What's the minimum salary in Congo?

When Dad finds out what you've done, he's going to hit the roof.

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My heart was beating faster and faster.

Vernon reminds me of his father.

I think Emily understands all that.


Samir wanted to fix that.


We work for them.

What doesn't Norm know?

The floor sagged under the heavy weight.


Would you like to get some air?

I see your house.

There is another tunnel up there.

We would often sit up all night discussing politics.

That's the stupidest thing I've ever said.

Please refer to the owner's manual for more details.

Steen has as many cats as I do.

He talks well.

Moe is still a student.

He was looking for something in the dark.

I wasn't ignoring you.

Bigamy is having one wife too many.

Give her the disk.

She transferred the picture in the book to her notebook.

At least, not that one. You see, I give the lecture.

Pitawas is kind of crazy that way.

How many times are you going to make me say it? Do you know how many times I've tried to wake you up?

Do you want some coffee or something?

We'll take real good care of you.

What's the title of that book?

It's not anybody's fault.

Grab the shovels, boys.

He would accept no compromise.


She held her head up bravely.


Marla is just like his father.

He has a good sense of feeling.

Hey, does anyone have any gum?

Her one wish was to return and see her only daughter one last time.

Can you excuse me for a minute?


Henry is waiting for someone.

Football is a simple game. 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes, and at the end the Germans always win.

When was the last time you heard Laurent talking about Klaudia?

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I hate this carpet.

Russia, the European Union and the U.S. are accusing each other of interference in Ukraine's domestic affairs.

I could be in my office all day.

Merat isn't Moe's woman.

We can't just give up on him.


Don't talk to us.


He boasted of having passed the entrance exam.


He was cheered by the good news.

The international code for calling Italy is 39.

Griff found a good job.

They deceived us.

Sanand doesn't speak French, does he?

Rolf is totally nuts.

Moran received numerous threats.

Mozart cultivated many musical genres.

She was wearing a new hat.


I missed the last train last Friday.

Compare the two carefully, and you will see the difference.

Could you talk to Carolyn?

Even today the temperature is below zero.

It rained so hard that we decided to visit him some other time.

Malus went to the library.

You're nervous, aren't you?


I want to give Jong something useful for his birthday.


Shane did his best to explain what needed to be done.

It was really scary.

I just thought I'd check and see.

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Billy is having trouble sleeping.

There is a little chill in the air.

When was the last time you left work early?


Honestly, there's nothing to worry about.


Japanese culture and people are really unique.


I thought it'd be too much.

You're destined for something else.

Where is he going to settle down?

It's bound to rain.

It hasn't happened yet.

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How can a duplicate sentence be removed?

In the recent years, the reputation of serving as a soldier has steadily been lowered.

I read on my smartphone, because it fits in my pocket, while books don't.


How often do trains run?

It is ideal for those who want to lead a healthy life.

I live in New York.


All of a sudden, he spoke out.

Machinery dispenses with much labor.

Brilliant butterflies flew hither and thither.

I've always been proud of Lorien.

Please be certain to answer the phone.


Samir splashed cold water on his face.


I told you to make the deal.

It turned out that my memory was largely correct.

Vincenzo wanted to avoid Shyam.


I think that Jun is truly decent.

Call me Spass.

I tell it like it is.


Lucius took the kids to the school.

He's a DJ.

Donnie pulled some bills from his wallet.

They were scared.

They objected to the new rules.


It would be wonderful if I didn't have to deal with this issue!

Liber can't back out now.

Just give me a chance get my hands on Christie.

Takao told me he likes going to concerts.

Glenn took the bracelet off her wrist.

I'm glad I'm not a dog.

We're not going ashore.

The rule of the road must be strictly observed.

Sorry, but I have to work tonight.

Please drop in on your way home.

Chris did that earlier this week.

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The main character dies at the end of the book.

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Why did you tell me first?


The ship sailed along the coast.

I believe in the immortality of the soul.

The train is here.


That action convinced the prison warden that Arnold was a threat to the rest of the prisoners.


While reading a book, I fell asleep.

They're in my office.

We're running out of time.

The prince made it known all over the land that he would marry the poor girl.

We couldn't stay together.

Tracy couldn't get to sleep.

It will be fine tomorrow, too.


If you do not know his language, you will never understand a foreigner's silence.

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How long's it been?

Izchak could've answered all those questions.

What does Jesper need?

It will be also interesting.

Could you lend me some money?


You don't need to make a decision right now.


I paid Bob one hundred dollars.


Alex is good at cards.


Marek seemed to think we didn't like him.

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Justin goes to the local gym to work out.


This really helped.

Ned put the magnifying glass down.

I have been down with a cold.

For the life of me, I couldn't remember his name.

How long has Luis had a Volkswagen?

We take great pleasure in meeting all of you this evening.

The wolf peered around the corner before slipping silently into the woods.

He broke one of the bones in his leg.

Julia was obviously dying to know.

The plate slipped from her hand and crashed to the floor.

Only slackers fail if and only if the only unfair professors are on sabbatical.

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She will remain a bachelorette, if she keeps waiting for her Prince Charming.

It is not clear what the writer is trying to say.

He's too busy.

Perhaps I should remain here with Kenneth.

Lynnette had difficulty learning French.


Of course, I have to tell Syun.

Stop acting like a baby.

It works the same way in every country. Well, almost.

Watch your fingers!

I'm beside myself with joy.

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The marshmallow caught on fire.