and four boys.


Egoism is the prime cause of cancer of soul.

Teruyuki decided that it wasn't necessary to pay that bill today.

I prepared breakfast for you.

A new sentence is like a letter in a bottle: it will be translated some day.

I am at a loss what to do.

Mario always speaks his mind.

I can't lie like this anymore.

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Hillary folded his arms.


"Is your wife British?" "She isn't British, she's Scottish."

Naren couldn't understand Marilyn at all.

Are they coming back tonight?

I will help you all I can.

That's a pretty impressive list.

It is quite common for women to go out to work.

May I take a shower?

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This hotel was then a school.

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Determinate tomato cultivars stop growing at a certain height.

Hello, my dear, I made two pictures and I want your opinion on them.

On arriving home, I discovered the burglary.

Let's just hope our team wins.

The dress does not make the fair.

Why would you think like that?

This is the first time I've caught such a big fish!

It's your night off.

Amedeo was vindicated.

Hillary is avoiding me, I think.

I'm sure Clarissa was just too busy to help.


Did you buy anything?

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How's everyone doing?