New for 2013 – Vintage Reproduction Barbie Christmas Ornaments


I was disappointed to learn last year, that 2012 would be the last year that the reproduction Vintage Barbie Ornaments would be produced by Hallmark.  I figured that the contract ran out and  some other manufacturer would certainly continue the series for Mattel.  Although I have not seen these in person, I am very disappointed in the images I have seen on the web.  The detail, especially the faces, vintage and newer are awful.  The Hallmark faces were exact, very detailed and the quality was great.  Needless to say, unless these are very much improved by the time they reach the store shelves, I will not be purchasing any of these.  The vintage number 1 and Sophisticated Lady were already done by Hallmark anyway, thank goodness!


2013 Ornaments


The Wedding Season

It’s that time of year….when everything blooms and turns into beautiful shades of green.  Thoughts of no school on the horizon, upcoming summer vacations, new beginnings, and of course Weddings!

I love hearing about and seeing the variety of new and personal touches that couples are incorporating into their special day, ceremony, activities and/or receptions. Here’s a few that have stood out to me more recently.

The subtle but very unexpected hint of the Bride’s personal style, like the bright red sequined pumps with the sophisticated wedding gown. Revealed for the first time when kneeling for prayer during the ceremony.

The sweet gesture to observe a loved one’s absence. It may only be recognized to those that are very close.  Maybe it’s a favorite flower, poem or quote of the loved one woven into the service.

The truly unique ways that show the couple’s particular style or interests.  Wild flowers and photos set in vintage fishing creels and tackle boxes.  The rehearsal dinner menu includes picnic fare and the entry is lined with fly fishing rods arched over the doorway. Last but not least, even a trout boat filled with ice to hold the cold beverages or seafood bar.

Then there’s the popular down-right fun ways that couples might choreograph their entrance or first dance at the reception. It’s almost expected nowadays. Word to the wise, a professional should be hired and practice, practice, practice.

I especially enjoy the surprise exits for a sweet end to the evening. Whether it’s showering the couple with confetti, flower pedals or sparklers, the mode of transportation can make a statement for sure. The couple leaving on a motorcycle, in a horse drawn carriage or vintage sports car can all be tastefully done.

I can’t go without mentioning the trend of including an old fashioned photo booth.  Provide the guest with a few fun props and watch the fun!  What great mementos the photos will be of the occasion for both the couple and each guest.

All of the thoughtful details not only create the beautiful backdrop to the special day, they set the tone and add to the enjoyment of the guest. Family and friends will remember those unique details fondly. Their involvement will mean so much more to them and the happy couple.  So if you are planning one for the future or attending a wedding this year, above all, enjoy the day, pay attention to the details and be in the moment!

Here’s to all those happy couples that were wed or will be during the warm and hot seasons of 2013!











A Barbie & Ken Halloween

                                                     Halloween Party 2010

It was actually the very first Halloween Party that we had ever hosted ourselves.  It all started when I saw a Ken costume on the internet that consisted of a light blue tuxedo jacket, a white ruffle bib for the shirt including an attached bow tie, a paper “genuine Ken by Mattel” wrist tag and a cummerbund.  The best piece of the costume was the bright yellow rubber Ken hair wig.  It was too good to pass up.  I could do a vintage Barbie outfit for myself, no problem.

When the Ken outfit arrived, as I suspected was inexpensively made.  I upgraded it a bit by replacing the plastic buttons with black satin ones and corrected the pocket square so it looks like a real one and not a tiny piece of fabric.  My husband wore his own tuxedo shirt, pants, bow tie and cummerbund and it looked pretty good.

The blue and green prom dress that debuted in 1963 was the perfect compliment to Ken’s blue tux.  I took my Midge’s dress with me to purchase the fabric needed and found the perfect shades of satin and tulle.  I changed a similar pattern a bit and I had it.  Large pearl necklace from a  vintage shop and a pair of $7.00 dollar mules from the discount shoe store were next.  The shoes were yellow patent and easy to cover with leftover green satin.  An old pair of big pearl earrings from the 80’s quickly became the shoe embellishments just like ones that came with the gown. I already had the gold diamond pattern clutch purse that was offered on the Barbie Collectors site. The wrist Tags were the finishing touch.   Now the Barbie mannequin has another outfit too.

Everyone had a great time and there were so many really good costumes!  Check out a few of the photos.

713-225-5052Pure fiction, book jacket….a great friend (a.k.a. Dr. E. Scissorhands) not only photographed the party but put together a fabulous book for us!  Total surprise and we love it!



A Barbie Christmas

For those of you Barbie fans that collect the Hallmark Barbie Ornaments, sad news if you haven’t already heard:  This is the last year that Hallmark will be doing the ornaments per the Manager of my local Hallmark store.  The contract is up and not renewed.  I hope this just means that Mattel will produce some in the future or at least something is in the works.  However the aluminum tree I use is exclusively for Barbie is really quite full.  I do hope there will be something produced next year.


I have most all of the Barbie Hallmark ornaments, as I collect mostly vintage and vintage reproduction Barbie, the same goes for the ornaments.  I have some photo ornaments that I stumbled across in a home improvement store back in the 90’s. They are images of Vintage Barbie & friends, some in Christmas settings covering ball ornaments AKA decoupaged.  Some are nicer than others.  I have two Christoper Radko glass ornaments that I purchased at FAO Shwatz.  One is a pink stocking with Barbie gifts spilling out and the other a bright pink Barbie signature heart.  Check out the photos.  See any that haven’t seen before?


Most exciting, for me anyway will be some assorted Barbie Christmas cards.  Coming soon!