Dan was questioned by the police about the incident.

I am a career teacher.

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The old envy the young.

Jack asked me where to put his coat.

I don't have any family to support.


This jacket sets well.


I was speaking of you.

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I am perfectly capable of looking after myself.


Rupert will leave tomorrow.

I disagree with this completely.

The beauty of nature is precious.

Nothing's good enough for me.

He had a traffic accident.

She spoke in evasive bromides.

Are you going to have dinner here with me?

Jerrie still seems to be in love with Everett.

I don't watch TV very much.

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I wasn't permitted to see him.

You can't have understood what he said.

The house is vacant.

I wanted Andrea to be happy.

They assemble typewriters.

Recently John feels better on and off.

Here today and gone tomorrow.

Please accept my sincere apologies.

I haven't the faintest idea what you mean.

His family members are all tall.

My aunt sent me a birthday present.

Men always walk in front of women in this country.

His bread is buttered on both sides.

I lost my identity.

I had better chain up the dog so that he won't bite.

She is going to have an international marriage.

If anyone else did these things, their political career would be finished.

You are old enough to know better.

I was told you were the one who came up with the idea.

They had lit a fire fit to roast an ox.

The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.

The sentence has to be completed like this:

So I want to explain who these people are.

It's been ages since we last talked. Let's catch up this weekend over coffee.

Are you guys having problems?

What time should I go to the airport?

Don't you ever come back.

I'm moving away to Boston.

It seems hard for you to see him today.

A president's work is very interesting.

Making jewelry is a lot easier than it sounds like it would be.

Teenagers love playing video games.

Politics is dirty.


I take my hat off to you!


Denis sang pretty well.


Which one do you like most?


Well, let's not worry about it.

I think Kelly will tell you.

Yesterday, we had a blast!

Mariou and Debi are very close to each other.

Until Mariner 10, astronomers were not sure what Mercury really looked like because it is so close to the Sun.

I didn't like Albert's idea at first.

Pretty soon, there was an elevated train going back and forth just above the small village.

The snake is wriggling.

The American news is reporting that Hurricane Irene is as big as Europe, which is a bit of an exaggeration.


He joined the navy after finishing college.


Don't force the child to eat.

He seemed to know everything about me.

I'm what the world calls an idiot.

The car is on the bridge.

She is everything to him.


She can drive a car.

Bobby will not be here until half past two.

Last week she gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

She froze for a moment.

Everyone prayed.

When will you leave for Tokyo?

The police demanded that I move my car.

I want you to give me a job.

I have no fault to find with him.

It took all evening.

I know that won't happen again.

Larry wanted Kinch to speak.

He does not need a wife to look after him.

You're really pretty too.

You've chosen a good time to visit Boston.


Mariou's troubled.

I forgot that Carol used to live in Boston.

Ji was asleep when he was shot.

She was born in 1960.

Sho hasn't called the fire department yet.

Some people in the world suffer from hunger.

What have you learned, Steen?


You would do that for me?

No one can live to be two hundred years old.

People under eighteen aren't supposed to buy alcoholic drinks.

Elijah was big.

Irwin's often been on the receiving end of his mother-in-law's sharp tongue.

Leon will never forgive himself.

Damone figured it would take him a full day to finish painting the garage.


The warm punch fuming in the icy air called to mind caldrons, witches, and arcane incantations.

Svante loves animals.

It seems to work.

We're going to check it right away.

Sehyo stayed up all night reading the book Betty gave him.

I looked all over for her.

I remember singing that song long ago.

Joachim did it the same way I did.

My shoulder hurts so much, I don't know what to do.


The patient breathed his last.

Stick with it and you'll succeed.

I'm not going to school today.

Olivier completed his painting.

Your book is upside down.

Do you know what's wrong with him?

Do you want to be rich?

You're a lot like her.

The world is full of dumb people.


Do you really want to work in Boston?

The process will be messy.

Then I met your father and we moved to the town.


How long have you been living here?

He took the initiative in carrying out the plan.

I don't care about the price.

I need some mental stimulation.

He is in poor health.

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Of course, there will probably be many mistakes.

I was hoping we could get to know each other better.

I've been trying to reach you.

It's actually kind of fun.

Please change these bills into coins.


Colin pressed his pants.

It was necessary to find a guide for the trip.

We could see the ship in the distance.

Sergiu and Allen are like brother and sister.

The thief cursed the police for finding him.

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I want to vote.


Is the festival free?


She made a scene.

I think he's telling the truth.

Did he succeed in the examination?

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He's not in the top grade as a musician.

I was happy to get your call and learn that you were finally in town.

Thanks for all your help.

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They elected Mr Tanaka captain of the team.


I don't have any classical music.

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There are a lot of tall trees in the park.


The scenery carried me back to my younger days.


I love my new job.

Have you told her mother?

That'll just have to wait until next week.

Barbara's working.

Fever indicates sickness.


My balloon popped!


Pay attention to what I say.


There sure is a lot of traffic today.

Morton missed his chance.

Loren hid the money in his underwear drawer.


Just by looking at your face, I know that you have good news.

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Then a little time-wasting idea came to mind.

In Germany, there's a superstition that if you light a cigarette off a candle, a sailor will die at sea.

She's a very timid girl.

Shean became interested in snowboarding when he was about twelve.

Please obey the school rules.


That's pretty good.

Yeast makes beer ferment.

That's not how we think.