He lives in a house built in a semi foreign style.

We are free at last.

There's no reason to panic.

I'll get in touch with Ahmet by telephone tomorrow and ask him to give us a hand.


Along with his children he fled the country.

It seems we are in the same boat.

After having caught sight of her, he fell into a huge confusion of thoughts, was motionless and, in one word, turned to stone.


It took me by surprise.

The speaker believes that cosmetic industries always behave in an ethical way.

It's transparent.


They came to the conclusion that the ship must have sunk.

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I'd rather you showed me.

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This thing is necessary to extirpate the evil of the world.

She's tired from overwork.

An inner defect never fails to express itself outwardly.

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I see them.

That was a pretty good movie.

He made me eat it.

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The river supplies the city with electricity.

There's no denying the harmful effects of smoking.

Terrance thought this was funny.

If you want people to collaborate with you, you have to be friendlier.

This isn't about him, is it?


I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life.

It seems that Taro doesn't have any girlfriends.

Having a slight headache, I went to bed early.

This is real.

This is the village where my father was born.

I remember playing with Yoshiko in that garden when we were young.

They look confused.


I want to do this as quickly as I can.

That requires careful consideration.

There is no hope of his being alive.


Do you want to watch this movie again?

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Ritchey kissed Russell and they hugged each other.


I'm anxious to know the results of the blood test.


May we use the language lab?

What's that supposed to mean?

All dialects are equal.

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Her dress was ruined.

If I knew his address, I would get in touch with him right away.

Meehan answered his cell phone.

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He hid his ugly face.

He knows how to swim as fast as his brother.

Did you find your passport?


You're shallow and materialistic.


I wanted to share with you a new application that I'm using to create a memory book for my grandfather who recently passed away.

You can't do it by yourself.

Submarine submerged.

They accept other opinions.

Do you have enough?

The room was empty except for a shabby bed.

My brother named his cat Hanako.

I said it!

I gave her what little money I had with me.


I always said that Croatia is the wonderland.

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I can't adjust myself to the climate here.

Who asked for vodka?

You seem to be thinking of something else.

My boss just fired me.

After all, it might be imagination.

I didn't want to spend my whole life there.

This is as good place to die as any.

It was a secret.

I haven't slept for two days.

I'm afraid I was right.

They were speaking German.

I couldn't understand a single word of what they said.

Diabetes is an expensive disease to treat.

Boobs are the proof that men can focus at two things at once!

You have to get this work finished by noon.

Please don't be cold!

Bret is taking a bath.

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I told him to work hard or he would fail.

Nguyen flosses his teeth every day.

Quit behaving like a kid.

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The boss sent Saify to Boston on business.

Life doesn't always go the way we want it to.

Did you take your medicine this morning?

She broke with her family long ago.

Your English is improving.

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I'm glad I got to see you again.

He will not listen to any of us; you might as well talk to a figure of stone.

I've already been swimming once today.

It's been almost a week since Louis left.

Gil wondered where Leila was planning to go to college.

Don't pay attention to Dawson.

Last winter was very cold.


The report said they were not at fault.

About 29 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Herb almost passed out.

The rain damped their spirits.

You have to come out of there.

Clyde Tombaugh also discovered several star clusters, a comet and more than a hundred asteroids.

Peter and Emma are just friends. There's nothing between him and her.

That's why I'm here.

Do you have your stuff with you?

Do you feel safe here?

I work for somebody else now.

Your life depends on it.

I don't remember you asking me to do that.

How long were you married?

Lou looked discouraged.

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Herbert seemed to be in a big hurry.


Please wait a bit.

I'll leave the planning to you.

Naresh speaks almost no French.

Shall I call for you in the morning?

Where are we going to meet?

The space station is designed to be a permanent orbiting research facility. Its major purpose is to perform world-class science and research that only a microgravity environment can provide.

Sally was constantly changing her hairstyle.

What difference does it make?

I was a passenger.

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For example, Pepperberg would show Alex an object, such as a green wooden peg or a red paper triangle.

He is French by birth, but he is now a citizen of the USA.

Imogen of the Internet, in an attempt to save the earth, sketches exclusively in oekaki chatrooms instead of on paper.

Baseball is a team sport.

Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing.

Don't bother to pick me up at the hotel.

I can't make a decision on the spot. I'll have to talk to my boss first.

Kyung is a terrorist.

I've loved French cakes since elementary school.

He came all the way from abroad.

The newspaper says that he committed suicide.

Don't bother seeing me to the door.

The big, yellow bus came hurtling down the street.

I don't know and I don't care.

You should let it go.


Where's your date tonight?


I wondered what Milo wanted.

Their job is to cut the vegetables.

A promise made in Spanish is more than a simple promise.


Is this legal?

Esperanto - for you to understand the world.

What you said made her angry.

The train is ten minutes late.

Why didn't you tell us about this sooner?


Don't hide in there.


The five human senses are sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Don't you just have anything else to do?

Less students study German today than formerly.


Something good did it, to be honest.

Most developers hate debugging; it's more fun to create bugs than to correct them.

We have no rainy day fund. If something unexpected pops up, we will be unable to cope.

How rich is Kusum?

My knife has lost its edge.

"How to determine whether a "how" sentence is a question." "Yes, how?"

He has an interest in collecting insects.

I'm pretty proud of that.

I have no cell phone, no showy photos, no funny personality. Just medicaments.

Anderson is making a snack for Janice.

May I borrow your bike?


I wish I could be there with you now.

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Stanislaw is optimistic at this point.


The teacher fell asleep in class and started snoring loudly.

We've only just started.

Emil clutched his teddy bear.


I never dreamed that you would lose.


They set up their tents on the beach.

Did you hear of him?

That explains why the door is open.

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