Capturing beautiful moments as candid memories.

My style

In my opinion, photography is best at capturing the moment. I’m not a big fan of complicated set up for scenes—I like to blend in with my scene and create an artful memory of the beauty of the instant. My experience allows me to choose a good setting and use the existing light to its fullest. The result are candid shots without any additional lights or studio equipment. Don’t believe that’s possible? Check out my portfolio!

I do weddings and other events, portraits, head shots, pregnancy, boudoir, and travel photography.


Weddings are a celebration of love. I create an authentic, artful record which will allow you to remember the moment forever.

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For me, a portrait is an artful representation of a person that captures the model’s spirit, mood and personality.

I like to stage as little as possible and let the model be themselves. Once they feel comfortable, it’s my job to capture what they’re expressing.

My portfolio of portrait shoots.


If you like my style and are interested in working together, please contact me by (443) 379-8903.

I’m located in San Francisco, CA.

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