The couple put their house on the market.

You'll be better soon.

What makes you think Jorge is here?

How many patients do we have on life support?

Do you think your clothes are going to pick themselves up?

My shoulders feel stiff.


Einstein discovered that space and time are just two different aspects of spacetime.

Micah never tells me anything.

There's something odd about him.


You have no legal right to seize my property.

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I drive a black car.

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He used to collect beetles when he was a kid.


In the first place, he's a lazy boy.

How do you think this change will be received?

He said the truth.

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I often get up very early.


I've been looking for something.


I think that's what happened.

Do you know your forefather?

Whiskey goes very well with tea.

I have to change the world now.

I studied French a long time ago, but now all I remember is "bonjour."

I think you should know that I don't really like you very much.

I noticed he was wearing my slippers.

I assume you've heard about Sangho's promotion.

Strange to say, I dreamed the same dream twice last night.

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May you be blessed with good health.

I'm going to find out what's going on.

They formed a company to control it.


That company is one of the best in the business.

She lost sight of her friend in the huge crowd.

At the New Year, we spend a lot of time with our family.


Troy is a sexist.

I went to a shoe store yesterday.

We can tell Lynnette later.

I have mixed feelings about that.

Daryl wore false eyelashes.

When was the last time you had a checkup?

I think Danny is handsome.


Anderson asked me where I bought my belt.

Jitendra seems busier than usual.

The world hates me.

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I doubt Miles knows how to fish.

Few people were killed in the car accident.

That's a great question.

Let's go outside and play.

In the sunlight my head started to spin, and I lay down to have a rest on the grass.

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The British Parliament is still in the Palace of Westminster.

I didn't visit the headquarters of Twitter.

The plane climbed to 4,000 feet.

Stanislaw has three ex-wives.

She kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight.

To start with, who is that man?

The express starts at six and gets into Tokyo at nine.

Leave it with me.

Tell Rudy I'll do it.

You aren't really going to vote for Pratt, are you?

She dropped me off at my apartment.

You can't do this.

The robber was never apprehended.

Judging from the look of the sky, it is going to snow.

Jim kicked the ball very hard.

Why is this thing expensive?

Liza looks doubtful.

I found it in a cave.

I've got to get some sleep.


Why are you wearing an eyepatch?

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Who knows where Dylan is?

That would be normal.

Don't be paranoid.

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Kathleen knew that he wouldn't be able to finish the report by 2:30.

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We tell each other everything.

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Blood runs in the veins.

I just did it.

I was alone in my quarters.

The tank is empty.

She sat there in silence.


She was a Christian in life.

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The trouble is that they only think of themselves.

I didn't think my day could get any worse.

I'm going to try to quit drinking.


Ramanan put on his snow boots.

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You're not helping any.

My mother has it in for me.

Translation is the language of Europe.

Guy and I were both happy.

I want to be in the other group.

This is the first time I've ever hired a driver.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Some things with me would not exist.

That movie was terrible.


Hillel might know the answer.

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His success was nothing short of a miracle.

It may not be possible.

No one's perfect.

We have half a dozen eggs.

It will take you at least half an hour to go from here to the city on foot.


I hear voices in my head.

You've never trusted me, have you?

These patterns are identical.

Apprenticeship is a system where you eat, sleep and live with your master and are taught various martial arts know-how and secrets.

The examination compelled me to study hard.

Don't hit me, I'm a translator!

Where's the loo?

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They're lying.


Bobby is probably a lot busier now than he was three months ago.

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The Bill of Rights amended the U.S. Constitution.


He was standing with his arms folded.


Take this home with you.

At this second lie, his nose grew a few more inches.

It's questionable.

If I had left a little earlier, I would have caught the last train.

Anyone can do that.


Can you at least pretend you're enjoying yourself?

Howard is weaving a carpet.

He wants her to go away and leave him in peace.

Come on, help me.

It was all done.

This is something I wore when I was much younger.

How about taking a walk?

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Are you doing well?


Meehan is a patient woman.


He is looking at a photo of his friend.

I'm glad you showed me how to do it.

I guess Leon thought it was too late to come visit.

Cindy revealed his secret to us.

Does that affect the price?


This season of Survivor! is starting off even better than I expected.


She had a little child, not at all pretty.

It's rush hour at Tokyo station.

I asked for help.

Ahmet's car ran out of gas.

You and Emet are the only ones still here.


He's rolling in dough.

The murderer was sentenced to life in prison.

Now that's a pretty little girls' school.


I worried, of course.


"Automobile" is a hybrid word.

Friendship bound them together.

Kimmo has a funny way of laughing, doesn't he?


Just throw your bicycle in the back of the truck and I'll drive you home.

It's a very delicate matter.

I didn't really do it alone.

It's never too early to start learning.

I'll wash the dishes.

You think that I'm just talking nonsense, don't you?

You remind me of somebody.


You don't have to come to the meeting.

I'll take anything.

Can I stop over in Chicago?

"What does this have to do with me wanting to get my hair cut?" "They have hair in London?"

I was really mad.

I'm safe now.

I've seen that.

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I want to visit Boston again.

I'm ready for her now.

For general amusement, I'm wearing a mini-skirt today.