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I don't have a gun.


I am paid 10 dollars an hour.

This soup tastes good.

How many concerts will be organized this year?

It appears that her injury was pretty bad.

Cristopher can't swim as well as Jelske.

He will be off tomorrow.

My opinion is contrary to yours.

This Joseph will run.

You have to listen.

Izchak is fair game.

I was in the front seat.

Where does this bus take you?

Do you like ice cream? Would you like an ice cream?

I'll notify you.

Ken thought Ross would know where John was.

Let us depart from this accursed place!

You freaked me out.


She was almost knocked down by a car.

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Vic lied about what happened.


I will tell you the rest tomorrow.


Sandeep looked down at the ground.

I know you're writing a book.

Peggy didn't actually say that.


I love all of you.

He has a face only a mother could love.

What did you do when you got back home yesterday?

I'm no friend of yours.

Jerald is a singer.

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Grow up a little.


I heard Marcel is sick.

This is hers.

He cast his old friends aside.

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He wrote a novel about vampires.

I gave her a mild sedative.

We agreed to refrain from smoking while we are at work.

Will I be able to get it before then?

There are no girls in our class.

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Did you know Conrad and Wayne were cousins?

I need to trace the outline.

Pierre was innovative.


He won the race with ease.

I told him that I'd help you.

That's a gimmick.


These articles are exempt from "Droits de douane".

When do you go to class?

It's an obviously bad example.

Part gave us a lot of money.

This letter was full of mistakes because it had been written too hastily.

It was as if the devil was chasing after him.

I was tortured.


I admit that it's strange.

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I didn't realize you were so good at French.

It's no use trying to stick to the old ways.

Sandeep looks like a hero to me.

That program is broadcast every other week.

When did you start studying English?


You're avoiding my question.

You're a disgrace.

You don't know, do you?

Marco fixed us a snack.

The selfish man was despised by his companions.


That's no way to speak to your parents!

This programme allows you to stay informed.

Let's get out of here, Nanda.

People physically assault you to steal your money.

Nobody visits him.


I wanted to show her your book.

I've never really thought about that.

First of all, power off your cellphones and remain silent.

You are taller than her.

Learning Klingon will serve him well in his business career.

The operation was a complete success.

I don't think it's funny.

I thought you were supposed to be at school now.

Asteroids can be a few feet to several hundred miles wide.

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You must go up the hill.


Naoto blames himself for what happened to Dori.

They held him for a few hours and then let him go free.

A bee flew out of the window.

Do you really want to talk about Ritalynne?

Why are you calling Allan names?

Look it up on Wikipedia.

This can not be described with words.

Who can run fastest in your class?

Barbara is shocked.

Did you go straight home after school yesterday?

John isn't honest at all.

I have to wrap my sister's dinner in clingfilm.

Truth is usually expressed in the present tense.

Hirofumi learned that lesson the hard way.

I am not busy now.

This is the picture I took of Patrice's house.

Everything is now back to normal.

It is man's intelligence that makes him so often behave more stupidly than the beasts. ... Man is impelled to invent theories to account for what happens in the world. Unfortunately, he is not quite intelligent enough, in most cases, to find correct explanations.

Nikolai has yet to be found.

Mt. Fuji is covered with snow in winter.

Evan turned off the engine and shut off the headlights.


We're giving a dinner for her.

The girl brought me a red and white rose.

If I don't see another marshmallow for as long as I live, I'll die happy.


He's offered to help.


They found the body of a newborn baby in a freezer.

No one will know.

You should stay at home today.


What medication is Tareq on?

We wound up at the cinema.

I finished writing the syllabus last week.

I don't know much about our foreign policy.

It's really bad for your eyes.

I know how you felt about me.

Forget what I just said.

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I don't want to say anything.

There were no clouds today.

I don't want to cause you any trouble.

He's definitely not coming.

Vicky crossed the street.


Does the keyboard work?


Hunger is one of the greatest social miseries.

You can't have both books.

Don't ever give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping.

I have to go on a diet to lose weight.

Thank you for the time you spent with me during my visit to Atlanta.

It's strange that you ask me for a motorcycle when you are afraid of going by bike.

That's quite helpful.


I could kick myself for that.

Alf threatened to kill Pascal.

Roxane often gets sick.

She didn't even open the present he gave her.

The fire burned brightly, giving forth a comforting warmth.

This question is difficult to answer.

It is a very difficult job for us.


Isn't this the same necklace that Aunt Clara wears?

Strife is the rock on which the party split.

Perhaps we should just leave Srikanth alone.


In the beginning I found it hard to get used to.

Last weekend was boring for me.

The coals are burning red.

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If I were rich, I'd give you money.

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This is a true story. A woman was admitted to a reputed obstetrics clinic to give birth.

Kaj is trying to save his own skin.

I just want to be alone right now.

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Grandmother sent us a box of apples.


I thought Mason was dead.


The carts were being loaded.


Her remarks were so rude they were frankly unprintable.

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Quit gambling.

My wife is from Algeria. She is Algerian.

He disclosed my secret.

I don't think Drew would really want that.

You'd better be right.


That evening I left my tip under a coffee cup, which I left upside down on the table.

A red dress made her stand out.

It requires more courage to suffer than to die.

Josip is a very strong man.

You're not supposed to do that.


Let me tell you about what happened.

She was a rather prim and proper young lady.

Ken called to say he wasn't coming to work today.

I never said I believed them.

Can you please go away?