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Kimberly found a job for me.


If you want to learn a language well, learn it yourself.

If you agree to become an organ donor, you may help save someone's life.

I can't believe I used to watch this show.

I have to be honest with you.

I didn't believe him.


Jim is about to take a trip to southeast Asia.


Erik was wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans.

Due to his impolite behavior toward a customer, Mott was immediately fired.

A strong cup of coffee helps me wake up.

It is well known that Miss Manwaring is absolutely on the catch for a husband.

Go to school and study!

Were you two friends in high school?

Have I forgotten anything?


I'll call her, but she won't come.


What do you want to do in the future?


I told you about that.

Did you enjoy the movie you saw last night?

The audience laughed hysterically.


Don't be so disgusting.

Shakil swims better than I do.

Brian was eliminated before he got to the finals.

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Where did I put my coat?

Well, then there's no problem, don't you think?

Merril says he never thought about that.

There are a few points where you are mistaken.

I have to stop drinking.


Juergen warned me you might do that.


Columbus secured this region of interests.

I'm sure Bradford meant what he said.

This is the first French book I've ever read.

We're not doctors.

That would be a waste of their talents.


Kenn takes after her father.

I didn't want to spend any more time looking for my keys.

I don't want to do it like that.

Please don't interrupt me while I'm talking.

I'm going to her cocktail party.

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Someone told me about that.

I have a lorry.

Is the water in the Black Sea actually black?

Text me after your flight lands.

That's what you always say.

Neal went to Boston last week.

He wanted to be on equal footing with his mother.


They watched her gradually weaken as the disease progressed.

You're invited to take a tour of Rio with me.

I share your sorrow.

The traffic banked up for several kilometres because two lanes were closed for roadworks.

Are we safe here?


The initiative is punishable.

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I'm going to go cry now.

Some Asian men wear make up.

All of my students call me by my first name.


Shane was beaten to death.

I know you see it, but are you really looking at it?

Maria tends to appear on my doorstep whenever I'm about to go out.

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Dylan isn't wise.

I'm coming to your party.

The rules apply to everyone.

I'm too tired to drive.

Mom, there is nothing to eat.

Prakash would do anything for Agatha.

Today I'm lacking inspiration.

Donna is always helping me out.

Consider it an emergency.

I know exactly how much it means to you.

This tree is not even close to being the tallest in the parish.

I want you to listen to what Isaac has to say.

He threatened to take everything I own.

The movie wasn't all that great.

"What happens to man," asked himself the wise man, "when touched by the angel of death?"

Ernie didn't want Marek to tell him how to run his business.

We're going to need them.

She said that she photographed a ghost.

It's a rough neighborhood.

There's got to be another way.

The car looked good as new.

Douglas may still have a chance.

Trevor couldn't get to sleep.

I'm glad I wasn't the one who had to tell Andreas that his dog died.

I have tried for a long time.

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Hienz could've taken the money.

Donn knew better than to say such a thing to Butler.

I am the leader of this team.

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I think we can begin.


Don't stay out too late.


If nobody knows what's coming next, nobody will be disappointed.

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I'm here on vacation.


Dan didn't even feel the needle.


When in doubt tell the truth. It will confound your enemies and astound your friends.

I think Danielle didn't do it.

The library has various new acquisitions.

It's embarrassing to be seen without make-up so please don't stare.

How come you're so slow?!

All people are born free and have the same rights and dignity. They are imbued with reason and conscience and should interact with each other in a spirit of brotherhood.

I hated myself for thinking it.

Am I reinstated?

Sumitro has an organ donor card in his wallet.


Anne bought a cheap violin and a not-so cheap piano.

Could you give us just a few minutes longer?

Here's the score of the opera.

That hotel was very near the lake.

She's the perfect girl for you.

Connie is a pretty amazing person.

I suppose you didn't even talk to Sanjib.

The cry echoed.

Our country's climate is temperate.

Since she's been gone, I want no one to talk to me.

I can't wait to tell Nicolas that I met you.

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We've had enough of this bad weather.

I'm not a Liechtensteiner, but a Swiss.

It'll be finished by the time you get here.

Sofia said he didn't feel pain right away.

They're very smart.


Do you go to school by bus?

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I bought this dictionary, too.


Do you think this is some kind of game?

Emily cares about her beauty.

What a heel!

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I think the police should enforce the laws that are on the books.

I'll never leave you alone.

Try to reach your goals and don't give in to failures.


Hsuan is the brains of our company.


You can see from his chin that takes after his father.

There is no future in this job.

He exaggerated his experience.


What do we do next?

You like seafood, don't you?

Would you relax, please?

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A child was born to them.

Why did you attack Kyung?

I found a bunch of viruses on my aunt's computer.

His carelessness resulted in an accident.

Major Cold: It's the day of the year that the cold is most severe, but you could also say that Spring is just coming around the corner.

It seemed like you weren't interested.

You've exceeded your authority.

I got these old coins from her.

Three people have died.

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The author of the book is called Kitto.

You guys were just incredible.

Rumor says that she is a pickpocket.

How long did I sleep?

You gave it to me.

Is it true that you breast-fed all your children?

They'll catch us.

Sometimes I think I'll never be on my own. Both of my parents always seem to need my help.

I wonder what Seth will say.

I had the chance to buy that, but I decided not to.

I can do anything.

Is there a shuttle bus between the hotel and airport?

We'll have a French test next Monday.


Suyog began living by himself at the age of sixteen.

Sandip has a desire to be wealthy.

They backed me up in everything.

The typhoon did great damage to the rice crop.

This is one of the signs of weakness and the impending doom of imperialism.

Don't trust him with such a large sum of money.

I had difficulty getting a ticket for the concert.

Are you going to buy that dress you were looking at yesterday?

You can use my car, if you want to.

The vanilla in my chicken soup is sickening.

I won't let you out of my sight.