Individuals – Self Discovery

Whether you are starting your first career, a new job, keen for personal development or just curious, COACTING Styles is a powerful solution.

Teams – Working Together

Team success is valued even more when communication flows. COACTING Styles prevents tension by ensuring you relate well together.

Leaders - Developing Stars

From recruiting the right person, to developing stars; you'll need a reliable resource providing you with information when you need it.

Coaches – Eye-opening

Develop yourself as a coach alongside your clients with a resource that generates awareness, insights and new behaviours.

COACTING Styles make brilliant sense of the people side of work

Why do some people understand you perfectly yet others don’t get you at all? Why do some work easily with you and others wind you up? It can be tricky to tolerate differences at work and even trickier to flow with them. This is where COACTING Styles come in.


30 Words that YOU choose, provides you with your COACTING Notepad

Your COACTING Notepad not only reveals your COACTING Style, it also gives you insights into other people’s styles.  Plus ideas and practices that will last you all your working life to make your relationships at work – work!


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