I'm not your teacher.

I've studied you.


His wife was nowhere in evidence.

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He is such a lazy fellow.


Elijah seems biased.

My younger sister is very good at singing.

Let's take a look.

Be careful. It's spicy.

Send him up.

New plants grow in the garden in spring.

I have seen little of him lately.


Is this good material?

I'll call again later.

He died by the roadside.

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We're tidy.


The farmers were scattering seed on the fields.

All of them remained silent.

If the universe is full of stars, why doesn't their light continually light up the entire sky?

The travel company furnished us with all the details of the tour.

I go to school every morning.

I've become friends with Loukas.

Do you think they'll be offended?


Justice is to judge men on their own merits, not according to their names or their ideas.


There is big oversight in that plan.

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I want to think about it.

Gregory asked me to lend him some money.

Wendy became a sailor.

Just ignore him.

I got his album yesterday.

It's going to be hard.

He that is discontented in one place will seldom be content in another.

These are yellow flowers.

Nothing was working.

Larry can survive this.

My grandfather is a bit hard of hearing.

I got such a terrible cold because of all the wind that the buildings cause.

A fund was launched to set up a monument in memory of the dead man.


Stanley is a remarkable girl.


I need to be alone for a while.

Israel made a phone call.

There were still no visual signs of spring.

Amigo is going to be so surprised.

You shouldn't even try making sense of it.

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You don't need to leave immediately.

We'll do it when we have time.

You can't break the appointment.


Somebody killed Pratapwant today.


The company will advertise its new product on television.


However fast you run, you won't be in time.

New Zealand is pretty incredible.

Your proposal is timely.

According to the tradition, Homer was blind.

Panacea volunteers.


Rolf has cut himself off from all his companions and lives, self-absorbed, in a fantasy world populated by imaginary friends.


The rain kept the fire from spreading.


I think you've been very brave.

Please leave right away.

The flowers give off a strong odor.


I want to be independent of my parents when I enter college.


In the digital age, handwriting is slowly becoming a lost art.

I'm happy to have been able to meet you.

All your diseases have completely passed me by.

Listen carefully and do exactly what I tell you.

It's hard to believe Saumya would do what you said he did.

Elliott thought Greg knew how to program in Python, JavaScript and Perl.

The plane turned sharply to the right just before it crashed.

Never choose a vocation just because the hours are short.

He chuckled.

I'm not in love with you.

Bill translated the contract into French.


I connect to the Internet almost every day.


She stopped studying. She left the university without a degree.


Eddy is lying on the floor, unconscious.

I feel depressed.

Marco told me that he was too tired to study.

Can you explain it to me?

He sensed that threat early in his career.


Cheaters never prosper.


Loukas and Orville need to relax.


This one belongs to them.

I'll eat my hat if, by some chance, my team loses to yours.

I can't believe he just did that.

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Jim fell in love with Harold the moment he met her.

I have to go back to work now.

I never disagree with Collin.

Dimetry passed the exam.

On receiving your letter, A sat down to answer it.

I'll go ask her.

We're running short of fuel for the winter.

I found out that the woman I thought was a nurse was actually a doctor.

If I don't tell them, who will?

They probably hate me, too.

I came back home late.


Is there something in the fridge we can drink?

They were making great progress in architecture.

What I want to know is how to do this.

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I was overcome with amazement.

You should try some of this pie.

Ima punched his time card.

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What's the text about?

If it hadn't been for the storm, I would've arrived sooner.

I don't have a bicycle, let alone a car.

I waited.

He believes in an afterlife.

A link joins two parts of a chain.

Teriann may have read the letter.


So the man said.

Shouldn't we get started?

I speak almost no French.

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It is certain that he will agree to your plan.

Their argument eventually ended in a draw.

She is very beautiful.

That was only a year ago.

I'll be back in a couple of hours.

In Bali the primary directions are toward and away from the island's great mountain, Gunung Agung.

I have my own theory.

Don't be such a curmudgeon!

I'm sure you'll like her.

I remember meeting the queen.

She doesn't remember anything.

She eats facing her husband.

I had my brother clean the room.

Have you finished your Duolingo tree yet?

Translators are responsible people who interpret.


Did you notice anything suspicious?

The glans of the penis is generally very sensitive.

Corey will be going to Boston soon.

It's been pretty much the same over here.

Our apple tree is blooming.

Homework must be done by tomorrow.

No one has ever been able to enter the room.

This candy costs eighty cents.

My cat is suffering from the heat.

I didn't hear how many times the clock struck.

Hit the brakes, darling. We should test our feelings. We don't know each other well enough, I'm not used to anticipate the events.

Tanaka has got a cold.

It's only a minor misunderstanding.

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He can do five somersaults without breaking a sweat.

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I'm going to eat.

"Please, I never ask you for anything." "That's not true. You ask me for things all the time."

She's younger than you think.


He has a store on the main road.

Everyone has their own way.

My hobby is to listen to music.

It's illegal to give someone else medication that was prescribed for you.

Suwandi performed his duties faithfully.

The fish is still raw.

We now come to the point.


That's why you love me.

Time presses.

Don't say that name around me.


"What's wrong here?" "The author's DNA".

I don't want to die like this.

It's so pretty.

Don only told me.

The village needs your help.

I need to take your pulse.

I told Jarvis who he should talk to.

Was it really coming closer?

There is a doll in the box.

Granted, watching TV can be relaxing.

He repaired the nets.