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Do you know where Radek is?

Can you get this out of here?

I have often heard him speak English.

I've got plenty of time.

I want to please you.

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I called Edmund for help.

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Close the window, will you?


Sometimes you don't have to speak the same language to understand each other.

Approach! The time has come... one of us must die.

I don't like snow.

You were wrong.

These are select peaches.

I'm always suspicious when a German asks for a comma.

What is your present location?


Something in the sky caught my eye.

I'll see you in a few months.

The reader will quickly realise that my analysis is precise and that her results are reliable.

She's very worried about you.

I can loan you the book, then you can have a look at it. Maybe you will like it.

It's not your fault, it's Alison's.

I need you to look into something for me.

That'll be fine.

If you need to blame someone, blame Judy and me.

I was surprised when Bernard said he was applying for a job at our company.

This will take time.

Your French is excellent.

I think we'd all like to know what happened.


I heard you got a job.

I am sorry, I've got to go.

Oh, what the hell.

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What would cause something like that?

Drew said I didn't get it.

This isn't my bag.

Stanislaw fell in love with a pretty girl.

I think she's interested in you.

Christian is the last person to break his promise.

Our store hours are from 10 to 7.

I can't trust anyone.

I'd like a little bit of cake.


In 1879 and 1880, Anton Chekhov and Ludwig Zamenhof attended the same school and became friends.

Pass the fare.

The book is written in Spanish.

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I'm going to the pub.

Can I do anything?

You can have half of my sandwich.

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I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.


I'm not giving this up.

I don't understand these legal documents.

Knute needed something to do to keep his mind off his problems.

The towel wasn't at all useful.

We must start the impeachment process as soon as possible, if there's any hope of it succeeding.


I hadn't thought about that.

Vic has lost his car key.

I wasn't thinking.

If only I had taken your advice.

Everyone laughed except her.


There is no water in the stream.

Do you understand the guide?

My father is already more than fifty years old.

Beckie told me he'd do it.

Let Ellen know where I am.

Brooke has something we want.

Many children dressed up for the Shichigosan Festival.

Lorenzo is an activist.

Akira is good at tennis.


Ladies and gentlemen, please sit down.


I was your age when I came to Boston.

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Rafael never lost hope.

I'm a radio ham.

None of these books were very interesting.

When are you going to Addis Ababa?

Jennifer is extremely talented.

I looked you up on the internet last night.

It'll take months.


He achieved a throw of seventy meters.


I suppose Lin is still alive.

The library is open to all students.

Are you telling me that you've never had a nightmare?


Vickie is the brother of one of the victims.

You're qualified.

Earl won't be back tomorrow.

I couldn't live in Boston without you.

Grab as much as you need.

She was proud of him.

A sudden noise abstracted their attention from the game.

He devoted himself to the study of literature.

But where are the snows of olden days?

Go get yourself a cup of coffee.

It's customary for waiters and waitresses to introduce themselves using only their first names.


The army use civilians as human shield.


I'd like to talk to the hotel manager.

He knows everything about Germany.

He cleared out his desk.

Major killed three enemy soldiers.

The world began without man and it shall end without him.

She blew him a kiss.

Mr Kinoshita left his glasses behind in the office yesterday.

Dick said that Pierette had a cold.

I told you to do that.


I would like some information about museums.

Most Japanese eat rice every day.

What do you find so interesting about him?

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He rolled down his window.


Why do you suppose all this is happening to you?

I know how we can pass the time.

I'm going to marry him.

That burger was terrible!

Chuck wanted to finish by 2:30.

I want to get back to Italy.

The patriots stood up for the rights of their nation.

Life doesn't always go the way we want it to.

Where in Japan did you grow up?

We saw a strange object in the sky.

There's really no need to apologize.

The hunter shot a fox.

He is able to swim very fast.

Rodney predicted it.

Alberto did warn you.

I intend to obey those orders.

We have to stay alert.

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She's far behind in her studies.

Your car is a block away.

Come on, Claude. It'll be fun.

A man does not know what he is saying until he knows what he is not saying.

I've spent too much time working on this.


Rolf asked Peter what time she wanted him to come over.


Natraj knows how to swim.

We're ignoring her.

Did you think I wouldn't find you?

I am in no mood for joking.

I'm going to go to the movies.

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Two little squirrels, a white one and a black one, lived in a large forest.

The motion was carried by a show of hands.

We need all the facts.

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We don't need to add details to our story.

The dad treated his adoptive son cruelly.

Stagger's father is Canadian and his mother is Japanese.

He ran the train over a cliff.

Even if I don't get a high salary, I'm not willing to quit this way of making a living.


The thin man paused in the shade with his knees a little bent.


I just want Mechael to hear the truth.

It isn't him.

He got bored quickly.


How desperate can you be?


Water tries to find its own level.


I was bored and lonely.


That's right.

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He is a harsh critic.

Has something happened to him?

Kory considered moving to Boston, but decided against it.

Do you have a crush on Gerald?

I want to know what it is.

Did you finish your paper?

Maureen was killed by Sharada.

Sophie, who was hungry, ate everything that she could get her hands on.

Takao said that he likes to swim.


I stole this from them.

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No more parties.

I can't believe you would say something like that!

It stopped snowing an hour ago.

Where is Elliott working now?

Modern music boxes accept even USB flash drives now.