I'm trying to figure out how to help you.

Maybe I gave Clay the wrong advice.

My girlfriend said that she'd kill me if I got drunk.

My toes are getting numb.


Sorry, but we're booked up.

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Can one see the difference?

They got married in Las Vegas.

Don't go near that!

Just hold me.

You're wounded.

Don't you just hate technology?

Greg isn't very smart, is he?

Where do we go now?

Emily has no regrets.


I agreed.

I've got places to go.

I was wondering if you might be able to help.


Avery is still in the house.

I just want to make it up to you.

I can't be friends with her.


Am I allowed to use this?

Annard asked for a beer.

Tomorrow, I will ask him.

All trees and shrubs must be trimmed so that their branches are no closer than one metre from a power line.

I suspect you're wrong.

They really are at loggerheads.

We have to find Glenn before it gets dark.

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Can I be of help?

I can't afford to play tennis.

He acquired some knowledge about Ben.


You can go on ahead.

Julia is a good girl.

He cannot come to the office today as he is indisposed.


They shot me.

You should tell Bill he was wrong.

What is Ken eating?


Jane kept silent for a long time.

He was completely pissed.

Jim is delusional and dangerous.


Start your health care career in less than one year.

You don't owe them anything.

It's strange that Mann didn't mention that.

I love my enemies.

The air is rarefying.

I wasn't sure that he would settle for anything less.

My home is yours.

Even though Nils begged Ssi not to go, she left with the children and went to live with her mother.

My wife works part time.

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I feel happiest when I'm running.


What did you give her?

No matter how much you try, you don't lose even a kilo. You might even gain a little weight. This is the diet plateau.

He's a southpaw.



Jamie already knows.

Listening to this song makes me want to dance.

Stephan found someone's business card in his pocket, but couldn't remember where he got it.

Traveling is a lot of fun.

Carry the bottle without breaking it.

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

Sridhar put the plan into practice.

Look what I found in our basement.

I won't come back again.

Hero worship is a dangerous thing.


Sleep well. I hope you dream about angels.

My heart bleeds for you.

Did you hear? She's going out with Marian!

Jinny is dressed in black.

Anna was nice to everyone.

Barrett wouldn't have asked you to do the job if he didn't think you could do it.

Teri called up his friend.

It takes many people to build a building.

The soil will have to be plowed before we start planting.

I'm losing it.

I've already seen to it.

I didn't want them to die.

Even the blackest cow only gives white milk.

Ji made me swear not to tell Naoto.

Heinz should do as Blair suggests.

What you said does not apply to this case.

They have plenty of water.

I might be your only friend.

"Once is like never," implied the young lady. Yet the gynecologist implied: "twins."

I'm very glad to meet you.

That's it. I've done all I can do.

John set a transcontinental speed record by flying from Los Angeles to New York in 3 hours and 23 minutes.

Nothing's happening right now.


We both hate Hillel.

Shove off! I'm busy!

Mr. Brown has a magical way with children.

He won't listen. I might as well talk to a brick wall.

Coral reefs attract a variety of beautiful marine life.

The president of the company, to whom I introduced you last Friday, wants to see you again.

This river abounds in small fish.

Norman was sick, so I stayed home to take care of him.

I'd rather not tell you how old I am.

You need a reality check.

I heard Patricio was killed.

I don't want to tell my girlfriend that.

You can come as often as you like.

When will I see you again?

Billy has no choice but to obey orders.


Almost everyone has already left.

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I sent her an email.


She picked out the best of all the jewels in the shop.

She is able to sing very well.

It seems too much to me, too.

Thierry is eating French fries out of a bag.

Let's play chess another time.

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Tell them to be careful.

You'd not have been in the rush hour if you had left home earlier.

You could've stayed in Boston.

She was very disoriented.

He was busy.

It'll take three hours to get there.

I called her on the phone.

Please come here.

Ninja went over the problem very carefully.


I'll stay right here until you get back.

I'd like to be your friend.

She was hard at work writing letters.

His name is known to everybody in this country.

The boy was not upset, even after being laughed at by his classmates.

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During a walk in the park she accidentally met her old friend.

It was just a joke. Lighten up!

I've had a runny nose for two days and I've been feeling an uncomfortable sensation in my throat.

I think it's a wild goose chase.

Polish nails are more expensive than the Chinese ones.

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Teriann might as well go.

Get to sleep.

Do you really hide your money under the mattress?

I did what I needed to do.

Please shut the door.

Let her have fun.

I have no idea what either one of you are saying.


Giving up isn't the answer.


Why are you so mean to me?

Previous episodes of mass extinctions were driven by natural disasters such as asteroids, but this one is driven by humans.

Will you have a cup of coffee?


Did you guys hear what Colin said on TV?


I have no money to buy this dictionary.

Hey, you! No running by the pool!

A happy idea came upon me.

He is by no means kind.

You've just been told.

There was complete silence.

This is serious, Gerard.

Torsten lit the candles on the cake.

Kazuhiro wants me to stop talking to Fritz.


I'm going to stay with her.

So what'll happen now?

These kids are always restless.


I welcome your input on the matter.

He was stupid enough to believe what she said.

He ruined his health by working too hard.

I'm glad you feel that way.

He walked back and forth in the room.


Many people eat sugar cookies on Christmas.

You need the light gun to play Duck Hunt.

Maybe I'm in love with Loukas.


A penny for your thoughts!

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Whilst at university, Xiaowang held the post of class monitor.

I don't really know how it happened.

I'll have it ready for you by tomorrow.

Next time you come, don't forget to give it back to me.

"Peace is evitable", said the old general.

He crossed the street.

There's a fan on the desk.


Who's the photographer?