The screw, the lever, the wedge, the pulley, etc. are called simple machines.

The salesman demonstrated how to use the mincer.


Where is the intellectual challenge in this?

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Adrian suggested going to Boston for the summer.

Let me read you something.

There is no other choice.

You can never have too much ego.

I never want to leave here.

We've got to tell everyone what happened out here.

Their job is to calculate salaries.

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Stefan was extremely devout.

It'll be lots of fun.

I can't use it.

She is always looking happy, but she is not happy at all.

I have a feeling that she'll come today.


He doesn't even have a sesame seed at home, but twirls his mustache nonetheless.

I want to learn to sing like you.

They did not work, either.

Gregg said that he'd rather come tomorrow.

Jeanne is the one who's rich.

This music's annoying everyone.

Do you know where your children are?


This may end up being somebody else's problem.

Emily has friends from various countries.

I'm thinking of going abroad next year.

I must buy groceries.

The proverb runs as follows.

You're lucky Brandy helped you.

Her mother has been sick since last Thursday.

I am planning to make an overnight trip to Nagoya.

In my opinion, he's right.


The air is fresh in the morning.

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It really is that simple.

He used a big piece of paper to make the bag.

She robbed me blind.

I swept the driveway for you.

I saw Alberto and Bobbie at a party together.

There came a loud knock on the on the front door.

I really hate him.

I'm busy.

Jade Rabbit has landed in the Bay of Rainbows.


The little children were too much for her.

Surprisingly, it wasn't hard to pass the exam.

Begin to change this.

He does not watch TV at all.

You're out of uniform.

Your order has been canceled.

I happen to live here.

Rakhal is a personal enemy of mine.

I wrote my first sentence in German.


Tomas helped fight the fire.


Honesty will pay in the long run.


Look over the papers, please.


There's no water in the tub.

I could not make my way at all because of the crowd.

Judy doesn't understand anything of french.

We always went in opposite directions.

My bicycle has a flat.

I loved to hang out there.

I didn't sleep on the plane.

She's innocent.

It's foul of you to have concealed it.

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Enter your username, followed by your password.

Can you tell me how to get to the nearest station?

He is suspected of robbery.

It's funny how things turned out.

The accident happened right before our eyes.

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I don't know Wendell.

I made that for you.

The concrete layer of the nuclear reactor's shielding will be destroyed using controlled explosions.


I've been misunderstood.

Go by yourself!

He went there by bike.


Shari took an exhilarating walk round the lake.

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I've something interesting to tell you that you might find surprising.

I heard someone tell my mother the news.

I'm calling her but she isn't coming.

As I left the brothel, I was embarrassed to be seen by my friends.

You should try to behave better.


Today's meeting has been canceled.

I don't know why I even thought you might consider helping.

They had good flashes of inspiration about this plan.

Thank you for the update.

I must buy a pair of shoes.


I wasn't sure I really wanted to go to Boston with Panacea.

Stay away from the pond.

There are 30 students in our class.

Hohn wasn't very happy at being interrupted.

They missed the deadline.

Can their families say this for them? Some people think this is a good idea.

He took up residence in Jamaica.

I'd like to see what happens.

Puppies love to chew on everything.

This crowd makes me anxious.

I just want to know why you left so early.

I'll contact you when I can.

How can I feel relaxed with you watching me like that?

We need to communicate with each other.

I hope you'll find this office satisfactory.

Since we have no school tomorrow, I'm planning to go there.

Scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur.


General Jackson is planning to destroy the city.


I'll still have a scar from that accident.

Jiri drank twice as much beer as Novorolsky did.

He could make himself agreeable to almost anyone.

He asked an awkward question.

Don't fail to call me back.

I appear to have misplaced my keys.

She didn't even have the courtesy to say that she was sorry.

You can't just leave your car parked in front of the fire hydrant.

She would not disclose the secret.


You must stay where you are.

I still don't see why I have to be here.

Have you even talked to her?


I trained with the paratroopers.


There are many shades of gray.

I need to study math.

I'd like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jackson.

You're free of all responsibility.

I'm glad that worked.

With regard to the style this car is best.

This is the first time I've ever poured a glass of this drink.

We're remodeling.

Let's not waste any more time on this.

We seldom have snow here.

I can see your book.


The box just fell to pieces all at once.


For all her wealth, she does not look happy.

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Phillip was getting impatient.

I think this medicine will do you good.

Without your encouragement, I should have given up the plan.

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I don't think she's going to hear us.

I've never seen Arlene wearing a tie.

If you need me to do something, just say so.


Neither fish nor fowl.

Why don't I have a freind like that?

They splashed water over me.

The elevator opened and Irving got out.

We've known each other quite a few years.

We should get something to eat.

He doesn't know how to play the guitar.


We probably don't have enough time to finish doing that today.

Show me yours!

You can't leave us here.

Let me give you another example.

Do you want a cab?

They're losers.

The mother divided the money among her children.


Audrey ran his fingers through his hair.

You're not helping much.

If anyone can post the answer to this anagram in the next few minutes we'll release the clue.

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Is that what Laurianne has been telling you?


Let's get started!


I have never called on him.

We improved the quality.

It's nice you found a girlfriend.


Why don't you just ask her?

Allen devoted his life to helping the poor.

The watch's battery ran out.

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There's nothing here for you.


You never know what'll happen.


They forced me to lie.