I think you know what has to be done.

Do you know how to use this kind of chain saw?

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I really wanted to go to Louise's concert, but it was sold out.

Please tell me how to make my bed.

I came here to discuss a personal problem with you.

I'm going to mow the lawn tomorrow, weather permitting.

You may have mistaken Jane for her sister.


I've always wanted to be able to do this.


Haven't I already told you about this before?

Arnold might object.

She was born in England.


Lend me your dictionary, please.


He is as tall as any boy in his class.


Would you like to try it on?

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A few minutes' walk brought us to the park.

Linda was a popular exotic dancer in London.

Terry wasn't perfect.

She's on her way.

I wish that Lorien would give me another chance.

I can't imagine anybody would be surprised.

We all did well.

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I don't think I can do that.

Let's have breakfast.

Andrew just wanted to see what it was like.

Don't be ungrateful.

The church is decorated with flowers for the wedding.


I like to have a deep conversation with a more academic person from time to time.

You've been right all along.

Don't forget to water the plants.

I can help him if he needs it.

In Venice, there are always lots of tourists.

She could feel her knees shaking.

I'll try not to bore you to tears with this speech.

This temple dates from the 7th century.

Jane grew up to be a fine lady.

Do you have an alarm clock in your room?

Pat asked me if I could lend him some money.

That flower smells sweet.

He read a lot.

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There were no appliances back then.

It is hard to translate a joke into another language.

The neighborhood was silent.

Need I go to the dentist's?

It took a load off my mind when our team won the championship.


Burning the trash so close to the house wasn't a good idea.


That was my first thought.

This dog saved that little girl's life.

A human being wrote the story.

Such a custom is not peculiar to the Americans.

My brother has a good memory.

They all looked for the missing child.

She wants to marry a millionaire.


That's not going to happen, is it?

She employed him as a programmer.

That makes us even.


It's quite possible that Mahesh won't be at the meeting.

At which hour is the next train arriving?

Leaving behind is the best thing she does.

Sharon is still dating Sjaak, isn't he?

He hasn't got over the death of his wife yet.

Hui humiliated Vern in front of everyone.

What's with all the flowers?

Bradley blamed the accident on Hotta.

Tobias probably thought I wasn't happy.

Marian plowed the field.

This is going to be good for you, too.


There's no love lost between Lloyd and his brother.


"Whose pants are these?" "They are Ken's."

Just let me walk away.

We've been waiting all morning.


In the garden, you know. I'd like to put out benches and increase the customer seating. Like this ...


Stacey and Ken told me their new baby is a boy.

The troops advanced twenty miles.

I want to talk to you about Sangho.

It would be unfortunate if he were to fail.

Syd hasn't received the flowers yet.

The rain waters the flowers.

It's up to you to keep things running smoothly.

It failed.

Monsieur D'Espilly, in the year 1772, calculated the population of France at upwards of 22 millions; namely, 10,562,631 males, and 11,451,726 females; consequently the proportion of females to males was about 14 to 13.

You shouldn't have told him about the plan.

The government has now abandoned its plans to privatize parts of the health service.

Use only in case of emergency.

Martyn is resilient.

Gill seems to be angry.

Something tells me that she has found them.

I'm very sorry to hear that.

He sat down near him.

I have a pricking pain here.

There's also the initiation ritual.

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Hey, where were you?

I wish I could stay here with you today.

Shannon finally succeeded in getting a job that he liked.

You could see the elation in the president's face when he announced that our shares are going to be listed on the First Section of the TSE next year.

You added nothing.


They want her back.

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Isaac is known as Carsten on the Internet.

Julie received a Christmas card from her brother in Italy.

That tastes really good!

It's just a stretch of sand.

Moran is thinking about moving to Boston.

A small toolkit can be very handy when you are traveling.

A lot has changed in Boston since then.

Let's wind up our work.

More than five thousand sentences were added to Tatoeba today.

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I know what it smells like.

Jelske wishes he could swap places with Lyndon.

Farouk wouldn't talk to anybody.

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Do you want to live in Germany?

He picked up a mirror and looked at his tongue.

I know Horst likes me.

The sweat was dripping off my brow.

She's smart and quite lovely.

Leung told me you were on vacation.

Being together all the time, my Japanese classmates got to know each other very well.

Dan didn't even vote.

Suzanne used up all his money.

I read it in a magazine.

It's not blood. It's tomato sauce.

What's the safest way to defuse a bomb?

There's something strange going on.

The helicopter is so useful that someday it may take the place of cars and trains.

How can you speak such flawless German?

It's been a long time since I've been here.

The accountability of the management of the organization is held in question.


Is anyone else bidding?


Wine is poetry filled in bottles.

I wasn't even here.

Are the children asleep?


I wanted Hwa to clean his room.


There is no treasure more precious than a child.

I am going to inform the post office of the change of my address.

Have you ever attended one of Elliott's conferences?

He was operated on by the doctor.

I'd like to be your friend.

My folding bike is the cleverest piece of kit, ever.

He caught three fish.

I found a nice tie for Urs.

I couldn't keep lying to her.

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The old woman is getting better and is being taken good care of by a nurse from the hospital.

You shouldn't have paid with that account.

A drunk man fell down the stairs.

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Sofoklis says that recently he isn't able to get enough sleep.

I'd like you to read this book.

She's what you call a "delinquent mom," but she's good at cooking, and most importantly, she's a really caring parent.

I am afraid he won't come.

Leads shared his mother's oatmeal cookie recipe with Cristi.

Manny can't go with us tomorrow.

There are as many as two hundred cherry trees in this park.


Sekar wasn't deceived.

Go as fast as possible.

Though she wanted to travel abroad by herself, she decided not to.

Nowadays there are no ninjas or samurais in Japan.

Rich knows all about us.

Can we have a word with him?

Are you sure about this, Ninja?

He was operated on yesterday.

I always wanted to go there.

Rand looked around nervously.

Maybe it's time you got to know Ti better.

How many books are in your library?

Huey looked surprised at how well Catherine was doing.

I cannot smile at Taninna. She doesn't like me.

I didn't work yesterday.

We need your guidance.

You'll have to jack up the car.

She revealed the secret.

This rule applies to all cases.

Give us some room here.

I need you to tell me what to do.