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About Radiance

Radiance is an evolution of the procedure of buying and selling, where the digital era is now the method of buying and selling has switched to the digital world. Radiance is present as a new, safe, and valuable pay tool to creating algorithmic trading models.

Radiance founder, Luke Shannon, when he started a game buying and selling business since he was in college, most of the market used manual access and was sent physically.

The game that is purchased will be packaged and distributed to stores all over the world. We promote by using advertisements, banners installed everywhere, and pins that I paste in the game's packaging. Since then the popularity of game sales has increased and has risen unexpectedly

Activities like this bring advantages to consumers or rather buyers, that is they can play their games at any time they want to play it again (because the game if it's already bought can be downloaded again), and can be accessed as you like, whether you want to sell or not it is one of the facilities for consumers.

Road Map

Q3 2018
-Launched Started
-liStarted Radiances Development
-Token Sale
Q4 2018
Q4 2018
-Token Sale Ended
-Burn unsold token
-Apply in several exchangers
Beta MVP Radiances
Q1 2019
Q1 2019
Launch Web & app Full
Q3 2019
-Beta Tesnet
Q3 2019
Full Launch Mainet

Our Team

This is our team, a lot of smiling happy people who work hard to empower this project

Luke Shannon
Robert Paluda
Project Manager
Marioline abigail
Community Manager
Velizar Ivanov
Jasin Ajrulla
Advisor - GLOBEX CEO
Purnama Sari

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