Written for Reluctant Readers…Enjoyed by all!

"Okay… This appears to be a book for YA guys, but girls – trust me – you will enjoy this too!” — LAWonder at Rockin’ Book Reviews

"Let me start off by saying that this was a well-written book, a powerful book, and at times a truly moving one. A meaningful story that keeps you on the edge of your seat! I really like this writer. His writing is so engaging and easy to immerse in. Things happen, both good and bad, and he does it without pulling punches. Tissues will be required."-- MaryAnn Koopmann

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"The author likes to introduce new twists and turns so the story never gets stale but the best thing about the book was the simple fact my son actually sat down and read it. I rarely see him with a book so that in itself is a testament to how much he enjoyed it."— Danny, AmazonUK

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"My grandson is extremely happy with this book and so am I. The author has a unique voice and communicates circumstances without gore, and with good visuals for a young adult perspective.The story moves along easily with conversations and true to life banter between the kids. Believable rapid paced story, characters overcome uneasy and difficult obstacles. A timely subject matter for kids and they will find they are not alone in some circumstances. Enjoy!” — OneGoodStory, Amazon


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