Using blockchain technology, MarEx is building a financial ecosystem on an already solid foundation – mobile payments.

Along with mobile payments, MarEx brings its users:

  • Credit Establishment
  • Online Purchases
  • p2p Payments
  • Online or Offline use
  • POS Payments
  • Debit Card

Coming soon to iOS and Android

The MarEx platform bridges the gap between the unbanked and necessary banking and financial services, benefiting both the user and the mobile network operator.

Current Reality

  • Mobile Cash: Only good where mobile cash is accepted
  • No online purchase nor point of sale opportunities
  • No cross-currency or cross-border
  • People trade and barter “airtime” in exchange for goods and services
  • Airtime exchanges only goods if on the same network

The Future with MarEx

  • Can be used for airtime, a debit card, and other banking services
  • Additional revenue stream for Mobile Network Operators
  • Debit card opens possibilities and secure point of sale transactions
  • Peer to Peer payments
  • Online purchases

Our Vision

MarEx Technologies is more than just a cryptocurrency company with no legitimate purpose or need.

MarEx Technologies is a technology development company focused on global market exchanges and blockchain technologies built to change the lives of millions of people by bringing to them pivotal and integral services.

One immediate opportunity is bringing banking services to the unbanked in Africa; a system currently riddled with insurmountable hurdles such as cross-currency difficulties, corruption, lack of infrastructure, etc. The MarEx platform changes that reality.

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As smart phones have become more ever-present in all of Africa, the wireless infrastructure is now in place to not only bring better communication throughout the continent, but other services as well, including banking. In fact, the current infrastructure of airtime sales (brick and mortar and kiosks) across Africa will not need to change in order for users to load their MarEx account and take advantage of true banking services – including a prepaid debit card. Currently, there are a few mobile payment platforms across Africa which are available to smartphone users. These apps have done much good – including setting up the market for MarEx.


The troubles have been that these mobile payments are carrier and currency specific, transactions are only viable where accepted, and online purchases are not possible. MarEx is not creating a new market or attempting to establish a new product, but rather capitalizing on a felt market need with a product whose delivery method has already been instituted. Not only will users of the MarEx platform be excited for the economic opportunities, but the mobile network operators themselves will benefit from a new revenue stream in the form of banking and remittance transactions.

Our Path Forward

While the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency arenas are new, rapidly evolving, and largely unregulated, Marex anticipates governments around the world to begin coordinating and implementing regulation in 2018.

To this end, Marex is focused on—and only—using industry best practices and model documents; specifically, those that will be associated with the pending Marex ICO. For these reasons, Marex does not anticipate any regulatory hurdles and, moreover, anticipates being a model company for the global crypto-community.

To further ensure our stakeholders, strategic partners, and future Marex coin and platform users of our commitment to transparency, the Marex Team intends to initially take Marex Technologies public via the over-the-counter bulletin board system in the United States and, when feasible, graduate to major exchanges in the U.S. and around the world.

We're Proud to be partnered with Industry Leaders

MarEx enjoys a number of current relationships with key technical professionals, mobile network operators, and merchant providers around the world who are part of the ever-developing MarEx global network.

While MarEx is actively engaged in in Africa, Asia, and Europe, the MarEx Team welcomes inquiries from potential strategic partners focused on national and international cryptocurrency markets and exchanges. Potential strategic partners should contact MarEx

Our Leadership Team

Ilya Parkhotyuk
Co-Founder, - CEO

since 2006 has been successfully involved in trading and managing forex and futures accounts, creating algorithms for trading bots to execute and manage trades.

Rikhard Hartikainen
Co-Founder - COO

is an entrepreneur with a long background in information

Torry Webb
Chief Finacial Officer

A business development consultant with more than 20 years' executive and senior management experience, specializes in the organization and business development of startups and emerging companies

Gordon Comfort
Chief Technology Officer

is an innovative thinker and established executive with fifteen years' experience leading teams and achieving business goals. He is an expert in evaluating, creating, growing, and sustaining high performing teams.

Jamie Beck
Vice President of Technology

Jamie holds a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Ottawa, and has run his own international web development company based out of Ottawa, Canada for over 15 years.

Arjun Vijaykumar
Strategic Business Development

Brings a wealth of experience in the technology of peer-to-peer payments, micro lending, and numerous IT projects worldwide. Arjun has vast experience managing teams and in project budgeting.

Dawit Fsiha
Senior Developer, Project manager

Dawit is a magna cum laude graduate from the University of Ottawa in Electrical Engineering with a major in Wireless Communication in 2007. He has previously worked for other companies like Blackberry

Kel Legault
UI/UX Director

Kel is our front end specialist and his experience building beautiful, useful websites spans over 18 years. His work has been featured in many publications across the globe

Mohamad Swaidan
Application Developer

is an application developer, and programmer with years of experience creating and deploying scalable applications across a series of platforms.

Advisory Board

Jonatan Redvik

Sven-Erick Carlsson

Leo Hartikainen

Our Roadmap

Q1 2018

Idea Conceptualization
Establish and Announce Board of Advisors
Release White Paper
Development of MarEx app for MNO’s
Establish Partnerships with Tech and Mobile Network Operators

Q2 2018

Announce Pre-ICO sale
Development of Partnerships with Tech and Mobile Network Operators
Continued development of MarEx app for MNO’s

Q3 2018

ICO Starts
Finalize Tech and MNO Partnerships
Continuation of Tech Development
Integration with MNO platforms
Release MVP MarEx App

Q4 2018

ICO Ends
Release Beta MarEx App with Pilot MNO
Release MarEx App 1.0 with Multiple MNOs
Establish partnerships with additional MNOs

Q1 2019

Integrate with Additional MNO Platforms
Establish partnerships with additional MNOs in Various Countries