"Did you find any dirt on him?" "No, he's clean as a whistle."

He isn't perfect.

We all need to live life to the fullest.

I forced him to go.

I'd like to try it on.

How did you know Stewart and Grace were here?

I prefer to sit in the front row near the window next to Louis.

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On summer I go to the sea, on winter I go to the mountain.

The office for disease control reported a 10 percent spread.

He is inferior to his younger brother in English.

I know exactly what I'm asking.

The police found some blood on the floor.


Whether she will agree or not is not clear.


I shouldn't have asked you.


What are we standing around for?

Conrad survived.

I cried for an hour. I couldn't stop.


Certainly, you're right.

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I know what you've done.


Tracy wants to move back to Boston.

This children's story is easy enough for a seven-year-old child to read.

She treated me to a cup of tea.

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I'm just a little bored.

How stupid I am...

Really? Why?

I've always loved you.

Ben decided to take a day off.


The candles burned down to within an inch of their holders.


I intend to destroy everything.


Please advise me of the cost.


There were hidden cameras everywhere.

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We've got enough space here.

That box is bigger than this one.

I have to pay high rates to the boarding.


Sabrina slipped and spilled coffee all over Novo's dress.

Please accept my sincere apologies.

Why can't I do it, too?

Do you know any restaurants with good Korean food?

Tell Slartibartfast to meet us at the station.

I don't believe him.

He talked for an entire hour.


Val seems to be taking things in stride.

Is that old car giving you any more trouble?

Dani really did a nice job.

Margot never had to do that.

He whistled for his dog.

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Just give me three hours.

The escaped prisoners are still on the run.

Moe arrived last.

I can't understand his ideas at all.

Who's going to believe Timothy?

I don't dye my hair.

What a terrible experience!

What a stupid joke!

The economy is good.

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It seemed strange.

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It's easy to catch a cold.


It's getting on my nerves.

Sharon seems to hate me.

We needed time.

What are these?

I'm in the city.

Nothing has been proven yet.

What about your wife?

Don't try to keep her to yourself.

The story had a happy ending.

Be kind to those who hate you.

A robot can do more work than a man can.


I will give you the address of a good hotel in Aix-en-Provence.

Opera! He cannot even sing children's songs!

Were you invited?

When do you shop?

When life is too stressful, sexual function decreases.


"What kind of book are you reading?" "A novel."

Per's dreams came true.

The capital of Ukraine is Kiev.


I'd like to see the Earth from space one day.

In studying geography, you must make constant use of maps.

Where the bloody hell are you?


I was very warmly dressed, so I came back to take something off.

I want you to ride with them.

I don't need you here.


Where did you get all this information?

Carsten is very unhappy.

Maybe it was just a fluke.

His vote would decide the issue.

The couple transformed chemistry into a modern science.

Do you think I can pull this off?

Who planned that trip?

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Huashi fed his leftovers to his dog.


The situation was becoming dangerous. We got the hell out.


He came to London to study English.

Dan didn't want to believe that Linda did that.

Their dining room is very spacious.

Great-Grandma is the undisputed matriarch of our family.

I've got to speak to him.


It is an endangered species.


In its broadest sense communication includes all forms of transmitting thoughts or feelings between people.

Lyndon lives above me.

Derek's unharmed.

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You'd better believe that the story is exhagerated.

Joanne wondered what would happen if he pressed the blue button.

We'll notify him.

It'll take not less than one hour to go there.

That river is dangerous to swim in.


I was surprised when Everett left without saying goodbye.

She has two cats. One is white and one is black.

The doctor sent the live patient to the morgue.

Eva would make an excellent spy.

You could be in danger.

You shouldn't have lied to him about the baby.

I have no intention of fishing in troubled waters.

I run ten kilometers daily.

The following day he was found dead in the bedroom.

We can still be friends.

How do I explain it?

As earlier mentioned, I was afraid.

Lonhyn shot himself in the leg.


You're mad at me, aren't you?

I am reading a letter.

The bowl contains many kinds of candy.

I think that's what Elijah did.

The financial crisis has left many unemployed.


I can win this time.

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I waited for her for one hour.

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I'm older than you think.

This whisky is too strong.

We are indirectly dependent upon the labour of others for all the necessities and comforts of our lives.


Where did you chop them?


She will win the first prize.

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Recently the demand for this product has increased faster than the supply.

You didn't tell anybody I was here, did you?

Volcanoes can be active, dormant, or extinct.

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It came about in this way.

I'm going back to America.

Oskar must weigh over 300 pounds.


Naked boys were swimming in the river.

Sergiu floated down the river in a barrel.

Hurry up! You should be ready by now.

He became blind because of the accident.

Can you give Jurevis a ride back into the city?

Ariel is looking for a place to hide.

Luckily, I was able to get the tickets yesterday.

I don't think Wolfgang would make a very good boss.

Please store in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Elsa doesn't have tea.

How many stops from here?

I haven't been feeling great.

Ask Ruth and he'll tell you the same thing.


You must eat something.


You may leave your seat at will.


Rodney ran past them.

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Harvey said he slept well last night.

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Sumitro had to hurry.