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The film Biutiful melted my heart.


It's pretty long.

Thanks for coming so quickly.

A second mirror is hanging next to the door.


Paradise on earth is where I am.

He looks like a girl.

Did Jin give you any other suggestions?

Oh that I had never been born!

Let's hope we never have to do that.

He has both experience and knowledge.

They arrested Connie for disturbing the peace.

I'm not twenty years old yet.

I told him about you.

They don't see the extent to which they depend on others.

Who's causing all the problems?

We've never done this before.

Kristen wasn't getting any help from anyone, so he gave up.

I blame her.

That sounds like a really creepy question.

I liked the way you handled yourself.

I'm just trying to uncover the truth.

This year's fashions are different from those of last year.

The glass is empty.

I told you before!

You got lucky today.

Albert works for a big advertising firm in Boston.

Do you have a coin?

With animals I wish to live my life; they're such great companions!

They're staring at each other.

Barbra is a very fast swimmer.

What is the delay?

Why don't you invite some friends over?

It's great to have a family.

The bottom 40% of the U.S. population has only 0.3% of the wealth.

Spyros got depressed.

Aren't you impressed?

Todd was given up for dead.

Tell me again why you want me to do that.

Rakhal made me go there.

Dispose of the old magazines.

PDA is not allowed at school.

When I got home, I was very hungry.

I don't even own any tools.


I've seen you do it before.

Get her to help you.

His jokes had us in stitches.


I was only kidding about that.

Japan is also called "Nihon" in Japanese.

It's fun to learn slang words in foreign languages.


This sounds good.

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Our company provides customized, worry-free solutions to protect your customers' sensitive data.

My cat peers bemusedly at her reflection in the water.

The year before last, we went to Europe.

World War II ended in 1945.

Jenine is just being petty, isn't he?

They're attacking us.

His father eats there twice a week.


She fried an egg.

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We need more than that.

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I bloomed while having conversation and enjoying the mixed-gender bath.

The, behind you!

He is markedly honest.


Is there any chance that he will come?

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What did you come here for?


My younger sister got married in her teens.

I'm supposed to make sure Saul doesn't forget to buy the tickets.

She asked me whether I was all right.

Mah can testify to that.

Kris loosened his tie.


She is from Japan.

Please get out of the car, sir.

Dad is in the kitchen because he's cooking.


The road began branching off in many directions.


I feel a little sore.

This is not happening.

Mosur makes over $300,000 a year.

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Kathy doesn't want to come.

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It's obvious why you have a stomachache.

Do you like to dance?

His mother is worried sick about him.

We didn't hear any alarms.

That's a pretty lame joke. Did you come up with it yourself?

Juergen threw the ball to me, but I couldn't catch it.

They were caught in friendly fire.

Maybe you shouldn't tell him.

We're not in love. We're just good friends.


I'll try to find him for you.

Markus doesn't quite get it. Could you explain it to him again?

Who does Duane think he is anyway?

We've already done a lot for Ed.

Raif is quite happy.

I objected to his paying the bill.

When an English speaker realises that a foreign person they are speaking to doesn't understand one of their sentences, they repeat it, the same way, but louder, as though the person were deaf. At no point does it come to their mind that their vocabulary might be complicated or that their expression might most probably be ambiguous to a foreigner and that they could reword it in a simpler way. The result is that not only does the person still not understand, but they get irritated at being considered deaf.

The quality of rice is going down.

The police arrested the wrong man.

Let's go and talk to Lynnette.

The physicist was ashamed to admit that he also likes chemistry.

We'll check.

Juliet overheard Urs's conversation with her lover.

When it comes to fishing, he's an expert.

You missed Neville, didn't you?

This is not a table but a chair.

I've got a plastic cup.


I'm leaving Boston.


I'm going to give you something to help you sleep.

Let the kids off the bus first.

He was born dumb.

Nancy is going to look into it.

But she liked children and she enjoyed her work.


Don't bring the dog in.

Why does that bother you?

Do you think I'm handsome?

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This concept has many meanings.

The lawyer's fee was very high.

I don't want anyone to find where we buried the treasure.

I see him singing, but this isn't often.

Can you come over and talk?

Don't take your eyes off her.

I haven't talked to them yet.

I respect your opinion.

To use an item simply click on its icon in the inventory.

Jean-Pierre and Elwood just did what they were told to do.

What thought do you think had the greatest influence on the English in the Middle Ages?


I don't see this as a major issue.


Such a crime cannot be despised enough.


This isn't exactly impressive.


There are gorgeous flowers in the garden.

I found something out about Alberto that surprised me.

Pravin knew what needed to be done.

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Perry probably thought I didn't like him.


He notices a thousand times a day the difference.


He is gentle by nature.

I'm glad I could be useful to you.

He can't walk any more.

You made that perfectly clear.

I was amazed at the speed of the car.

Don't be in such a hurry.

I thought you said nobody was going to be here.

Morton worked on the job alone.

What's that got to do with them?


She was dreaming of starting a family.

It won't be much longer.

The spinning top skidded across the floor.

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She's only in it for the money.

Are you tired of waiting in line?

Can you guess her age?

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We are going to the shop.

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When did Panos go to Boston?

Jan's trip turned into a nightmare when his passport and credit cards were stolen.

He's not all that gorgeous.

I didn't tell you to turn around.

Musa is a really interesting guy.

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Naren and Pratapwant exchanged smiles.

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I do believe it's called a leek.

Let's conserve our limited water resources.

Every word is read as it's written.

Dani asked me why I was late.

We were very surprised to see Vance doing that.

Is this translation correct?

Stay still!

What time did you get to bed last night?

Israel began to undress.

Rocket technology improved during World War Two.

Are you going to be here long?