Lorien's luck eventually changed.

We are going downtown to eat pizza.


I'll give it to Aimee tomorrow.

The epidemic spread worldwide.

Casey is an architect specialized in experimental designs.

Maria usually goes to school on bike.

In times like this, we should all pull together.

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Nothing happened to him.

You probably eat genetically modified fruits and vegetables all the time without knowing it.

Don't ask me for money.

The doctors didn't expect my sister to recover as well as she did.

Do you have much snow here?

This coffee is too strong for me.

He played tennis all day long.


Eliot isn't Al's cousin.

You didn't tell Srinivasan about us, did you?

He sentenced Brown to be hanged.


There are many good restaurants in Boston.

We took part in the contest.

Can I check in now?

I still have a lot of pages to read.

I can't understand them.

Coming back was a bad choice.

They all look alike.

We found out a secret door behind the curtain.

I assume that Jacob will be late again.

They are going to emigrate to the United States.

Guess what I've got.


The Super Nintendo's graphics are amazing. They're so much better than those of the original Nintendo.


He drew some vertical lines on the paper.

You have a spider on the ceiling!

It has been two months since my arrival in Tokyo.

I can barely stand his behavior.

Laurie's family is here.

He is a natural leader who likes to work with groups of different and renewing partners.

This thing is never heard neither recent time nor in history

During the war, factories ran around the clock.

Many Americans welcomed the plan.

"Daddy, why is the sky blue?" "Well, it just is."

You jumped high enough to touch this branch.

We can't see it.

Did you have a band?

When foreign citizens land in Japan, they must apply for landing permission at the air or seaports where they arrive.

He has got as many as fifty novels written in English.

I'm going to take care of you.

I'm in the habit of sleeping late on Sundays.

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What can we do to stop her?

Something is wrong with our electric heater.

The audience was deeply affected.

I like his music.

Why did you come home late?

Did Bernard pay, too?

Both Harris and Ramanan were rescued.

She is, so to speak, a walking dictionary.

Is there always a Chinese person next to you helping you type?!

You're perfectly safe.

While I was talking on the telephone with John, the operator cut in.


Don't be afraid to ask for help.

He shook hands with the girl.

The cat is hiding it's claws.


I laughed at his joke.

Apples are usually green, yellow, or red.

The road follows the river.

Her father's constant disappearances made her distrustful around men.

He tried to brave it out while held as a hostage.

Root liked to play chess.

I might be willing to do that for you.


I don't have any friends.

The army sent soldiers to remove the miners.

Kenn asked me out this weekend.

Sheila might not make it in time.

Didn't you wear that yesterday?


I wasn't raised like that.


How long is it since you came to Japan?

I'm tired and I want to go to bed.

I've got some bad news to tell you.

Pierre has a short temper.

She uses Botox.

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You're just afraid of Buddhism. That reason is why you call me a "Jew." It's from fear.

I'm only a customer.

The cat is drinking.

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While Bob was looking through the window, a shooting star fell from the sky.


It is possible that I have forgotten my keys.

This is the kind of work that requires a high level of concentration.

Eating and drinking too much make doctors rich.


I want to become an astronaut.

I like fish sticks.

I'm older than he is.


I've been very busy since I returned from abroad.

Bret actually held the door open for Cathrin.

You'd better sit down, Terrance.

What do you call this insect in English?

I've never seen this before.

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It was a warm, friendly meeting.

How dare you speak to me like that!

It's noisy next door.

Kiyiv is the mother of Ruthenian cities.

What you said convinced me.

I miss you when you're not here.

Everyone's reading.


Can I go horseback riding next Sunday?

It's the song I prefer.

We talked our time away.


This fish is big.

How many sentences can I add in 16 minutes, I wonder... Let's try and see!

If you have a complaint, why don't you tell Vistlik directly?


Ram, your fly's open.

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There was something simmering between her and her mother-in-law.

First, I don't have any money. Second, I don't have the time.

There's a very strong wind blowing.

It doesn't make much sense.

Mick is watching TV now.

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Suddenly, I saw a beautiful bird.


You're German, right?


The space ship will get to the moon soon.

Someone broke the lock and stole my bike.

Greg loves trains.

Please tell me who you are.

His uncle will undertake the responsibility for him.

Eric who was a weak prince issued a bad coinage which excited great discontent among the Danes.

I never got to talk to him.


The world is a big place.


Ken and Carol both want to say something.

It isn't mine.

There are worse things than being alone.

She tried to hide her anger.

I haven't been completely honest with you.

You might like this.

I've lived in China for six months.


Dan tried to use psychological warfare techniques to control some members of the group.


She is a friend of the poor.

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I'm totally over him.


We won't get to you until tomorrow.

Did they say anything?

Earnie pulled off his shirt.

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From the look of the sky, it may rain in the afternoon.

They're not freaks.

Spanish is easy.

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I should not have said that.

Melanie is busy right now.

I cannot go. For one thing I have no money.


If I had the money, I'd go on a trip around the world.

The king's realm was terrorized by a dragon.

I like to water the garden.

Don't remember anything?

She appeared to have forgotten my name.

That doesn't work, does it?

I suppose we're a little too indulgent to the dog.

I don't know where Jenine used to live.

He's just a dreamer.


Ernie is Lisa's boyfriend's father's cousin.

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I recognized his face.

The women have umbrellas.

Have you already signed the contract?

Do you really need to print this?

We can make it.

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Christian wrote Annie a love letter, but he did not send it.


The knife belongs to the gardener.


This is my business address.

Although no one admits it, Paula is a great cook.

What's your favorite breed of dog?