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Beverly was my closest friend.

Where's your new friend?

Several paddleboarders were swept out to sea in wild weather, and had to be rescued by the coast guard.

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I undertook responsibility for him.

We're committed to doing better.

I'm pretty tall.


I worked during all my studies so now I have enough money.

I swim a lot.

Relationships involve compromise.

Don't do something you'll regret.

You shouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water.

I wouldn't call that an improvement.

Ian is a few months older than Tai.

Brandy wondered if Alex knew John had spent three years in prison.

What time does the store open?

There's a global problem of comprehension.

Someone tried to poison us.

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The didn't want me to tell you this, but he's still dating Vadim.


I forgot to tell you who would meet you at the station.


I'd love to overcome my inferiority complex.


I'm Aimee's ex.

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Cris is my hostage.

I am your mother. I am to be obeyed - not questioned.

He is from some small town in Nagano.


The monkey is climbing a tall tree.

Do not hesitate to celebrate your defeat... as long as you're the winner's guest.

Why did you ask that question?


One enemy is too much, a hundred friends is too little.

If I had done my best, I might have succeeded.

Let us handle them.


Some believe that spirituality is utterly different from religiosity.

When I confronted Roxane, he said that he had mailed the check. But later he admitted that he had spent the money elsewhere. I've had it with him.

A miracle has happened! Lindsey is completely healthy, and there's no more trace of the disease!


I will make him pay the money.

The door swung slowly on its creaking hinges.

I thought I had it all.

In our Mediterranean forest, there are lots of trees: oak, pine, willow, ash, elm, etc..

These songs remind me of the happy memories of past days.


He pestered her with questions.

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Ann seems to be ill.

His pretentiousness is irritating.

You must not let any of it remain until the morning.

He stood up and took a deep breath.

I'll be in my study.

It is remarkable that he said nothing at all.

I want to get back.

Spass has already told everyone.

His parents live in the main county town.


Bernie is trying to confuse you.

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They are talking with each other.

The joke amused the audience.

Money talks.

He is suffering from loss of memory.

She shut the child in his room until he stopped crying.

The school is within walking distance of my house.

Mozart's life was very short.

I don't know the answer.

I'm a French teacher.

Where exactly is it?

She has two sisters, who live in Kyoto.

We're all winners.

You need to show a genuine interest in the other person.

How do you do.

Were you born in Boston?


I want some candy.

We're very busy just now.

Amos was almost as young as Hans.

I think we need to go back to Boston.

Clifford had no time to study.

Chip got into the car with Phill.

Bring your wife.


We were eating pizza.


This is a tribute to all the Native Americans who died to defend their land, their people and their culture ever since Christopher Columbus set foot on their land.


Orville was talking on the phone when Brenda walked into the room.

Should I tell Kenton to ask Sofia to do that?

Where's your date tonight?


You'd better leave them alone.

You're unapproachable.

That could never happen.


It's the price we pay for love.

No matter what, I won't change my decision.

If you do not move immediately, you will be arrested.


Smoking affects our health.

He slept well last night.

Many attended his funeral.

In the play, the actor suddenly transmogrified into a monster.

I don't know if I can ever trust you again.

They all get lumped together as English texts. But in fact these books are extremely varied and wide-ranging.

Could you please give this to him?

No one knows the cause.

Is this my wine?

Check out this video I made with my friends.

I thought Liz liked riddles.

Finally she attained a position of power.

Don't go down before such a man.


Ask Anatoly how he's feeling.

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He defied me to dive off the cliff.

Sidney wondered why Sally was so mad.

I realized I still hadn't eaten anything.


Let's get a cab.

I don't like being bossed around.

I used to read every book that came my way.

You must teach it to me.

Roger Miller's "Dang Me" was a hit with country music fans and with popular music fans too. It sold millions of copies.

Tomorrow I will harvest grapes.

He is not here.

I'll be more careful next time.

You shouldn't read books that are harmful to you.

Just start walking.

Osaka is the second largest city of Japan.

I am told that he is ill in bed.

Pim had no problem with that.

He persuades you in spite of yourself.

I should be back in two to three weeks.

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I like the way Donn looks.


It's not like we made up the rules.

We picked the number at random.

We'll handle this one.


I'll go check on them.

Women shouldn't practice abortion too much.

It is difficult to express one's thoughts in English.

He's addicted to junk food.

The teacher gave a presentation on the history of France.


Renu left his parents' house this spring and has been living alone since then.

The audience was close to a thousand.

You may stay here if you like, as long as you keep quiet.

We found it in the house.

Thanks for the ideas.

He is being Nelson tonight.

We're not fortune tellers.

I neither walk nor run.

Can I use your phone?

He attended the meeting in spite of illness.

She's pure bred blue-blood you see. Unfortunately that's no sort of put-on but her natural self.

By whom was this poem written?

"Can you play the guitar?" "Yes, I can."

What do you need us for?

You worry too much about her.


Marlena needs an assistant.

I really needed Hillel there.

It isn't a prophecy.


My hens laid fewer eggs last year.

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Our calculations show that the rocket is off its course.

Everything's so cheap.

Mr. Smith had three sons who became engineers.

The act of having intercourse stimulates blood flow to the vagina and keeps it healthy.

Try to stop me.

I hope that the bus ride won't be boring.

I need to know his name.


A concerted effort is required to eradicate malaria in the country.

He will be ready.

I work as Mr. Eliot's assistant.

Sridhar canceled lunch with me today.

Andy sat quietly.

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Sleep is the greatest thief, for it steals half one's life.

Do you think you're mature?

The bison is the national mammal of the United States.

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A pair of Ronald Reagan's cowboy boots, which were valued at $20,000, sold for almost $200,000.

Pardon me, what happened with our order?

I want to be an honest person.


Chuck is fascinated by German music.

This is dangerous stuff.

Len's hearing is beginning to go.