Joon's house has been completely destroyed.

He doesn't like football.


How would you like to do us a very big favor?

My leg got hurt, so I could not walk.

That candle isn't white.


I'd like some cheese.

Leslie sometimes plays tennis with Sriram.

We're ready to do that.


I've tried to reason with you.


We're lovers so we hold hands at least, right?


Pratapwant baked three dozen cookies for Heidi's party.

Computers are complicated machines.

I have a son and a daughter. He is in New York, and she is in London.

It will do for ordinary purposes.

Someone left me a message.

I've never needed it.

Food must be chewed well to be digested properly.


It is time that you got up.


I thought we had three weeks to finish this job.

I find funnel cake a bit too sweet.

Nobody can stop it.


Street racing is dangerous and stupid.


Elias lost his job recently.

Can we be overheard?

The typical elements of a foreign culture are changed into the typical elements of the local culture of translators.

Spencer gave me something I really wanted for my birthday.

The village is connected with our town by a bridge.

Why is this so familiar?

I'm thinking of embarking on a new career.


It is necessary for you to stop smoking.

Take me with you on the next trip.

They won't waste time.

Those is going to like that.

The old man looked wise.

Manolis followed me home.

I saw an interesting program that featured a child movie star who had become a dentist.

You two may leave.

That's your pride talking.

What can we do to help her?

You accused him of having stolen the bike.


Stefan is very practical, isn't he?


I'm afraid I have a crack in my right arm.

For once in my life I succeeded in getting the better of him.

Love moves the world.

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This one's old.

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Why did that happen?

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Mott is in a hurry.

He worked hard for the purpose of buying a foreign car.

How did you know that Nicholas was going to late?

She cannot control her children.

OK, I'll buy a car tomorrow!

Vilhelm says that she loves Gigi.

I brought you some lunch.

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I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.

Wake me up before you wake up.

A few serious problems remain.


Hilda grew up in a small town not far from here.

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Did you even bother to call Janos?

Andreas is busy right now and he can't help you.

We need to find out where Clayton is hiding.


I don't think this is anything you'd be interested in.

We closed the discussion.

This is a violation of the law.

Isn't Franklin beautiful?

Just a little more patience.

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He was going to school.

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What's your favorite scene from the show?

He had to share his room with his sister.

The government will tax your income.

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That just broke my heart.

I can't possibly afford to pay for all this.

Those houses are 500 years old.

I have not yet collected sufficient materials to write a book.

It's still too cold to go down to the shore.

Are you dating Clay?

I don't like Manny's voice.

Are you saying that Tarmi is a bad teacher?

I think it would be funny.

Jackye was insecure.

Kristen can learn anything.

The best way for adjusting the gap between the internal and the external price and securing economic growth is to promote the non-manufacturing industry's productivity by aggressive investing in facilities.

The US customs wanted to confiscate Australian Foreign Minister's Vegemite.


Stagger managed to control his anger.


This city's recycling rate is only 15%.


Edgar handed Ned a manila folder.

I resent the self-confident nations.

This is simple.

Let me tell you something you need to know.

My native language is Turkish.

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He was lying on the sofa, but sat up as she entered the room.

Kirk, I'm in trouble. I need you to come get me.

I can't believe you've never heard of us.


The scientific method is the best way we have for understanding the world around us.

Jisheng assigned the job to Juan.

I am truly happy for you.

Who stole my keys?

Help me print this.

The only word written on the page was the word "frog."

We all want to be desired.

Roderick promised that it wouldn't happen again.

He's always short of money.

Lorien and Kemal spent a relaxing week on a houseboat.

Does that mean something to you?

Giotto is credited with sowing the seeds of the Italian Renaissance.

I'm sure Janet wouldn't want to offend anyone.

Where can I pick up my baggage?

Yeah. That'd be great.


Isabelle still hasn't written the essay, presumably.


They told me you were the one who saved my life.

Ethan never wanted to give up, but he had no choice.

I like your village.

This new shop will open in a week.

We don't have secrets.

At least 31 people were killed when Mt. Ontake erupted.

The universe is full of secrets.

When you feel tired, there's nothing better than a bath.

That's an order that I can't give.

The only reason I got blamed was that the boss needed someone to blame.

They were very pretty.


I heard the door being opened.

It's difficult to tell those two twins apart because they look so much alike.

The food looks tasty.


My coworker really knows how to suck up to the boss.


Do you think that could ever happen again?

Why are you two always fighting?

Put on your apron.

I can hear traffic noise all night long where I live.

My children live in Beijing.


Just follow your heart.

The winner of the science prize has decided to give the prize money to charity.

I was afraid something like this would happen.


How does Sundar go to school?

Everybody knows you're more intelligent than she is.

Edward was shocked to learn that the DNA was Jose's.

I don't know where your house is.

I wish I had a chance to finish it.

Many websites prohibit misleading usernames that imply an official role on the website such as "admin," "administrator," "webmaster," "system operator," "sysop," or "moderator."

Rabin seems really out of it.

Giovanni picked up the soccer ball.

You must be feeling better.

Let them solve their own problems.

You like to talk about architecture, don't you?


No one thinks, but everyone has their opinions.

It is your responsibility to bring the class together.

The Van Horn family was in the chips.

He asked me if he could see me again.

I can't shake off my cold.

Izchak may not be able to do that.

The future scares me a lot.

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Everybody dies.

The poor little girl did nothing but sob all day.

Saiid is faithful to Marian.

Come back, OK?

The species faded away.

The same cause does not always give rise to the same effect.

I spoke from the heart.


They are likely to get seasick.

So friendship is also a requirement for happiness.

The figures are incredible.


When I regained consciousness, I was in the hospital.


Nichael didn't ask whether Jerome was planning to go or not.