An individual with an annual income of more than 15 million yen is required to file his or her final tax return in March.

He edged himself into our conversation.

I'm driving myself home.

I am surer that I do not want to marry you.

I admit, at that time I was a little drunk.

I want that book.

Werner thought Anna was pretty.


Glynn has been doing pretty good.

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Sergeant certainly spends a lot of money on jewelry.

Farmers turn up the soil with plows.

Birth is much, breeding is more.

What is happening there?

You'll get another chance.


She couldn't afford it.


Every now and then, I play tennis for recreation.


I'm often told, "publish in English or perish". But, as you can see, I'm still alive.

I brought up two children alone.

He was lying down for a while.


Now, who has a question?

Josh is good at tennis, no question about it.

I go to the movies once a month.


I now know why Lynne did what he did.

And I'm sure I know what caused it.

Have you got any tickets for today?

I see no need to tell you.

We're soul mates.

Bonnie sat alone.

He is a very imaginative writer.

Water law is the field of law dealing with the ownership, control, and use of water as a resource.

I have nothing to live for.

What snacks do you have?

Look out for pickpockets.

Clark wasn't expecting to see Mikey at the party.

Do you want to say a few words?

Don't put the baby in the bag!

The dressmaker took Sundaresan's measurements.

Can I see your passport, please?

Ping hired a very good lawyer.


She wanted to have paid a visit to India.

He is always full of power.

Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward.

The situation was very tense.

A number of tourists were injured in the accident.

Johnny got leave to go home.

Donn brought Sofia back to Boston.

They sold their farm and moved to the city.

He recovered the balance of his mind.

Dana is like a father to me.

I'll deliver the box.

Don't be greedy.

They aren't afraid of death.

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He talks as if he were rich.

We're mounting it!

The moon shines in the sky.


Let's wait and see what happens.

I have no idea where to go.

Stanly can help me.

When was the last time you saw a doctor?

Why don't you start by telling us what you saw?

I could not remember your name.

He could not breathe deeply.

She will drop it this time.

Mike, is this your book?


Do you think I should tell them?


They mined iron in this town for 350 years.

It is said that Mr Jones is a good teacher.

I don't believe I've had the pleasure.

We made some squirrel-shaped cookies.

Elwood forced me to send your wife that letter.

No one can be forced to give evidence against himself in court.

You think Buddhism is something very far away.

When it comes to drugs, there's a very fine line between use and abuse.

In the case of patient death during the course of medical treatment, even if there is medical error present, it is not automatically legally considered to be an "unusual death."

It looks like Michael only wears expensive clothes.

You need not telephone me.

The post will fall vacant.

Chris got a very good grade on that difficult homework assignment.

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I'm just glad it's all over.

Roxana really likes Victoria.

Fizzy water isn't very popular in the United States.


That's a good plan.


It was painfully loud.

Everyone's went there, no?

Jisheng promised me he wouldn't tell anyone.

The milk will keep for two days.

Three died. Thirteen others were wounded.

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Have you ever heard Francois talk?

All the children were sitting in a circle on the floor.

Is there something wrong with your phone?


Please speak slowly, so I can understand you.

She cannot play the piano.

We saw a jet plane fly across the sky.


We've decided not to get married.

Go in the house.

Brandi knows something's up.

Let's get them out of here.

Children really like playing on the beach.


The people of the world hate anyone who presumes to control the whole world.


Ronni is wearing a black tie.


Clean your hands.

The light went on.

I know I can do this.


I ate a hasty lunch.

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Patrice put his wallet on top of the dresser.

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Granville is very cute, isn't she?


The gang knocked him down and robbed him of his watch.


How can I sleep?


That's not what he said.


Win has been playing sad songs all night.

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His nasty comments fueled the argument.

Everyone agreed with my decision.

Keep your hand still.


That's going to give me nightmares.

We're concerned about them.

Amarth has got a record.


I have a kid.

Please remove your shoes before entering the house.

I was talking about Panacea.

This apple is rotten.

Isn't that the truth?

"When the dead weep, they are beginning to recover," said the Crow solemnly.

It'll take Les three hours to finish what he's doing.

Constantine the Great is discussed controversively in modern historical research.

We should keep every school open and every teacher in his job.

Look for yourself.

Saiid took over in 2013.


I'm already in love with Jennifer.

I don't want to lie anymore.

Before Merton got married, she was much thinner.


Rafael is as old as my father.

Thierry will be driving through Boston on his way to visit Louise.

He recommended that I go there.

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I wonder if Roland could do a good job.

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Do we have to talk about this?

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Brender will kill anyone who gets in his way.

He had his car stolen last night.

Quit following them.

Emma doesn't know exactly how that happened.

I'll have to take you with me.

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Let's get them out of here.


I want to be sure Mohammad is happy.

Root was toying with you.

We import flour from America.

Why haven't you told Tracey yet?

My life hasn't been the same since I met Gary.


No, not how many toys, how many keys?


Should he know the fact, he would be astonished.


We have lots and lots of time.

The garden is really a sight for sore eyes.

Joubert had his camera stolen.

Chancing upon an unusually beautiful woman one table away, Julian began to visibly shake.

I don't spend too much time out in the sun.

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Rathnakumar is mentally handicapped.

Mann is very excited.

Happy the man who can pay his own way.


Dennis wasn't there.