He explained it in detail.

Leave Toufic out of this.


Do you really think Sjaak is handsome?


While one of them sped around major parts of the property on the mower, a second made a few sweeps at some tall weeds on the edge of my wife's garden, and the third got into the truck and smoked a cigarette.

Do you know what that means?

You are extremely unpleasant.

With his interest in Justin Bieber, I just couldn't love him.

They're well off.

At the time, I thought it was the right thing to do.

Valerie abandoned Kyle.

Sarah is quite stocky, isn't he?

I can never predict anything.

The table is next to the fridge.

Casey finally made it to the top of the stairs.


You said you wanted to spend time with Shankar.


He has a large borrowing from finance banks.

This bird can't fly.

I don't like your dad.

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They've stopped selling those.


I'd like to borrow about three hundred dollars.

"What? Are you doubting us?" "B-but, that is, suddenly 'spirit world', 'magical beings' - it's strange to ask me to believe."

Don't worry. We'll find her.

I called Rik, but his number's been disconnected.

This place is known for its delicious desserts.

The rainy season has set in.

I never speak French anymore.


It belongs to my mother.


Didn't you know that?

I just threw it away.

Maybe at the time she accidentally left her car key in her room.

Lincoln set out to abolish slavery in the United States.

He was absorbed in reading.

They clung together for warmth.

The metro honked at me this morning.


I'm studying several languages.

Dan's car screeched to a stop.

The bus rocked heavily up and down.

I have never been to Europe.

Don't phone me while I'm at the office.

I was incredibly unlucky.

The index rose 4% from the preceding month.

Do you feel all right today?

Tigger broke a tooth biting into an apple.

Let's worry about that later.

Carol lives in Chicago.


I want what's best for them.

Closer examination revealed that the skull had been crushed by some heavy blow.

Srinivasan begged for Maria's forgiveness.

If it's all right with you, I'd like to stay for a while longer.

Jurevis was very quick to volunteer.


I just met her on the street.

He is going to be an engineer.

Do you have any idea why that might be?

We could've helped Jerrie.

It is a lot of fun to listen to music.

You've got one.

Do you know the conversion rate between dollars and euros?

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Here, have a drink.

We need to find somebody who can help us.

If machines are to be used to record and count votes, these must use open-source programming code and produce a hard-copy printout which each voter can verify as accurate when casting a ballot, and which will be used in the event of a later manual recount.

Wealthy immigrants from China are happy to pay stratospherical prices for homes in Vancouver.

Tell me what'll happen.

They all thought that Miriamne was crazy

The young widow got engaged once more.


I'm worried sick.

Vadim shouldn't even be here.

I work for a trading company.

We look forward to your entries.

Are your friends Portuguese or Brazilian?

I found him.

This umbrella will be hers.

His salary is low so he has to do odd jobs.

Bobby tied his dog to a tree.


Most of the clothes that Americans wear are made outside of America.

Marla couldn't decide what to do.

I am persuading him to come.


She promised to look into the matter immediately.

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I thought I had him in a corner, but then he pulled an unexpected move and completely turned the tables on me.

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Dorothy bent over to tie his shoes.

There were no consequences.

Cristina gave it to me for nothing.

Tobacco acts on the brain.

We all want answers.


Japanese companies emphasize hierarchy.


Dale couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him.

This is something I don't understand.

He goes fishing every other day.

Life is half spent before we know what it is.

He worked hard to make up for his lack of experience.

Olivier has answered all the questions.

Roy thought I was lying.

He has failed after all his labors.

It's no easy task to keep up with him.

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I don't know the facts.


I just say what Donnie tells me to say.


I wish I could go to Boston with you.

You know what Hitoshi wants.

Warren hired Kit to do the job.


There you go!


Why don't you go out and get some firewood?

Geoffrey wore a long baggy T-shirt down to her knees.

It's now 2:30.

He drinks too much beer.

The second button of your shirt is coming off.

He who doesn't know foreign languages, doesn't know his own.

We had a Bavarian pork roast with red cabbage.

My mother always says, "You only have to study hard now."

They sat up all night.


I am going to water the horse.


He guarantees it.

The beginning of the trouble was his careless remark.

I just want a little more variety in my life.

She wears flamboyant clothes to draw attention.

I have to sit down.

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Steven Spielberg is a film director.

Farouk is a viable candidate.

Naoto can lift heavy weights.

You picked a bad time to bring up that topic.

It seems that he knew everything about me.

Narendra is at the podium.

Now, wait just a second.

I don't see where you're going with this, Dannie.

I am very pleased with my job.

He bade me stay behind.

Did you remember to thank him?

Every type of socialization requires a lie.

Damon didn't like it.

Kirk screamed again.

I know that in professional life,personal feelings should be put aside.

I'm not sure I want to touch that.

I have been working in the library since January.

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Speaking of Switzerland, have you ever been there in spring?

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This way, please, mademoiselle.

We're still living in Boston.

Carl likes you as much as he likes anyone.

Pablo is my bodyguard.

Good times alternate with bad.


One man has been arrested and charged with the voluntary manslaughter of 25-year-old Case Tomson.

The other students laughed.

You have butterfingers.


We spent a lot of time on our lessons.


I want to see the movie.


It's OK now. Don't worry. You can depend on me one hundred percent.


I asked Christophe to do that for us.

Oshtylech is marrying on the day after tomorrow.

Some cruise ships have too many passengers.


I came with Kerri.

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I sent one.

My office is in the Foreign Languages Department.

You still believe that superstition about cutting your nails at night?

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We haven't worked out custody of the children yet.

Matthew is always hitting me up for money.

Stephan did some terrible things.

Now that you have come of age, you should be responsible for what you do.

Mark spoke for two hours.


We probably shouldn't have done that.

She's wearing a strange-looking hat.

I've read any and every book in this library.


She went to Europe via the United States.

Bill kept on crying for hours.

A Russian told me "It's hard to understand the Russian soul."