Wait for me at six o'clock.

How do you know Tai isn't lying?

They're already dead.

James Cameron created a new way to make movies.

I thanked Lynnette for the tip.

I was on the point of leaving home when a light rain started to fall.

The answer is both yes and no.


I remember the day when the accident happened.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that I just want to be left alone?

They attached great importance to cleanliness.

Are you a wunderkind?

About 1.2 million people die from car crashes every year.

I just never will understand women.

She was right in the middle of cutting cucumbers.


John's father has some knowledge of French.

Do what you will.

I wanted to call you but I didn't have your number.

A man without his language has lost his land.

Smoke was coming out of Beth's room.

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Can I have a second?

My brother plays guitar.

Just don't get in the way.

What would German be without commas?

Randell wishes he could speak French as well as Sid does.

It's the best turkey I've ever tasted.

Do you want me to come cook you something?


Try as I might, I just cannot stay awake in front of the TV at night.

Darryl said he would come, but he never showed up.

So, what do we need to do?

Starting to speak and making mistakes is a lot better than to keep silent in resignation.

He is a diligent student, as students go.


I'm looking for Angela right now.

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Thad loves soccer.


The first few years were difficult.

The hair on the back of Eddie's neck stood up when he heard a strange sound coming from the room where a previous occupant had been murdered many years before.

Kristi and I'll wait for you.


Will wanted to talk to me about something.


I'm still not sure where I should go.

Curtis's eyes are red today.

I think that I didn't do anything wrong.

According to the Bible, the Three Kings were guided to Jesus by a shining star.

Put the chair in front of the desk.

He is in fourth grade of elementary school.

Jean can't get Dominick to make up her mind.


He is young, and yet he is prudent.

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I cannot break this computer. It's not mine.

She waved goodbye to him.

It has become very cold.


There's nothing else for us here.

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There is an urgent need for them to update their system.

It looks like I'm outnumbered here. I hate to do it but I'll withdraw my plan.

The cemetery is full of irreplaceable people.

Bernie had better leave.

I hear that you felt ill at ease at the party.

The girl coming in at the door now is always late.

The room was lit by candles.

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I tried to talk him out of the project, but in vain.

Torsten frightens me.

I lived in Nagoya for over a month.

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The teacher spoke about the courage of the Romans.

This is the first time I've ever beaten my dog.

They even listened to music.


Brodie found it fairly easy to follow Kuldip without being seen.

My mother told me not to go out.

That's just standard practise, it's not like they're cutting corners.


She's going out to buy some things.

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Something went wrong.

If he will not work hard, he will be fired.

He barely missed being killed in the accident.

The rose is a flower and the dove is a bird.

Teruyuki has a warped sense of humor.

Arlene wished there was something else he could do to help.

I was late, so I missed flight 501.

That's my problem with Nichael.

Has anyone ever told you you've got serious trust issues?

Vassos hates speaking in public.

Your tyres are worn.

I just don't want to see you get hurt.

How can I contact a Japanese-speaking doctor?

The table does not occupy much space.

For all his efforts, he was not paid well.


You have tennis elbow. Soak your arm in warm water.

I just wanted to try it once.

We have plenty of time.

Three students. Here's my student ID.

He is shivering on the brink.


"That's weird, isn't it?" "Yeah, it's a little weird."


He tried to take hold of the sheep.

I know why Marguerite's happy.

Come on, we're almost there.

It may rain before long.

When did the robbery take place?


This is yours, isn't it?

They cannot get the operating system to work.

Their whereabouts are unknown.

Do you have trouble sleeping?

It's a really good feeling.

We are very close friends.

Now you've got me all mixed up.

Newspapers influence the current of time.

Roxana is a mystery shopper.


That would be really bad.

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She cut the cake in two.

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When he was just about to leave, an earthquake started.


We never know why we die.

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I'll have a talk with Elwood.

How could Betty not like me?

Are you sure you don't remember?

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Harv wondered where Roxie had put his hat.

I guess that the beautiful girl will say goodbye to the shy young man.

I don't want you to scare Patrice away.

Do what's directed in the prospectus.

She must have gone out.


I'm sure you've seen everything you need to.

The fighting there lasted several days.

Salt is an indispensable ingredient for cooking.


He was tired, but he kept on working.

Those mechanics are paid as much as ten thousand yen per hour.

A widow had two daughters.

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I'll go swimming with Agatha tomorrow afternoon.

Do you have anything you want to say to us?

Leung is doing everything he can.

It'd be great if you could pick up some bread before you come home.

It happened twice.

I gotta beep out what I really wanna shout.

We'll start over.

Don't touch the stove.

The number of days lost through industrial dispute is shown in the table on the facing page.

His lecture is far more difficult than Mr Tanaka's.

But that your fear of me was greater than his life, now I bless you and your offspring, just so that they multiply like the stars in the heavens and just as grains of sand on the sea.

What do you think happened to Leung?

Sandra eats all Japanese food except natto.


Success in school calls for hard study.

There was a flare-up between local residents and state regulators.

After lying down for a short while, my stomach ache calmed down.


I wish I could sing as well as you.


They didn't even know what they had found.


Something must be done immediately to deal with this problem.

He would not give it up without a struggle.

This is so tragic.

He was on the roof with his electric guitar.

Don't eat green apples or you'll get sick.

She prides herself on her many accomplishments.

Please let me know when you will come to Kobe.


I have to be at the station at three o'clock.

Today is April 1! Let's play some pranks!

Yeah, and?

With gratitude, I acknowledge the receipt of your letter.

They look horrified.

There is no "masculine" way of learning.

Should I really do it?


If you're not sweating when you do cardio, then you're not doing it hard enough.

What are my tasks?

We just hired Jochen.


I'll talk with you when I'm not busy.

I don't know what to depend on.

I knew a shortcut to Rodger's house.


I'd like you to see my collection of stamps.

You're exercising.

The food athletes eat is just as important as what kind of exercises they do.