Covered Face

Covered Face

Hi Guys & Gals! Check out my newest HD Video, Covered ‘Face’ …. Men love getting some ‘face’. Don’t ya?In this vid, I indulge BikerMan with some very sexy Covered ‘Face’. This hair over the face video is HOT! My hair starts out in a top knot bun, and when he takes out my hair clips and moves my bun to fall over my face, I KNOW what it is he wants , & boy does he get it! This video also has some very close up shots of my Covered ‘Face’. Enjoy!! Video is 1280X720 .WMV HD

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Have you ever heard of Zulu Knots? I think they may be called another name as well, but I’ve always known this style to be called Zulu knots. I saw a woman at a mall recently with her hair in this style, and I thought, hey, I could wrap my hair like that and see if I could get some waves & curls from it? I did it once when my hair was around hip length, and it had great results, and I was curious what it would do with my floor length hair …. Then I imagined what BikerMan would do with those knots while I was worshipping his cock. I let him play with them a bit, and then it was time to take them out, and see what my hair looked like. The knots gave it some volume near the crown of my head, which is great 🙂 but I didn’t see the waves and/or curls that I had envisioned. My hair is just too long & it’s weight pulls the waves and curls right out .. BikerMan also enjoyed getting his hands in my silk while I finished my worshipping and then his release on my crown.I realize this isn’t the prettiest or most flattering hairstyle, but it is unique isn’t it?Video is .WMV 1280X720 HD


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Becky explains how she got her accidental haircut when she only wanted a trim.After her ranting she pulls out the blow dryer so she can dry her long wet brunette hair. She brushes out her hair starting from the ends and working her way up to the roots.

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Hair Brushing Hottie .mp4


I need to brush my long hair out before I begin the day so it stays silky while I’m at work, before I get dressed, while I’m still in my little thong I brush my hair out along my back. 1280 x 720 .mp4 formatLONG HAIR – HAIR BRUSHING – THONG FETISH – TOPLESS – BRUNETTE


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This one has it ALL: This clip features my GORGEOUS LONG HAIR all full & fluffy! Once the bun comes down, I show all my Crowning Glory for your Long Hair pleasure! Tossing, swaying, draping, so beautiful! But I don’t stay alone for long, no no! When Mr. Lucky steps into the scene, it gets very hot! Coming up behind me, he takes my Hair & rubs it along his body, then doggy-style fucks it because it feels so good! I love using my beautiful Hair on a hard cock, so I give him a Hair loving "Reach Around" & stroke his cock so good, mmm! I then lay him down & proceed to toss my Mane along his body & face, gently and then more aggressively, whipping him with my Long Locks, oh yeah! Afterward, I wrap my gorgeous FULL Mane around his cock & stroke him gently, so hot! Love it! Fluffy silky cock stroking & worship, hair wild & draping, fucking & grinding! Close up POV action included! Hair over face HUGE "protein" cumshot finale in this fabulous long hair flick by yours truly! If you’ve EVER dreamed of having your cock worshiped by gorgeous long soft hair, getting a hairjob, cumming on my hair



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I love teasing you with my long hair. I know what you do as you watch me brushing, fliping and playing with my hair. Sit back and enjoy me teasting you and knowing what you are doing. Video in widescreen small size 426 x 240

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