Zipcar is the world leader in providing ‘wheels when you want them’ – a revolutionary mobility service that gives members on demand access to a variety of cars, by the hour or day.

Vector Watch

We partnered with Vector, the everyday watch of the future, to develop a simple, intuitive UI that masks the device’s complexity from the user under layers of classy design.

Future Finance

We’ve been involved in the design and development process of the entire user experience ever since Future Finance was just an idea on paper back in 2013.

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First proposed campaign of advertorials for the restaurant which claims to be the first eatery in the UK where hummus is used as a base for the main course.

Hummus Bros – Facts

Second campaign of advertorials for the restaurant which claims to be the first eatery in the UK where hummus is used as a base for the main course.

Radical Company

Radical Company is a global group that inspires and transforms the way organisations and brands engage, communicate, and sell across digital platforms.

Henkel Art Awards 2010

Communication for the 2010 Annual Henkel CEE Art Prize event, inviting artists from all sorts of fields to become part of the event.


This was our second involvement with Henkel after last year’s Art Awards. This year’s theme was “2008, The Year of Contemporary Drawing”.


A search for the world’s greatest football fan, consisting of a seven-stage battle between fans representing the 32 countries, with the occasion of the 2010 World Cup.

Yahoo Branded Solutions

A division of Yahoo! that creates interactive web experiences for large clients such as SouthWest Airlines, Disney Travel, Verizon and others.


Web and desktop collaboration suite that allows enterprise level video conferencing, secure remote control and a tremendous feature set that will make your work easier.

The Age of Speed

Romtelecom is highly involved with the information technology. It owns part of the Cosmote mobile operator, ClickNet ISP, the digital satellite platform Dolce and others.

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The Romtelecom Social Responsibility Report is an inspirational overview of the incredible amount of social actions performed by the company during 2008.

Ubervu V2

Ubervu helps you follow, analyze, and connect with your customers and fans. In Michael Arrington’s words it is “organizing the discussion mess we’re in now”.


Phonotic is an Android application that allows users to better organize their photos, directly on their mobile phone and then share them with their friends.


Avalos Arquitectos were invited by the Federation of Architecture of the Mexican Republic to participate in the 2010 Biennale.


You didn’t know, but there is a solution to find out fast what almost 75 million people think about a thing that interests you. Just type it in and wait for the results.

Shelf Concept

Even if it is just in a concept stage, our shelving system has already appeared in numerous industry magazines and it has also started winning industrial design awards.

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This is our take on how the identity of a company that makes it easy for people to manage their fantasy football roosters should look like.

Urchive Logo

This is the perfect system for collection management, able to accommodate any type of artwork. It can also be used privately or in an open and sharing environment. This is the final logo solution that we made for the brand’s identity. To explain it shortly, we used a solid, serious font type to underline the…


Affiliate Summit East is a three-day affiliate marketing conference happening in New York, which includes an exhibit hall with affiliate merchants, vendors, and networks.


Farm is the largest online pharmaceutical store in Romania, where users can search, organize, and buy pharmaceutical products through online ordering systems.


Emblem is a fashion brand for the high-end market; a clothing line for DJs, different artists, people who go to expensive clubs, or people conscious about trends.


UEFA organises some of the most famous and prestigious football competitions on the European continent. It is the governing body of football in Europe.


Having a team with very good offline radio experience, Clandestino started on a new and experimental path with the aim to conquer new territories in the online world


The system where you can store, manage, view, and share your art properties, as well as a medium where you can get continuous education related to your collections.


MonVia is an investment company aiming to help people with smart ideas get their products to market and reach profitability as quickly as possible at a low cost.


Build your own track based on sound and video samples and become part of The Rompetrols, the youngest top performing team.


We were involved in building an online communication platform for MODU, the world’s first lightest modular mobile device in the world.


Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was formed by leading investors and executives, to acquire a majority stake in companies with revenues of 4 to 50 million USD.


Ubervu launched their application with the promise of helping you see the evolution and action points for your company in social media in just 5 minutes a day.

Modu / Vodafone

Advertising microsite that presents the main features of MODU on the Vodafone network, created as an online communication asset, part of the regional launch campaign.


We conceived the usability and design for the human resources management tool used by Vodafone Romania for job advertising and recruitment activities within the company.


The wristocrats editors are looking into the watch industry in order to select the best, the unique, the finest, and the most exquisite watches.

YouNoodle Podium

YouNoodle is a place to discover and support the hottest early-stage companies and university innovation. They develop decision-making technology and tools for startups.

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Of course you will forget to take your umbrella with you today and you’ll get wet. This simple app simplifies your life by sending you alerts when it’s about to rain.


Veolia Water is the world’s leading operator in water services, providing water and wastewater services for public authorities and industrial companies.

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Inigral specializes in bringing the social web to education. It primary builds on the Facebook platform and it is privately-held, funded by the Founders Fund.


A place where you can store and share your collection items, as well as a good place where you can talk to people with the same interests or find hidden collectible gems.


Okapi built from scratch the Sunnyday brand by associating the nice T-shirts with the sunny days when people wear them.


If we ever have a band, we’ll sure be able to do some cool posters for our concerts. Crize fans seemed to love what we created for their favorite band.

UFN Website

The Ultimate Football Network is a social media platform for football where you can find news or manage fantasy football roosters.