The sign warns you that the police will tow your car away if you park here.

I told Elijah not to tell anyone.

I've always wanted to see London.

I had some calls to make, too.

Cris asked me to go with him.

Pascal didn't do what he was supposed to do.

Well done!

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We can't make up our mind.

How do you like your new place?

I told him, but he didn't pay attention.

The Government are considering tax cuts.

I thought you were dating Vladislav.

The income tax rate increases in proportion to the salary increase.

You're starting to sound like your father.

I got this job with my teacher's help.

We like Chinese food.


What time did Ralf say his party was going to start?

See to it that this letter is posted without fail.

This is infuriating.

Bush respects human rights.

Sharon went to Boston at the end of October.

What did you say yesterday?

He made good what he had promised to do.

That's how I feel right now.

He's a high school student.

I can't help you if I don't know where you are.

How many legs does a centipede have?

You're acting funny.

Franklin is grieving.


Why did you punch him?

You always try to get what you want.

The date has been appointed but the place has not.

Do you want this or not?

It wouldn't be fair to Lila.

We should try to make the conquest of peace.

He will go to the meeting instead of me.


Starbucks is the best place to buy coffee.

Giraffes and ants are distant cousins.

He's just an amateur.

The streets are laid out quite well.

This nude poster appeals visually to the young.

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Bill didn't have the decency to admit that he was wrong.

He is no more than a dreamer.

We have decided to adopt your idea.


The president urged employees to act on their initiative.


Lucius is waiting outside.

I knew him personally.

Could you please have Jelske call me?

Lukas is a little disoriented.

He is often taken for a student because he looks so young.

If I had ten eyes, I could read five books at the same time.

I have to take the test again.

Kenn went back to his writing.

I don't expect anything from Leon.

It was this skirt that Denis bought yesterday.

Get her away from me.

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You're a terrific guy, Teri.

He has twice as many books as I do.

Have you heard from Andy yet?

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The guitarist threw himself into the crowd.

He will be sleeping when you get to his house.

If I could only find the right words, I would tell her how I feel.

He believes that the moon landings never happened.

The new department store will be opened next month.

What have we gotten into?

Was your name on the list of names I gave you before?

Please use your headsets.

That is why so many students are absent today.


I thought we already did that.


That is his house.


I waved my hand to them.

Stand on the scales.

It looks like Dimitry was able to get what he wanted.

What number should I call in case of an emergency?

Their efforts to curtail spending didn't quite succeed.

Pratt has an older sister, Kitty, and two younger sisters, but I don't remember their names.

I don't know whether I have time or not.


I'd like to have a word with you about what happened yesterday.

I have to sell a lot of my things so I can pay all my bills.

Do you remember where you left your umbrella?

Men, as well as women, are much oftener led by their hearts than by their understandings.

I will leave it to your judgement.

The meat is not well enough cooked.

John had a violent quarrel with his wife.


Toerless doesn't have many clothes. That's why you always see him wearing the same thing.

After the concert, the crowd made for the nearest door.

I do feel on the mend.

We're about to leave here.

You can always tell what any individual wants most by what he does.

I don't expect any complications.

What are the best restaurants where we could eat at for as cheaply as possible?

I'd rather tell Dave in person.

She did not want to admit it.

This is the restaurant where she worked.

We took up that problem at the last meeting.

I'm trying to help them.

Ken has never been to New York.

Lum doesn't know that I have a cat.

I'll open the curtain for you to look out.


Monday was a horrible day.

Thanks to your help, I was successful.

Did anybody get hurt?

Erick looks relaxed and rested.

No one can control him.


Maybe they know something.

I learned Spanish from scratch at university.

May I ask your name?

I don't want meat.

I know you think highly of Oliver.

What kind of woman do you think I am?

Do you know for sure that was Panos?

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I never had a chance, did I?

I want to greet him, too.

Rusty did it last year.

Shawn is pacing back and forth.

Ed made his parents happy.

I don't play any instrument.

I know your first name.

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Yekaterinburg used to be named Sverdlovsk, after the communist revolutionary, Yakov Sverdlov. The oblast that it is in is still called "Sverdlovsk Oblast".


There are no witnesses of the accident.

They asked for our advice.

Kate is the smartest student in our class.

You can use my phone.

Giant snails have invaded Florida.

What did you answer?

They carried out the project.

The new industry brought about changes in our life.

I would also take a lot of money.

I must do something.

Draw a line on your paper.


Tuna bumped into Sumitro because he wasn't looking where he was going.

Life seems to have been a constant struggle for her ever since she left home.

Adrian doesn't want them there.

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I am Chinese.

The drug smuggler was arrested at the airport.

Mix Page a drink.

She felt her heart beating fast.

I can't explain those disappearances, but it wasn't me.

Happy birthday, Shatter!

You're helpful.


Give Norm what he wants.

Have you ever tried using it?

When did you two meet?

Shane wanted to wear his new shoes.

You will lose weight.

I'd decided to throw that away.

But the farmer smiled at him.


Don't throw anything onto the floor.

Can you ask him to come in?

I don't want to drink anything cold.

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The Ganges is considered holy by the Hindus.


I'll have them help you.

Experience without learning is better than learning without experience.

You can call me this afternoon if you want.

Just leave them there.

The fish aren't biting today.

My boss headed me off today and struck up an uncomfortable conversation.

Nobody talks about me.

Do you mind if I don't do this?

Curtis just got her hair done.

I'm not at all interested in physics.

Malloy did the work on his own.


Let the tea sit a while before you drink it.

I drew back the curtain.

You can't watch the game.

Stop. It's not funny.

I have a lot of friends I can discuss things with.

Why is Samuel blaming us?

They can operate a crane.


The movie we watched last night was in black and white.


Where is my ball?