Surprisingly, he swims even on cold days.

He has half as many books as I do.

There's nothing to see here.


I have to persuade Edith to go with us.

Jim inserted the key into the lock.

Why would they need to do that?

I hate Mara's boyfriend.

Write to me sometimes and let me know how you are doing.


Hirofumi blamed Allen.

We're stuck here.

Why did you paint this wall black?

I found it necessary to get assistance.

Give me your hand. I'll explain you later.

Boil the water and pour it on the tea.

It isn't as if I'm learning by being corrected all the time.

To get his own business off the ground, he linked up with a few more solid companies.

Dave is staying with relatives.


Nguyen is quite strong.


I could no longer pretend that I wasn't in pain.


Please make sure.

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You need to get the job done.

New York is a big city.

The request was granted.

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It's not that bad.


I bought an Apple mouse. It's only $69!


Someone tried to shoot us.


He is abroad.

Life is short and time is swift.

Sid also needs to fill out this form.

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Are you warm enough in such thin clothes?

Everyone played extremely well.

This room is hot.


You're the worst basketball coach this team has ever had.

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What is it that you're afraid of?


Ritchey might think I don't like him.

There isn't going to be a war.

I have to find him.

I am fed up with his behaviour.

His statement doesn't leave room for any doubt.

We can always still talk to each other on the phone.

Tanaka didn't want people to think that he was flirting with Ramesh.

The small intestine is about seven meters long.

The man finally confessed what he had done.

Find out who Caroline has been talking to.

The scientists used an IBM mainframe computer to make their calculations.


Show me how much money you have.

She listens to him even though no one else does.

Seeing my younger brother trembling before his bullies sent my heart racing and made me angry at the same time.

Do you know him, by any chance?

Tokyo is supposed to be a very safe city.

Dan's car was missing from the garage.

My brain is being crushed.

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It is over ten years since she last went back to her country.

Newton's First Law says: "Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it".

What would you do if you were in Kathleen's situation?


We should read the newspaper so as not to lag behind the times.

I was very excited.

The British forces were ordered to seize the weapons.

Doing that would be too hard for Ellen.

I need you to see this.


There we are!

It's really annoying.

He changed his countenance at the news.

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I want you to know.


This test suite is unstable.

Lucifer considered Brian like a piece of garbage.

I would just as soon stay at home as go to the party.


Is there a big market for this kind of thing these days?

Why don't you admit your mistake?

Only months into their marriage, David began to see a darker side to Gary.

If someone who doesn't know your background says that you sound like a native speaker, it means they probably noticed something about your speaking that made them realize you weren't a native speaker. In other words, you don't really sound like a native speaker.

That's a pretty strange-looking bracelet you're wearing.

I fought against the exploitation of the people.

All my friends are invited here.


There's no way in.

I know where you hide your diary.

You should take a day off.

Syun is eager to impart his knowledge.

Craig won the last time.

I'm not sure what else I should do.

Which peoples of Earth are curious enough to want to venture into outer space?

Where can I find you?

I'm afraid the book is beyond the reach of his understanding.

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How many Christmas cards did you write last year?

I go to the same school as Kenji.

I keep dreaming about him.

The construction of the hospital is about to end.

You're so cold.

We will all stand by you to the last.

You must avoid misbehaving in order to be a honourable person.

I didn't see anyone writing.

If your mind feeds your sword, your sword will surely feed on your mind.

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It was pretty clear what was happening.

I wandered about the streets all day.

Would you mind if I told Kristen?


You don't need to finish it by tomorrow.

I'm going to call it a night.

I'll leave it to you.

The machinery was produced by American company.

We have inherited the gift of music from animals such as insects and birds.

Ahmed presented a provocative thesis: "Slang is becoming the new English."

Sue got in line.

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I know a person whose name is Wang, who helps me with my Chinese language.


I'm trying to figure out how you managed to do that.

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Coleen burned his toast.


I'll kick your head off.

She picked him up at the station.

I decided against doing that.

Wendi couldn't be bothered making the effort to get on with Neal's mother.

Jinchao didn't have anything else he wanted to say.


He is a fanatic.

Amedeo was very generous.

Are you going to tell Sanand about what you did?

Is there anywhere special in Australia you want to go?

You can't let Ranjit get away with telling lies about you.

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern.

Willie says he's innocent.

Any chance of the parcel getting there by Saturday?

To live in a perfect world is just a utopian dream.

Learn little by little every day.

Next, we will talk to Ms. Pam Roland.


How do you know so much about Ben?

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Are you two musicians?

Pria complimented Gale on how nice she looked.

This is for your own safety.

That was an excellent dinner.

Why can't you hurry?

An island came in sight.

Ole called Jiri every bad name under the sun.

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Apparently we're just two peas in a pod.

The group claimed responsibility for the bombings.

My country is situated in North Africa, south of the Mediterranean Sea.


They kept the information about the military operations a secret.

I didn't know any of them.

Her bewitching body made her very popular with men.


Alison did what Graham asked him to do.

Thou hast seen poverty aplenty, but thou art rich of mind.

Everyone loves you.

Could you please have Hector call me?

France is a Western European country.


I concentrated all my energies on the problem.


We might never have this opportunity again.

Prices have been reduced by 20 to 40 percent.

Why did you come back?

Unicorns suck.

He says that raw vegetables are healthier.

Have you ever killed someone?

Some of you are lesbians too.

You need to smell the roses.

This is totally unprecedented.


I can't believe anything Roland says anymore.

Perry covered for you while you were in the hospital.

By mapping Jupiter's gravitational and magnetic fields, Juno will reveal the planet's interior structure and measure the mass of the core.

Deep Blue beat chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov in 1997.

I still think we need to talk about it.

I was ignorant that he was present.

I live next to him.


I'll wait up for you.

What do you call this flower in English?

It is no use trying to solve the riddle.