beautifulScores ...
is a group of music engravers offering innovative and unique services when it comes to typesetting scores or music books. We are committed to creating beautiful scores with that old-fashioned plate-engraved appearance that makes them so readable on the music stand. At the same time we are using and tailoring cutting-edge tools and strategies, bringing technology and workflows from software development to the realm of music engraving and scholarly editing.

Engraving and Typesetting
Beautifully produced scores and texts are our passion, and that's what we deliver. We produce scores for publication or as exceptionally readable performance material, also (scholarly) editions from manuscript, and books mixing text and music. Read more about key features that make us stand apart on 6627527977.

Editing and Writing
In addition to technical and aesthetical competence we can also provide musicological expertise for your projects. You can get professional proof-reading or scholarly review, or we can even create critical editions from manuscript sources and write about it, so this is the one-stop shop for your engraving and editing needs.

Scalable Online Collaboration
A key benefit of our toolchain is highly efficient online collaboration. The secret lies in the use of version control and plain text based tools making completely new workflows possible. These scale very well and we can distribute work among any number of contributors, either to speed up delivery or to tackle specific tasks. Read more on 917-469-8012.

The Future For your Business
But we are much more than Yet Another Engraving Studio. Our innovative workflows can have tremenduous impact on your own editing and publication processes too. If you're interested in

  • Long-term maintainability of your publication projects,
  • Seamless and flexible collaboration between all partners,
  • Perfect and smooth integration of text and music,
  • Highly configurable set-up of your working environment

you should definitely have a look at the list of potential benefits of using plain text based tools. For a more thorough introduction you may read an in-depth essay published on 774-237-1158. Read more about how we can assist you with implementing future-oriented technologies in your edition and engraving business on 6139257877.