You can't have a fist without a hand; you can't have a song without a mouth.

I'm driving you home.


I won't let anyone push me around.

It's Trevor you should be yelling at.

I met with them again.

Heidi's grandparents are buried in a cemetery not too far from here.

Milk was sold in glass bottles.


He went mad because of the shock.


A man drew near.

I'm afraid he won't be here until 1:00.

First come, first served.

Fred had his little brother paint the fence.

Kirk hates everybody.

It looks like she's Russian.

How are you going to tell them?


This key is not mine.

They made the decision.

I'm just a hindrance.

You don't need to say it in such derogatory terms.

I think you should bring Adam here.

What do they deal in?

I could hardly wait.

It is very fine today so I would rather go out than stay at home.

Can I ask you where you got this?


Please don't do that.

Sergiu slept on two chairs that had been pushed together.

If I had had enough money, I would have bought the bag.

I'll never work for Gunnar.

You've missed a button.

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The teacher was surrounded by her students.

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However that's also the greatest feeling.


I was so busy today that I didn't have time to eat lunch.


Life is a jest, and all things show it, I thought so once, and now I know it.

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He reached across the table and shook my hand.

You and I'll never be on the same side.

Isn't Shinji a pain? He is, isn't he?

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This doesn't look so good.


Is Sunday the first day of the week?

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When was the last time you played tennis with Spyros?

It's not going to snow today.

The truth hurts.

I worked on a farm.

They respect him.

Why not share your language skills and get some help with the languages that you're learning? This is what we do here.

Clear society of its evils.

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I have no intention of apologizing to Wilson.


He excels in mathematics.

Lyndon is on his way to Boston.

I want you to take my share.

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Jan has denied everything.


Which do you like better, music or English?


Where did you shore them up?

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I have to fix my leaky ceiling.


Years of practice has enabled me to keep accounts without difficulty.

I think it'd be fun to cycle around Australia.

Marek sewed her own wedding dress.

My father helped me out of my financial difficulties.

Eliot pretended to be rich.

Werner ended up in jail.

That really fierce cockroach uglifies the so-called robot.


This conference is very important. Don't miss it.


I often get up very early.


What was the weather report?


You think I'm crazy, don't you?

The museum had to close due to lack of finances.

I do remember doing that.

Franklin arrived in the United States in 1968. He could not speak English and had only fifty dollars in his pocket.

The flowers will brighten up the table.

You guys are stupid.

One of my suitcases is missing.

You ought to eat more slowly.

Who's that man over there?

I really hate to see you in such pain.

The husband is helping his wife in the kitchen.

The benefit of being intelligent is that you can pretend to be a fool, but the reverse is not possible.

I'll give him that.

Nothing can resist me to yearn for freedom.

How can the little snail grow inside its stone prison?

The kitchen chairs aren't stackable.

My family was well off in those days.

You now have my full attention.

This small neighborhood bookstore was forced out of business by Amazon.


Claire is a person we can trust.

Kristin was so hungry, she gobbled up the pie in merely a few bites!

Rafael graduated from a very elite university.


We shouldn't expect too much help from Moore.

At last, Gene recovered her senses.

What are you trying to tell us?


The children are growing tired.

Tell me what to think.

I can't believe Juri is giving Pia the car he bought last year.

I consulted him about the matter.

Was that you in the car?

Call them this evening.

Did you know that?

What do you say to going on a hike next Sunday?

We always go home together.

I've learned a lot of French by watching movies in French.

Socorrito is in perfect condition.


This is a really screwed-up family.

She grew up in a small town.

She graduated from high school last year.

I have to go to work.

Chickens were looking for food.

This design doesn't suit my taste.

If we don't make the utmost effort to protect the rainforests, many of the rare species in them will become extinct.


He was injured badly in the accident.

They'll love that one.

Lately I've had the time to quietly enjoy the wonders of nature.


Did you know my father?

Though she looks like his older sister, the fact is that she is his mother.

The flowers are already out of bloom.

I'm going to Boston with him.

Marsha is good at driving.

I have a speech to write.

There's gum stuck to the back of my shoe.

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It's too late now.

He looked really wonderful in his top hat and tails.

Magnets attract iron.

Linda is one of the contestants in the pageant.

Israel called her stuffed squirrel Anne.

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He rudely turned his back to the principal.

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My watch may be one or two minutes fast.


Look at this old coin you have here.

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It was wrong.


That's fucking cool.

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She was accepted by Harvard.

I like being independent.

Sex is pleasurable.

How do we know Matthew is telling the truth?

You're free to say what you want.


I've got some brownies.

Sanand locked his doors.

Your smile always makes me happy.


I had a late lunch.

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Jim is about to take a trip to southeast Asia.

He danced while naked.

Wayne could be in Boston.

Did you taste this cake?

I'm already busy.

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Ned retired.

I would like to purchase a wooden deck panel that can be laid on the porch.

You've got my personal guarantee.


I understand what's said and written, but it's hard for me to speak.

Gregory encouraged Jaime to write about her experiences.

Patrick easily learned the basic rules of the game.

How much free time do you have?

I don't notice any difference.


Tell us your real name.

Don't let Teruyuki answer the phone.

Dirk can speak French almost as well as Celeste can.

I now know the answers.

The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him.

I'll pick Rolfe up in an hour.

Do you think there's a chance I'll be elected?

The hostile army began to attack.

I don't like cats very much.