Can Vaughn sing?

That's optimistic of you.

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She is troubled with heart disease.

Sheila asked me to meet him here.

She imposed the work on him.

You really should stay.

Let's move along.


He had no choice but to do as he was told.

He was then a boy of ten.

He wants to bring me in on his research.

I hope it helps!

Let us help you deal with it.

I'm sure Colin would appreciate it.

They must be busy.

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There are a bunch of kids playing on the street just outside my window.

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I'll meet up with you later.


I have been typing this report since this morning, but I'm only halfway through.


You might have mistaken Jane for her sister.

Get a job!

Earle says he can't put up with this noise any longer.

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She will be missed.


No, thank you. I am just looking.

I needed some help.

I also feel more at ease when my wife is not around.

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We are faced with a very sad situation.


Are any of you hurt?


Why won't you believe me?

This is the key to the whole mystery.

Stay strong and safe. Good luck!

I stretched out my legs.

She's more powerful than you.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


His hair got thinner and thinner.

I no longer want to visit Boston.

It was cloudy all day long today.


Mara was almost right.

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Shouldn't we ask them first?

Bobbie was afraid you'd say no.

My grandfather breathed his last on that night.

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It's all the same to me whether you go or stay.

Gerard was dismissed without notice.

Tammy suggested that I change the lock on my door.

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Maybe Clem wasn't sticking with the original plan.

Knute is a fortune teller.

It is sickness to be obsessed with winning, it is sickness to be obsessed with using the martial arts, and it is sickness to be obsessed with putting forth all one has learned. It is sickness to be obsessed with offense, and it is also sickness to be obsessed with defense. It is also sickness to be obsessed with getting rid of sickness. To fix the mind obsessively on anything is considered sickness.


Oh, you're leaving tomorrow!


We're afraid we'll miss our train.

She is very clever.

It's amazing! -- an American tourist was saying: In Hungary, every "horse" is "low"!

Vijay asked Elliott a few questions that she wasn't able to answer.

I went to the store near by.

She doesn't like baseball very much.

The examination begins next Monday.

He is an excellent speaker.

Do you mind my turning on the radio?

Please send me a letter once you arrive.

I know what you meant.

Where are the other survivors?

Ric was holding a glass of whisky in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Blake is in Australia right now.

If Tatoeba is addictive, does this mean that Esperanto speakers are more addicted than speakers of other languages, and can this addiction be the basis of a new common culture?


I didn't quite make out what he said.

He makes a religion of never wasting a penny.

Nothing will be gained by getting angry.

Eugene might not be hungry yet.

I got him to clean my room.

I'll go check.

That's how he escaped being hurt in the accident.

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It's just a guess.

They gave away the ending.

What was your other choice?


Finish studying.


What an honor to be included in your profile photo!

I don't like it when you get mad.

I'd like to listen to pop music.

When you read a book you should read between the lines.

Jeannie said he had better things to do.


We wondered where you were.


I've heard that Robert is ill.

She received a parcel.

Jon called us.


Do you think that's a clue?

The supermarket didn't have what I wanted.

Our website seems to be getting more popular.

Nanda had no time to catch his breath.

Peter's mother is Lakota and her father is a Mongol.

I don't think Blake has met Ssi yet.

This is how it stands.

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He is rich enough to buy the furniture.

How long has your skin been jaundiced?

I've never done that in a car.

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We should have no trouble.

We've already published these pictures.

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty lady is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.

I would like to see Mr Terry Tate.

Did you drink in college?

My nerdy friend said it's dangerous to mix muriatic acid and bleach.

All our blood passes through our kidneys about sixty times a day.

Ron showed Max his passport.

I'd love to find out why she said so.


Mann isn't accustomed to walking barefooted.

We'll be jealous.

Tracy meant well.

Tell them to do it now.

Perhaps I should go and see Lonhyn.

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One way to lower the number of errors in the Tatoeba Corpus would be to encourage people to only translate into their native languages instead of the other way around.

I was at a loss when I lost my house key.

Ariel kept his hat on to hide his baldness.

We are soccer players.

Kaj hasn't got the sense that God gave a goose.

We went to school together.

The huge waves upset their boat.

I'm filling in for her again.

When a team makes its entrance, the captain leads the way.

I'm unmarried.

Umbrellas sell well.


I'm not saying you can't go. I'm just saying I think you shouldn't go.

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It was already late, but she left nonetheless.


They set up a fund to support the victims.

Is this your obsession?

Once you light the fuse you'll have fifteen seconds to get to safety.


No two snowflakes are exactly alike.

Woody wanted to help Annard rescue her baby.

What a joke!


He is very clever and is not proud either.

I no longer need a mother.

Can you come with me now?


All you have to do is say the word, and I'll leave.

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You can sit with me.


There is nothing in the Heavens and on the Earth that love cannot give.

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Are you still angry with Ping?

You stay with us now.

Naomi jumped into the cold water.

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The mean value of the frequency decreases with increasing amplitude.

Do you know this Polish proverb?

I can't let you leave.

Sports activities require a slender figure.

Does the room have air conditioning?


He is an abler lawyer than I expected.

I'm not sure whether I'm doing this right.

I can't keep lying to him.

Dan didn't even try to find out what was wrong.

I helped him clean the bathtub.


I am not accustomed to making speeches in public.

Just why are boys so disgusting?

You have a face of a child.

When you feel anger - just don't react.

I can't see you either.

One of the children left the door open.

How do I know you're telling me the truth?

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It's real.

Then Mike tells Hiroshi to fasten his seat belt.

Kamiya is jealous.

If there's an emergency, you must run out of the house through this exit.

I'd like to ask a favor of you.

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Let me have another look.