What exactly did you have in mind?

The man that I see is very tall.

You can come in here.

Duke carried the dirty dishes into the kitchen.

My cellphone has been stolen.

I can't speak Vietnamese.


I can't take this pain any more.


Give my best regards to all your family.

We've met several times.

He was dazed by a blow to the head.

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James was alone on Friday night.


Let's find out what Donal thinks.

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Did Avery finish?


If he had known her phone number, he could have called her up.


The infant has faith in his mother taking care of him.

Let's have a swim in the afternoon.

The border is closed.


Merton was fast asleep when the telephone rang.

This is a sentence that I don't know how to translate.

If it is interesting, any book will do.

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What color is your truck?

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How much does this book cost?


Even if you do not like it, you must take charge of it.


We're done for the night.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Who is that stranger?

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I brought a small notebook where I am going to write my observations.

You have told Vickie the truth, haven't you?

He was head of America's Naval War College.

He says that it would carry a risk.

He persisted in marrying her.

I'm afraid of going blind.

I somehow knew that that day would be like no other.

She went there to swim.

How can you stand there and just let Anton die?

There seems to be no one here.

He loses his temper so easily that everybody avoids him.

You will need an armed escort.

It's only temporary.

Dancing is not a crime.

She didn't win the prize, but she competed until the last moment and surprised everyone.

Rogue pulled out his cellphone.

Do you want to play shogi?

He keeps his word.

The war between France and England lasted one hundred years.

What ever do you want with me?

Authorities in space colonies encouraged larger families.

Torsten is the person who motivated me and gave me strength at all times to go ahead in the right direction.

What can you give me?


They tried a third time.

"Sit down, please," he said.

I saw Manavendra entering that restaurant.

Quit playing games.

He looked through the evening paper.

Like a good wine, he improves with age.

Siping had only planned to stay in Boston for just a day or two.

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She treated her kids equally.

A miracle is an event described by those to whom it was told by people who did not see it.

She is beautiful like her mother.

Saify doesn't eat a lot.

I passed a sleepless night.

Nicolette put his keys on the dining table.

We should keep every school open and every teacher in his job.

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Dominic is always helping me out.


I was trying to tell him what had really happened, but he cut me short.


Brendan knows better than to argue with Loukas.


I can't leave here.

I hate raccoons.

His belief is rooted in experience.


It's gotten worse.

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Jerry won't even know what you did until it's over.

I would like to ask about the price of that model in the window.

We need to try to get everybody inside the house.


I want to know what to expect.


That is not how we do things here.

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I cannot fold this big carpet by myself.

Could you do this instead of me?

Susan is a bright student.

You'll never get them to agree.

I'm going to study my ass off.


Each text should be of a different type.

She was ashamed of her ignorance.

Mayo speaks beautiful French, without any accent.


Many men set out for the West in search of gold.

I think we could've done more.

Your best friend's girlfriend is as big as a whale.

Vick no longer has the energy to compete.

What are my options?

I have a half brother.

He had been persecuted and despised for his ugliness, and now he heard them say he was the most beautiful of all the birds.


This cuisine is seasoned to evoke the esprit of Paris.

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Japan is a beautiful country.

They made a frame with tape

Dan and Linda adopted a lovely little girl.

Love is a quarrel which begins between a woman and a man and never finishes.

Where is the taxi?


You do look a lot like him.

Josip did that earlier this week.

Smoke poured out of the chimney.


You ruined everything.


Himawan wasn't supposed to show the contract to Eli.

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Don't get so nervous there is a plenty of time to answer all the questions.

I believe you've answered all my questions.

What're you up to now?

The park is sunny.

Aren't you afraid of getting infected by the virus?

Business isn't going so well.

I don't know what has become of the hatchling.

Ji is related to me.

You must observe the law.

I hope this will end soon.

I put an order in, but the computer didn't recognize it.

Lincoln is one of the greatest figures in American history.

There's no way I'm going to do that.

Always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours.

Charles doesn't allow his son to eat ice cream.

He said, "I will say nothing more, because I hate making excuses."

I managed to make him understand it.

We want you to marry him.

Rajesh is a better French speaker than Tricia.

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He reached out for the book.

Tobias was in town Monday night.

I'm a Harvard graduate.

Cristi has denied everything.

The longer I listen to her, the less I like her.

If you want allergy relief, try this.

What'll you do with Lori?


You should work hard.

This is completely irrelevant.

I'd really like to sleep in.

We'll see you when you get home.

What do you think is in this box?

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"What did the professor say?" "The professor said that man first set foot on the moon in 1969."

I didn't mean to do that.

Be on time.


Roberta chose Geoff for the job.


That statement is false.

Do you see her often?

Cats go mew, mew.

As we age, we become set in our ways.

What is the capital of Greece?


Smith argues that no international laws can be applied to this case.

I changed only a few words.

Marcia beat Shamim in tennis.

He is knitting a scarf.

You sure are a hooligan!

Izchak is conceited.

My father's head has turned gray.


Oliver wanted my permission.

Let's figure out a better way to do this.

It seems that it's impossible to distinguish an obsessional neurosis from an intense love from a biochemical perspective.

Put it out of your mind.

Would you mind reading a bedtime story to Dean?

They stayed with me in the room all night.

She's about the same age as my sister.


Floria didn't know where to put his umbrella.


As all letters have the letter A for their first, so the world has the eternal God for its first.


I wish he would write more often.