Kay's backpack is near the door.

The physiognomy of the landscape on the tropical coast is gorgeous.

Grace helped me to clear snow away.

The overall output was tons.


Factitious interdependency.

It was an extremely stupid thing to do.

I still can't believe you're married.

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Mott is willing.

You don't understand English at all.

Ginny was so engrossed in his book that he didn't hear the front door bell.

How much did you eat?

What's Barrett carrying?


Shamim said he didn't want to work late.

Because he lied, he was punished.

Are you going to vote for him?

Sandra wants to be your friend.

You only have to be here at six tomorrow morning.

It'll happen tonight.

Did you have something you wanted to say?

May I go buy some ice cream?

You don't have to write out a clean copy of your composition.

Surcharges are not included.

I walk to the house.

I didn't play very well today.

Don't blame yourself. It's my fault.

I can't explain everything.

Is it a yes or a no?

The bassoon is a stumbling block in the english translation.

You're real heroes.

I hope we meet again someday soon.

Can you keep your mouth shut?


Many a man comes and goes.

I will finish my homework by nine.

We had no idea what we should do.

Elliot might not be happy.

Take my hand. I want to show you something.

There's a footprint.

Kerri says he doesn't know how to solve the problem.

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The hard work was worthwhile because I passed the exam.

Rather than cutting down on cigarettes, why don't you just give them up?

This is the final boarding call for Japan Airlines Flight 731.

She was happy because her dream came true.

Andries didn't want an expensive camera.


I went hiking with the group.

You're all cowards.

Those who laugh much are happier than those who laugh little.


I'm from Denmark.


Your friendship is most precious to me.


I was in a taxi driving east along the street.


"Why were you holding his hand?" "I wasn't holding his hand!"


The storm has been raging for three days.


Beverly was all alone in the house.

Do you want some more tea?

I might have an accident!

I don't have a problem with this.

We can talk for hours and it never gets dull.

I can't let you talk about your own father that way.

She selected a hat to match her new dress.

Charlie is asking for it.

The girl insisted on going shopping with her mother.

Did you enjoy yourself at the party?

He has a special regard for her.

You can see some wild rabbits in the forest.

You will be charged.

We all jumped into the water at the same time.

Do you plan to go overseas?

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We don't know how to find her.

Did you bring your family with you?

I'm sorry for your loss.

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"Lost?" - "Yes..." - "Frightened?" - "Yes." - "Confused?" - "Yes!" - "Good! Ahahahaha!"


This is worse than everything else.

I fell in love with you.

I want to buy the dress.

He will never live up to his parent's expectations.

I shouldn't have given Kathleen my phone number.

Whenever I hear this song, I think of his smile.

May I request a favour of you?


I should go pack.

The world is changing rapidly.

Adrian is on the third floor.

She controlled her tears.

This table is unusable since it is missing a leg.

That's my face right now.

Have we met somewhere before?


I'm just going to use wet wipes, since I can't actually wash my hands yet.

I asked him to leave.

Manny wants me to stay here in Boston until Monday.

People often refer to meteors as "falling" or "shooting" stars.

In pregnancy, the first three months are the most critical.

Both Magdalena and Ania are from Poland.

Something stinks here.

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She may well take pride in her talent.

Corks popping are the happiest sound of all.

We're not that desperate.

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I don't understand why she doesn't love me anymore.

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It snowed for ten consecutive days.

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Subra said he couldn't breathe.


She is one of the most generous people I know.

You are too busy in taking pictures!

Passengers became nervous when the plane began to vibrate.


He can't pick.

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Triantaphyllos told me a week ago that he was planning to go to Australia.


When would it be convenient for you?

He used to collect beetles when he was a kid.

Who do you think is the G.O.A.T. of tennis?

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Which part of the word "no" do you not understand?


Don't worry, cutting your hair doesn't hurt.

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Roxane is a busy man.

Louiqa was among the few who stayed and helped.

No person achieves success or happiness when compelled to do what he naturally dislikes to do.

You've got to be reasonable about this.

If someone were to ask, what is the point of this story, I really wouldn't know it.


He saw in her eyes that she still loved him and hope arose inside him.


Jacobson likes swimming as well.

Ann was in a hurry this morning.

The boy fanned himself with his hat.

I wonder why he was so rude.

Jerrie is a vampire.


This cell phone costs a fortune.

What is the basis for the argument?

Maybe Carol will know what to do.


Who else knows about this?

I never really cared for that.

That isn't said anymore.

I thought you loved Samuel.

That's what you told Linda, I'm pretty sure.


Neal will come soon.

I go where I want to go.

Bart carried Kris on his shoulders.


She looks well. She looks good.


She made him clean his room.

Their comments were illuminating.

Laurel said he couldn't leave without saying goodbye to Janice.

Environmentalists are opposing the Keystone XL pipeline.

Lukas isn't lazy.

Not all the houses around here were burned down in the fire.

The Comoros is called "Komori" in Shikomoro.

He is bound to pass the test.

I found the picture you were looking for.

His writing is impossible to read.

What do you do?

He was walking toward the sea.

Edmond started to go, but Edmond stopped him.

You're a good cook.

You must bear in mind what I've just said to you.

Jagath knows all about me.

Scot was afraid that the typhoon would damage his house.

Please address the chair!

I think that's what Pedro was trying to tell me.

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Though he is very learned, he lacks common sense.


Hazel'll pay.

He took an unfriendly attitude toward me.

This bracelet is more expensive than that one.


I'd never do something like that.

How long have you been in love with him?

I may not agree with what you say, but I'll listen.

It is impossible for me to answer the question.

He is anxious to please everybody.


I asked Leif about that.

We're expecting Vistlik any minute now.

I'm going to take a nap.