I think you like him.


He spoke with his mouth full at table.

Joshua is a gourmet cook.

The city was destroyed in the war.


I like to conjugate difficult verbs.

I really hate you.

They had been without supplies for almost a month.

Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience.

He looks just like a skeleton.


"Love has never killed anyone." "Really? Ask Romeo and Juliet."

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A child could not have understood the situation.

Their work seems good to me.

I can't find my luggage.

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We talked about boys.


Thanks to the development of aircraft, the world has become much smaller.


Fortune comes in by a merry gate.

I don't want to believe that.

An uncle of mine on my father's side is a doctor.

I don't know the reason why she isn't coming.

Explorers looked for shortcuts in space-time to meander serendipitously through the universe.


You should be talking to her.


I wish I could speak French half as well as you.

There's no other way in.

Bite the bullet.

Kill it with fire!

I've decided to stop wearing underwear.

She is resting now.

What's Boston really like?

Thierry said he didn't like the concert at all.

My uncle has a deep interest in art.

Raul doesn't know when to shut up.

I think it is worthwhile to see this film twice.

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He blew his nose in a handkerchief.

I was surprised when Dani said he was planning to go to Boston.

I'm still your prisoner, aren't I?

I love her anyway.

The elections for the European parliament were held today.

I saw her with him.

The plane took off just now.

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Duke is shooting with a machine-gun.

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The dog barked all night long, but nobody cared.

Nobody studied my country.

Po's my friend.

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My index finger was suddenly itchy.

I'm not sure you'll have the time.

Politics didn't interest him.

I have a friend who knows her.

Vidhyanath has been behaving a little strange.

I thought we could eat out on the patio.

Kieran called Daren from the airport.

Sal said he had something to take care of.

She has suffered his ill treatment of her in silence for years.


Can't I go and look for them?

The girl cherishes a doll given by her aunt.

Celeste tidied up his room.


He went by me without a single word.

What do you think about Tatoeba?

Do you remember them?

I know you'd prefer a bottle of red wine.

Human beings differ from other animals in that they can speak and laugh.

Don't overreact to the bad news -- take it easy.

Let's talk about Anne and what he's done.

I'm having a nice time.

We didn't find anything unusual.

As a similar feature it is noted that students engaged in fund-raising activities rarely contribute money they have earned themselves.

Ami said that he never expected that to happen.


The police informed us of the accident.


In any case, I'll have to go there tomorrow.

What did you tell Ram?

I'm just tired.

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I don't think we ought to doing this.


Send us a message.

Oh my God, Ragnar talked to me today!

It is me who is paying.


I'll be waiting for you at 2:30 in front of the school.

I thought you were rude.

What a tall mountain!

I'm glad things went our way.

I asked him not to bother me.

Did you hear what Olof said?

Yumi plays tennis on Sunday.


His hands were blue because of the cold.


I thought you wanted to go to the party with Kristin.

You'll feel better tomorrow, I promise.

He owns a yellow sports car.


Don't forget to say thank you.


I've forgotten Oskar completely.


Oskar spilled some red wine on his white shirt.

I didn't know you two were friends.

As many men as came were caught.

They called off their engagement.

He weighs around 300 pounds.

It is sad to stay at home.

If he had been free, he would have gone fishing.

I'm trying to practice.

Who does she think she is?

I've decided to quit working here.

I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me.

Hank said you were coming by.

Miles has a son your age.

Since Earnie arrived at Guantanamo Bay he has been exposed to different forms of torture: sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, extreme temperatures, prolonged isolation, lack of sunlight and limited health care.

It is an act of treason to sell military secrets to your country's enemies.

Take your coat off and make yourself at home.

Write two expressions that are followed by either count or non-count nouns in conversation.


I thought you'd want Hugh to stay with you for a while.


Rajesh took a lot of pictures when he was a teenager.

The water supply was turned off.

By seven o'clock in the evening, the streets are deserted in this town.

Do you have friends on Tatoeba?

Slartibartfast is a medical student.

While long-term credit banks are authorized by law to issue bonds to raise fund, they are not allowed to take deposits the way ordinary banks are.

The children understand everything.

You have some food in your teeth.

It would be an unacceptable conflict of interest for you to represent

Let's not worry about that until we have to.

They drink coke.

She cherishes the hope that he will return.

I shared a room with him.


I've enjoyed myself here.


I have to admit I'm curious.

They claim that all their products are environmentally friendly.

That's how we first met.

I'd like to rent a car.

You have nothing to be ashamed of.

He's got wood.

He made the best use of the time left.

She gave all her time to the study.

We're a little different.


In space, no one can hear you scream.

I took a walk with my dog.

Jacques translated the letter into French for me.


The statement was not timely.


I've got plenty to do.

Why are Chinese tourists so rude?

Can you see that over there?

You must be hungry.

She is the Prime Minister of Finland.

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I quarrelled with my older brother yesterday.

Did Sassan actually say that to you?

I didn't receive your letter until today.

One of us will have to go.

Rodney rented an apartment near his mother's.

The laws of a land embody the spirit of its people.

Tommy slept for more than three hours.


Today, we received your invitation to the exhibition with pleasure.

The sun reigns in the center of all.

What shoes fit well?

They fixed the sign to the wall.

He has become a memory.

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Valeria is fast asleep in bed.

I was so wrong when I told you that.

Things got scary.

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There's no smoke without fire.

The baby was soiled bib.

"If it's bitter, I don't want it." "Drink it!" "I don't like anything bitter."

I drink to relax.

She shivered at the sight.

Do you want to come with me to this concert?

Let's take a break for coffee.

She stabbed him in the back.

She would not change her mind.

There isn't an orange on the table.

It'd be awesome if there was a Japanese edition.