Is it necessary to make so much noise?

There are seven billion people in the world, and yet I am nonetheless alone.

Can I pay you with a personal check?

Do you regard the situation as serious?

I predicted Randell would lose.

I owe you money.

Myrick doesn't like mashed potatoes.

Do you have everything you need?

His horse ran in the Derby.

When there's a man around, the work that can be done sure increases.


Lucius is direct.


I would rather study than play today.

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He never believes in paying any more for a thing than is necessary.


If you don't know, you had better ask around.

Hurry up so that you get there in time.

Tea is like the lubricating oil of work to allow it to proceed smoothly.

Exploring and populating the newly discovered continent happened over the course of a couple of centuries.

He never forgot his ambition to become a great statesman.


Beside Barack Obama, all US presidents were white.


They furnished the house very luxuriously.

I didn't notice how she was dressed.

It's a legitimate business.

The dog is running after the squirrel.

No one uses that kind of weapon anymore.

It's all coming back.

When will you bring back my umbrella?


I wouldn't worry about that.

We have to correct it.

There isn't any hope.

What do I get?

Public transportation is only faster than private transportation in urban areas.


2001 is the year when the 21st century begins.

UK is the abbreviation for the United Kingdom.

If these tendencies continue, those aged 65 or more will account for a quarter of the population within 30 years.


In my room, there are no clocks.

David rewrote it.

My sister hit the jackpot!

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His baseball life ended then.

She wrote a letter.

What kind of law does he practice?

Monica was awakened by a knock on the door.

I started this job last summer.

Happy Midsummer!

It was she who has told me.

I know you don't care about Niall.

He held a session.

I failed to go there in time.

The television serial is getting more and more interesting.

This is a killing machine.

Jesus asked me a couple of questions.

You should have Ray arrested.

Darrell emptied the garbage.


Two police officers tried to restrain him, but he broke away and ran into a nearby house.

Let's assume that Prakash is correct.

Nobody saw her do it.

He gave her a quick kiss.

John entered the room without hesitation.

Where are we heading?

Stand it on its end.

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Prices are coming down.

Bernard needs the money desperately.

We'll get to work on it.

There were three beautiful sisters, fair and delicate. The dress of one was red, of the second blue, and of the third pure white. Hand in hand they danced in the bright moonlight, by the calm lake.

This will only take a minute.

People were nice to me.

I'd like to see Pandora first.

Yesterday was cloudy.

English is a heavily Latinized Germanic language.

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You wear expensive earrings.


He married a dark-haired Italian girl.

That's a pretty hard question to answer.

Women talk about trivial things when talking with men.


I'm still on vacation.


Should we tell them what we did?

I think you're hungry. Eat.

The young writer won unparalleled success.

There seems to be a big crowd gathering outside our office building.

His statement doesn't leave room for any doubt.


They have gotten lazy.

She inclined her head in greeting.

Give me a heads-up if you hear anything!

I remember the man's face but I can't call his name to mind.

Ping pong is also called table tennis.

I couldn't figure out the answer.

Alberto took out a loan in order to buy a car.

Inspired by her teachers, Pharamp is going to start her solar career tomorrow.

Are you supposed to be here?

I can't lie to Sehyo.

Marcel is one of our best singers.

Nils seems to be getting his strength back.

It's not going to snow.


Sir hopes to see you in October.

She was no longer dependent on her parents.

She doesn't always come late.

You must not stay up late.

The dog has a very keen sense of smell.


Be silent in the library, boys.

This ring is a magic item that gives great power to its user.

No one disagreed.

How can you know that?

You said you'd help Win.

She has a point.

After much debate, we decided to spend our holidays in Spain.


Granville is a brilliant young scientist.

Mr Wilson is proud of his house.

Don't go out in this heat without wearing a hat.

Don't mess with fire.

Let's sit at one of the tables near the back.

All I'm saying is be careful.

You're very efficient.

I didn't know how to swim at that time.

This isn't how I remember it.


The conference closed at five.

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Are you going, too?

Spending time together is important.

We're eating dinner right now.

Johan refused to accept the gift from Lewis.

He found it hard to make friends.

My throat hurts.

Despite everything, Barton started to relax.

I always read the sports page first.

There's a good chance that Jacobson will be the next manager.

Would you hand me that?

Frugality with diligence builds houses like castles.

Health is a necessary condition for happiness.

Wes didn't tell me he couldn't speak French.

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Donnie is outstanding.


You can't imagine how happy she was.

I used to play guitar in a band with Clarissa.

What you said really got through to Lui.


Where did you buy it?

That pool really looks inviting.

He ought to take good care of his wife.

Yvonne would never leave Roxanne.

It's a game for children.


Hi everyone, I'm Jimmy.

He's confronted with a difficult problem.

Where are all the good men?

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You aren't serious.

"What did you say?" "What do you think I said?"

I was relieved to hear that he was safe.

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One-third of the six members were women.

You're the responsible one.

Venkata had his hands in his back pockets.

Are you going to come tomorrow?

The main diet in Japan is rice.


Some of the best scrolls contain unicorns and space.

Leora booked a reservation at the restaurant through OpenTable.

Japan is a famous come-back story after Would War II.

I like to talk to kids.

We've been together long enough.


I'm not at liberty to discuss it.

Dale didn't give us any details.

I guess this is goodbye.


At the end of the year, Herman sends holiday cards to his relatives.

Avery isn't as patient as I am.

Do you want to know more?


I'm remembering when we were kids.


That's not what he is going to talk about.


Do you really want to spend the rest of your life in prison?

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He did'nt ask any question

We contacted James's family.

I tried, but I couldn't do it.

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I took a look around.