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Welcome to the wee corner of the interweb inhabited by The Untamed Alchemist. I’m a wild woman writer, aromatherapist, herbalist, distiller, biodynamic gardener, and formulator living in North Idaho who is passionate about nature and magic, creating and crafting, growing and cooking, folklore and storytelling, healing and wellness, mysticism and magic. 

In these pages, you’ll find articles celebrating what I call untamed alchemy. This wild and wise, natural and intentional, pure and simple process is an invitation to curiously, conscientiously, courageously, thoughtfully, and deliberately engage in the relationships we curate, stories we tell, and things we create. The posts, recipes, insights, and opinions you’ll find here represent my own active engagement with and ongoing exploration of aromatics, herbs, oils, permaculture, food, symbology, crafts, and old-world wisdom (think pickling, baking, fermenting, dying yarn, darning socks, and basketweaving).

For the time being, I am focused on my work with Angela Ehmke to complete production on the aromatherapy documentary 416-764-2923.

New posts to these pages have inevitably slowed as we work on completing the film, but I’m still making magic. I continue to sell my creations – including tools for practical magic, wearable spells, and crystal grid kits – and produce proprietary aromatic formulas for clients through my business, (705) 438-9459. I also sneak in a few in-person workshops wherein students can experience first-hand the magic of untamed alchemy through engagement with aromatics, nature, archetypes, associations, symbology, and personal mythology.

I hope you find inspiration, comfort, courage, hope, humor, and refuge here. May you be ever delighted in the joy of being here and now.

Bless and Blessed Be.

Kristina, The Untamed Alchemist

Recent Posts


Rosewood: A Call for Support

TL;DR Rosewood is a cherished essential oil under real threat from greedy traders and illegal poachers. Dr. Kelly Ablard is doing important, non-profit conservation work with indigenous people in Peru to help secure the future of Rosewood trees and the communities in their native habitat. […]



In spring I placed posts and wrapped them in webbing though you looked dead I had vain hope that protected from nibbling lips you might die most quietly with at least some peace. A single leaf On a mangled branch last summer was gratitude enough […]

Biscotti for Brighid


I’m aware biscotti aren’t exactly a traditional food for Imbolc. Also, I get that biscotti aren’t likely to be found on a list of typical items celebrating Brighid. I don’t care. I’m over here in a wee emotional funk, feeling a bit messy, moving a […]

Practical Magic for Imbolc


While many people associate Groundhog Day with superstitious weather prediction (or a timeless movie with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell), witch-y types recognize it by other more evocative and symbolic names: Candlemas, the Feast of Brigid/Brighid, the Feast of Lights, Imbolc. Situated between the Winter […]

Incense for the Longest Night


Today’s recipe is the last for this winter series–it’s also the final item I’m making and sharing to use in my 2017 Yule ritual. This is incense for the longest night, essentially an aromatic altar offering for Yule. Stick incense using essential oils can easily […]

Santa Lucia Anointing Perfume

Santa Lucia Anointing Perfume

The longest, darkest night approaches in the northern hemisphere–many of us seek warmth, comfort, light, and clarity to carry as we navigate the night. Crafted to celebrate Santa Lucia, this simple anointing perfume carries deep symbolism and bright energy. While the feast day and festivities […]



With snow accumulating and winds whipping, it’s time to add some protective lip balm to our maker’s list–we’ll need enough for stuffing stockings and some for our own pockets, zippers, and mittens. WAIT. Zippers and mittens? Yep, zippers and mittens. That’s because we make our […]

Holiday Vodka Infused with Douglas Fir Spring Tips Tea


Most years, I slide toward my winter self in an increasingly cozy cloak of introspection, meditation, and meanderings. As the world in me slows and simmers, the house begins to sparkle with Yule and Solstice decorations. Bright seasonal blessings sit on my mantle, emerge from […]

Mooning Over the New Moon – December 2017


If you follow me on social media, you already know that this witch worships most meaningfully at the New Moon. Each New Moon brings new opportunities to go deep and invites fresh intentions for deliberate engagement with my life. I’m always excited about a New […]

Yummy Vegan Elderberry Gummies

granadilla tree

In the “easy-steps-yielding-fun” category, elderberry gummies stand out. They’re a simple, easy way to get your daily dose of elderberry goodness. This recipe is simple and straightforward–especially if you have some yummy homemade elderberry syrup already made! (What? No elderberry syrup made? Start with my […]

Siberian Fir Melt & Pour Soaps

Siberian Fir Melt & Pour Soaps

  Guests always comment on the quality and aroma of our hand soaps. Both the foaming hand soaps we have at our kitchen sink or the guest soaps we have in the guest bath garner all kinds of comments. People unanimously love well-crafted aromatic soaps. […]

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Cardamom and Sweet Orange Beeswax Candles

I’m on a bit of a tear with cardamom and sweet orange essential oils. For one thing, cardamom and sweet orange essential oils smell incredible together. For another thing, I accidentally have too much of each. What to do? Indulge some aromatic beeswax candles! Honestly, […]

Yule Gløgg (aka Danish Mulled Wine)

Yule Gløgg (aka Danish Mulled Wine)

I miss my mom, y’all. Christmas is 100% my mom’s jam. You can’t arrive at her house in December without being offered some of the frikadeller (Danish meatballs), aebleskiver (Danish doughnuts), or glögg (Danish mulled wine) she always has on hand for her ongoing holiday […]


Honey Roasted Holiday Nuts

These simple, sweet, and salty honey-roasted nuts are a new tradition this year. Born of a desire to have something special to snack on whilst we languish in the living room (read: fold laundry and panic about our kitchen demolition), they surprised us with their […]

Whipped Vanilla Jasmine Shea Butter

Whipped Vanilla Jasmine Shea Butter

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of whipped Shea butter myself–if I’m going to enjoy Shea I’ll typically blend it into a cream or body butter. (The one exception: I lurve whipped Shea butter on my dry, cracked hands!) But I have a dear friend […]


Winter Blanket White Tea

It’s snuggle-up time in North Idaho–lots of cold, short days lend themselves to sipping tea under a cozy blanket on the sofa beside the fire. This particular tea recipe was born out of a desire to have a simple tea for sipping that included some […]

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Mooning Over the New Moon – December 2017

If you follow me on social media, you already know that this witch worships most meaningfully at the New Moon. Each New Moon brings new opportunities to go deep and invites fresh intentions for deliberate engagement with my life. I’m always excited about a New […]


mooning over love

Ah, lurve. Few things are more fun to elevate and celebrate with oils, herbs, and food than sweet, sweet love. Whereas many of the best parts of love are arguably intangible, love is still very much informed by our senses — especially in the physical expression […]



More often than not, when we think of Chamomile, we think of the herbal Chamomile tea used to encourage sleep. But Chamomile bears many additional therapeutic properties–and lends itself to more varied applications. Aromatherapy offers us two unique Chamomile essential oils: German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and […]

mooning over siberian fir

mooning over siberian fir

Siberian Fir (Abies siberica) is a particularly powerful essential oil from the evergreen family. While it bears the hallmark “pine-y” scent of its family, that is not the aroma that anchors it. Instead, it offers a unique woodiness and richness in its aroma. It is among […]

mooning over sage

mooning over sage

Ah, Sage. The incomparable Salvia. What Thanksgiving table would be complete without the inimitable savory flavor of this sacred herb in stuffing? Of all of the perennials in our herb garden, Sage is by far the lowest maintenance. He returns each year, bountifully, and extends […]

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