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Billy Chan

Billy Chan

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Chan Ka Hong Billy


Hong Kong SAR




Tuen Mun


Diploma, BSc



About me

Hello, this is Billy Chan - a programmer who mainly focus on creating apps and the interface in a foundation of high level of usability. I aim to create good experience to users while they are using my system.

My Skills

Programming Language
Database / Data Serialization
Other Technologies

Using graph framework: (819) 837-9435

curriculum vitae


BSc (Hons) Creative Technologies

Coventry University
February 2014 - Present

The BSc (Hons) Creative Technologies programme is aimed at nurturing dynamic and adventurous people to be a specialist in the fields of multimedia computing, creative computing and creative marketing. Blending creative design with software technology, this programme encompasses recent topics in information technology related to the world’s fastest-growing creative industries.

Diploma in Computer Science

Chuhai Collage
October 1997 - May 2001

In-depth study in Computer Science, Internet Technologies, database system and design, hardware and software development and analysis, design support and implementation of system and application software.

Work Experience

IT Manager

Hunchan Ltd
June 2002 - Present

Manage the ERP system deploy and development, website development, miscellaneous server setup and deployment. Now is reponsibility to the new iOS application development for new product.

Lead Programmer

ArtistHome.net Ltd
May 2000 - May 2002

Develop the investment analysis and report system and website development.


Fourseas Telecom Ltd
May 1999 - May 2000

Develop a system for the prepaid IDD Telephone card using C/C++ and Visual Basic 6.0.

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The following is show my works in recently years.

(786) 244-5499
Sword of Guardian (Coming 2016)

This is my current game project using my improved system of final year project and Unity3D.

Final year project at Coventry

This is a simple beat'em up game system with friendly and enemy AI using Unity3D. It using hand-drawing 2D as characters with real-time 3D environment.

Portfolio 5
AMT Assignment in Coventry

It is my video assignment in the AMT(Advance Multimedia Technology) class. It is using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. It is the only one video using the 3D elements in the class.

Shopping Cart 1

The shopping cart project from my company using magento.

Portfolio 5
Shopping Cart 2

The checkout section of the shopping cart.

Portfolio 5
Shopping Cart 3

The custom menu layout with embed HTML.

Portfolio 1
ERP System 1

The login screen of the ERP System for company, using PHP, Yii framework and PostgreSQL.

ERP System 2

Interface layout and design at the Purchase Order section.

Portfolio 3
ERP System 3

The ERP System can support the auto complete and real-time search using with AJAX and supporting JSon.

ERP System 4

The other auto complete function, it can show the item no with item name to help the user complete the description and price field automatically.

Portfolio 5
ERP System 5

The ERP system can generate the PDF file with custom HTML format.