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Welcome to The Pacific Safety Center!

The Pacific Safety Center is an organization of safety practitioners dedicated to helping achieve worksite safety through people.
We do this by offering:

- On-Going Safety Courses and Seminars
- Special OSH Conferences, Symposiums and Events

“Dedicated to helping achieve worksite safety through people.”

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Latest News:

August 15, 2016:
The 2016 Safety Committee Conference agenda is now set and we’re ready to share the program! 706-945-0884 to go there!

April 27, 2016:
The 2016 Western Conference on Safety is now in the history books. It was the largest ever with 900 delegates, 200 exhibitors in 80 booths, 140 post conference participants, 35 speakers, 15 staff and volunteers. All adding up to 1290 people attending and participating in Western Canada’s largest Occupational Health and Safety Conference. We are currently going over the delegate and exhibitor evaluations in great detail in order to improve next years conference, but so far the evaluations are saying this was the best Western Conference on Safety ever! Planning has already started for the 2017 Western Conference on Safety running April 3 and 4, at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver. Watch this space for more details coming this summer and fall.

April 7, 2016: Western Conference on Safety Sells Out of All Seats Except For Some Post Conference Courses.
As of today there are only a few post conference course seats left in PC-2  Supervisors Safety Training Course and PC-4 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Courses. All other courses and the main conference are now completely sold out.  If you are interested in attending either of those courses please call us at 604 233-1842 to see if they are still available. 

March 16, 2016: Western Conference on Safety Post Conference Course PC-5 Essentials of Risk Management Sells Out. 
The popular Western Conference on Safety post-conference Essentials of Risk Management Course scheduled for April 13 & 14, 2016 is now completely sold out. A waiting list has been established. Call 604 233-1842 or email registration@pacificsafetycenter.com to be put on the waiting list. 

March 14, 2016: 
WHEW! That was one heck of a busy week for the Western Conference on Safety staff. Just over 390 people registered last week alone. If you are thinking of joining the over 700 people who have already registered we suggest you do it soon as the Western Conference on Safety will probably out again in 2016.

March 11, 2016: Post Conference Joint Health & Safety Committee Course Sells Out.
The popular Western Conference on Safety post-conference Joint Health & Safety Committee Course scheduled for April 13, 2016 is now completely sold out. A waiting list has been established. Call 604 233-1842 or email registration@pacificsafetycenter.com to be put on the waiting list.

February 8, 2016: The 2016 Western Conference on Safety Print Program, Have You Got Yours?
Over 6000 copies of the 2016 conference print program were mailed out. If you haven't received yours let us know and we'll be happy to mail one out to you right now. Or you can download an electric copy by (212) 873-6932.

February 3, 2016: 
Did you know that Pacific Safety Center is sponsoring 23 full time students in the BCIT Occupational Health and Safety Diploma Program? Each one has received a complimentary full registration for the Western Conference on Safety. They are the future of our profession!

November 17, 2015:
The 2015 BC Safety Committee Conference is now over. Just under 200 people participated in the conference on Monday with another 70+ attending the post conference training courses. Based on a quick review of the delegate evaluations the conference seems to have been a complete success. Planning for the 2016 conference will start almost immediately. Watch this space for the latest updates.

November 13, 2015:
We are pleased to announce that WorkSafeBC has come on as 1 of only 2 Gold Level Sponsors of the 516-531-5481 being held April 11-12, 2016 in Vancouver BC.

Getting permission to attend a conference these days can be challenging. Here are 4 key benefits that we suggest you use to convince your boss that you should attend:

1) Demonstrates that even in challenging times On-The-Job Safety is still a top priority in your organization.
2) Workplace accidents are expensive! They not only hurt people, they damage product and process machinery. This conference will help save money by giving you the tools needed to keep your accident/injury incidents as low as possible.
3) Helps build morale by doing something positive in these tough times.
4) Attending even 1 day of the conference can satisfy WorkSafeBC’s Annual Safety Committee Training Requirement.

visitors without a web related accident.

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