Every Monday Mrs. Evans washed all the family's clothes in the zinc bathtub.

In opening the door, I broke the lock.

In those days, he was a student.

I'm dying to know what you think.

I think Hiroyuki was bluffing.

Sjouke told Casper to go talk to John.


The professor scolded John for skipping class.

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That's a crazy idea.

It's almost new!

I will never change my mind.

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Have you ever had a problem similar to this?


Don't let my son see this!

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In popular English a hopelessly fruitless effort is called "Shoveling shit against the tide."

I don't need an explanation.

That plane makes use of new technology.

Wendi said that he wanted to be alone and then he went upstairs to his bedroom.

Yes. And it's only a hop, skip and a jump to the nearest mall.

You've been really decent to me.

If you continue with the pointless arguments here...it'll end up as a repeat of yesterday.


Eric is Joseph's protege.

I'll get you a nice girl.

The fare is one dollar each way.

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She stayed at home by herself.

Many people, if not most, look on literary taste as an elegant accomplishment.

Dion and Ninja are good friends, but they aren't dating.

We've solved a lot of problems today.

You need a key.

Magnus is an exception.

The pitaya's common English name of "dragon fruit" reflects its vernacular name in many Asian languages.

I told you I have plans.

He is a man to be reckoned with.

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The flowers faded in the heat of the summer days.

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I returned the knife that I borrowed.

It was the only thing to do.

Our teacher called the roll at the beginning of the class.

Can Klaus join you?

Don't worry. I'll take care of that.


I knew I could trust him.

The man never told the police what his destination was.

If I am elected, I will never let such things happen in this country.

Hope we can do business again someday.

Are you going to be able to help Pablo?


It's already eleven. It's high time you were in bed.

I'm not concerned at all.

I willingly have done whate'er I could.

Look up page 50 in the textbook.

I have lost interest in studying, so I don't think there is any point in going to college.

I was so sorry to hear about your wife.

I am duly flattered by your proposal.

No one but Chris was amused.

Good luck on your test.

In mathematics he was head and shoulders above all the others.

That job was really difficult.


The neighborhood is alive with activities.

The clock does not run.

The teacher of the kindergarten told the pupils to respect, and cherish each other.

Keep early hours.

He found himself pursued by recruiters.


You're really in bad shape.

This was on Jon's desk.

Our head office is in Boston.


Do you really need a car?

What else did the thief take?

I want to tell him good night.

It's not open for debate.

Did you get in touch with them?


You deserve to know the truth.


He doesn't like fish.

Saad is not happy, either.

He was given to drinking and ruined his health.

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Life is a series of choices.

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She got her brother to walk the dog.

A Turkish soft G and a Spanish H eloped and had lots of completely silent children together.

I don't see Olson anywhere.

You're wrong about her.

Please watch Glen for a while.

People achieve more when they cooperate.

How was LA?

Can you find Jitendra for me?

He deserves punishment.

The whole thing is amazing.

Coleen won't be here until 2:30.

Did you forget anything?

She was overcome with happiness.

Poor moggy.

Much has changed in Boston since then.

They were moved.

I didn't murder anyone.

No matter how many people tell him he made a mistake, Hsuan still insists he's right.

Derrick dropped his drawing in the tub and is now trying to salvage it with a hair dryer.


You're just having a bloody midlife crisis.

I can't figure out how to solve the puzzle.

That is the way things went for a while.

Our experimental results left something to be desired.

She's kind of shy.

Similarly, the strongest reasons for stopping are usually the short-term benefits (for example, feeling healthier and more attractive).

By the way, how old is Ian, anyway?

Your hair is beautiful.

Les was trying to think of the right thing to say.

Suzan is crazy.

How many pies did you bake?

Lewis was jealous.

His car is a new model.

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Who's your favorite TV chef?

Saumya didn't give me the information I requested.

I can read between the lines.


Again and again there are challenges in our life. Some call them problems, others call them growth opportunities.

Get on the bus in turn.

She uttered a scream of terror.

He speaks Arabic.

Aimee ought to be here by now.


Ritalynne has already decided when he wants to leave.

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Gretchen spends all his time studying.

This size doesn't fit me.

We're going to need your help after all.

What is the exact time?

Nobody can beat me.


I've got a lot of questions.

This edition is limited to seven thousand copies.

It may indeed be strange, but that's the way it is.

I'm sorry, I can't help you.

The children were eager for their father's news.

All my hope is gone.

I'll be done in a second.

How is your cold?

The fire caused extensive damage.

Did you wash your hands?

Maybe Eva can solve this problem.

We're following a narrow road.

Brandi hated himself.

Rebecca told me to tell you he's fine.

Marks & Spencers is a well-known British retailer.

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Are you going to wear a costume to the party?


Tell them it's not your fault.


The meeting will start at four o'clock sharp.


I don't know how healthy it is.

Miriamne managed to make time to visit Win while he was in Boston.

Some people think that advertising is a form of brainwashing.

Tobacco was one of their major crops.

Dan was learning how to play the guitar.

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She has selective hearing.


I can't understand you.

I am not shy.

Can you give us a hand over here?

Let's clean the house.

It took me three days to read this book.

Good things come in small packages.

Pieter is being rude, isn't he?

He sat down and read the paper.

This pen has a very fine point.

Look at this picture of my grandfather's car.

If it were not for air and water, nothing could live.

Klaudia has a bald spot.

The front door stood wide open.

I don't want to go there in particular.

Americans admire Lincoln for his honesty.

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She put an advertisement for a domestic help in the paper.

Can you hurry it up?

He knows how to slaughter a sheep.

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Bruno and I got drunk together last weekend.

How's the breakfast at McDonald's?

I didn't recognize Piet the last time I saw him.

Get your filthy hands off her.

We spend too much.

Vilhelm is at the hotel now.

Do you believe in the power of love?

I don't want you to get your hopes up.

They're bad.