You can cage the singer but not the song.

They labored day after day.

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That's extremely surprising.

I've been looking for this.

I saw the red light.


Never did I say bad things about you.

We were supposed to meet at 2:30.

Billy still isn't sure what to do.

I ate lunch earlier than you did.

She loves her dad.

Dan wasn't remorseful about killing Linda.

The work I'm doing now requires originality.

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We'll talk soon, Craig.


I can fix that.


"What happened to you, Kim?" asked Leonard while carrying the poor crazy woman to the back.

Wade doesn't appreciate what Presley did.

He fixed his eyes on her.

England and Scotland were unified on May 1, 1707, to form the Kingdom of Great Britain.

We'll never find Connie in this blizzard.

It's two miles from here to the station.

Maybe Shamim should pay more attention in class.


I haven't seen you in years.

Bamboo stands out in the woods.

I've learned so much.


I didn't even realize Sekar had a sister.

I changed the arrangement of the furniture in my room.

It is a good habit to look up new words in a dictionary.


We always take a bus.

If you want to sound like a native speaker, it'll take a lot of work.

I have never settled for second best in my life.

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I am nothing without you.


Isn't that what Venkata said to Ted?

You will catch cold.

At The Happiness Institute in Australia, a couple of hundred dollars may do the trick.

I'll be there before eight, if at all.

Keep away.


You might be interested in what I'm doing now.

Blair may be having fun.

Jagath can be a little difficult to get along with.


It is rude to point at people.


This horrible hot weather is killing me.

We don't need to leave yet.

May I call around 2:30?

I decided to tell her that it was her that I loved.

To be fair, he's not self-centered.

We've got it.

There's something floating in my water.

Annard couldn't remember where he'd last seen Maarten.

I am on good terms with him. He always keeps his promises and is relied upon by everybody.

I can't really do anything until Coleen gets here.

A great number of accidents happen every year.


Dan didn't even need to interview Linda.

How do you like living on your own?

Please wait ten minutes.


He had a queer expression on his face.


A young child has a small vocabulary.

You've got to keep this secret, OK?

Hong Kong is the least regulated economy in Asia.


Who's responsible for this problem?

The sky grew darker and darker.

She isn't there again; that happens often.


Do you travel by sea or by air?

I lost all my self-confidence.

You might at least say "thank you."

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I do not do sports.


Our plans went wrong.

Try to enjoy yourself.

Jess told Jong that he was tired.

Coleen can't bring himself to say no.

The child bothered him with questions.

Are you watching me now?

Japanese children are group members even when they are sleeping.


Thank you for the link.

Dolkun is a handsome lad. Every girl who's seen him falls in love with him.

I've done questionable things.


We were bogged down in a morass of paperwork.


The climb will be steep and difficult.


Sedovic is in a safe place.


I've been through this before.

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There's one thing I didn't mention.


I always take notes.

This label sticks easily.

Present-day Japan is going down the route to self destruction, isn't it?

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I was hoping we could talk.

What do you wish for?

Brandi belongs in prison.

I've got to warn Trying.

I'm not going to be late if I can avoid it.

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People like to fight.

I'm not sure I really understand this.

I don't know where to buy imported cheese.

By the time he finds out, it will be too late.

Love hurts.

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You don't seem to have any problem communicating in French.

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A Brasiliense is someone who was born or who lives in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, located in the Federal District, in the central plateau.


I really hate his dirty jokes.

We spoke with the help of a translator.

You're really selfish.

Daniel isn't really sure why he has to go to Boston.

I didn't mean to disturb you.

Why do you doubt yourself?

We need to be very careful not to let anybody hear what we're saying.


We went whitewater rafting over the weekend.


When was the last time you watered the trees?

In this regard, I agree with you.

She is eating.

He will hire someone who speaks English.

To be in the top 1%, you have to earn $350,000 USD or more.

She exploded with laughter.

I've got a big wash today.

Mongo could be dead.

The girl Hughes is talking with is Robert.


Give a man a fish and he'll have dinner for a night; teach a man to fish and he will have dinner for a lifetime.

I haven't seen Liisa since forever.

I heard you talking.

Because he was wealthy, he was able to go there.

This day starts by father usually buying something to my mother.

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This little grouping of chairs looks like a horse.


My father will possibly come on the next train.

They seemed to be discussing a matter of great importance.

Even men sometimes cry.

I haven't seen very much of Billy recently.

I don't want to go alone.


The electricity has been off since this morning.


The caterpillar turned into a butterfly.

I have more time, and less money than ever.

President Lincoln was what we call a self-made man.

They are too far in debt to get the small business loan.

He's always involved in scams.

I want to leave Boston.

Get her some water.

I read that book a long time ago.

This means something.


They eat meat once a week.


The people revolted against their rulers.


Panzer sat under the tree, reading an old book from the nineteenth century.

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She finds an everlasting enjoyment in music.

In Japan, politicians are more often laughed at than loved in comics.

My advice is to leave as soon as you can.


Sarah will definitely be missed.

Don't make stupid jokes.

Thank you, I finally understand.


He will go to New York next month.


Let's eat supper.

Konrad had open-heart surgery in 2013.

Ken ran up the slope.

I don't say nasty things about their children.

My German is still not good.


I don't want to meet your parents.

I really appreciate your help.

I've never seen such a giant watermelon!

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Skiing is a lot of fun.