I saw a spider walking on the ceiling.

That inn is 5,000 yen a night, meals excluded.


I don't pay you to think.

Roxane wanted to become a diplomat.

The change is too small to be observed.

I'll ask her to join you.

Oh, I just remembered. The library's closed tomorrow.

Cookie jumped over Kate.

The Secret Service has to answer for the safety of the president.

There isn't no such important someone as Naz with my life.

I take a lot of pictures.

I keep thinking about you.

I would often take a walk before breakfast.

It was an accident that was waiting to happen.

Do you think that's what I want?

One afternoon in late spring, Tahsin went out for a swim and was never seen again.

Maybe we can go fishing next week.


Despite having signed a secret pact, Italy failed to enforce all its claims on foreign territories after World War I.

You shouldn't have done it.

Warren asked Susumu some very personal questions that she refused to answer.

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What's your motivation?


My dog died last winter.

Andy ran to catch up with Nathan.

Shannon had nothing to do with Pilot's death.


The Joker is the wild card, OK?

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Mr. Smith established this school forty years ago.

Walter never told me he had a horse.

I'm sure Ahmet would love it.


Let's find sentences with new vocabulary on this topic, add them to the following list: _____; and translate them.


Oleg enjoys gardening.

It's an ambitious plan.

I remember seeing him once.


There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence.

The teacher let the boy go home.

You should read such a good book as he is reading now.

A lot of people need our help.

This sentence is incorrect.

I thought you'd like it.

I'm thinking about something else.


They dug here and there for treasure.


Marie will show you how to catch a fish.

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To avoid interest charges, Elizabeth pays his credit card in full every month.

"Oh, mother," said the housewife, breaking into bitter tears.

Let's not forget that Wilson may need help.

Rod clung to the hope that Sho would call again.

The company was founded in 1974.

I met an old man who says that he's never eaten at a restaurant in his whole life.

She couldn't help bursting into laughter.

Jochen was spoiled.

I'm very upset with you, darling.

We'll go over everything again.

What time did he ask for your response?

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He's not serious about her at all - he's just playing with her.

How many people can do that?

He has his fingers on the table.

Do you understand it?

Do be careful.


Graphene is a substance made from pure carbon

"Someone farted." "It wasn't me!"

I'm struggling with French grammar.

Give Jimmy everything you've got.

Betsy admitted he couldn't speak French.

We've just got to do something.

We'll get there eventually.

I had to let them win.

I didn't know that I was supposed to do that.


As you won't live forever, of course, your housing accommodations are impermanent.

Thomas has a fever.

It wasn't me who slammed the door.

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Alejandro sent Hank some money.

It's excruciatingly slow.

It's so different now.

Are you one of the cheerleaders?

Are you guys hungry?

The "complete breakfasts" in cereal commercials always include cereal, milk, toast, and orange juice, but even Americans don't usually eat that much in the morning.

Is basketball season over yet?

Can you tell me about him?

He doesn't have a clue about anything. But he still has an opinion about everything.


I just want to see what it's like.

I'm not famous.

You should be thanking me.

She spread the gossip all over the town.

Stephe made me swear that I wouldn't tell anyone.

The first lesson is a taster.

Stay calm. You'll have your reward tomorrow.

I think you can do better.

What else can it be?

Narendra unloaded groceries from the car.

I like him all the more for his weaknesses.

What's your favorite TV program?

Do you have an extra key?

I am Loyd.

We are currently experiencing some turbulence.


You're not a spy, or are you?

I didn't know where to hide.

I'm going to give it to her.


Could you give me the salt?


Graeme tried to make a difference.

I think I'll start with a bottle of beer.

Who would have dared?

It was Jack that I met yesterday.

Manjeri is studying in Boston.

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You haven't even asked me what I think.


The XYZ Almanacs from 1950 to 1970 were studied to discover the trend.

I was cut to the quick by her remark.

John was too surprised to say anything.

I'm afraid this isn't working out.

Bradford went to the edge of the cliff.

When will you harvest your wheat?

You make me nervous.

What I've done is unforgivable.

The colors of this painting are very bright.

Ian knew nothing about Warren.

There's a risk that the bottle will break.


She tripped on the stone.


Is now an appropriate time?

Ben is going with me tomorrow.

That's not acceptable to me.


I did that one time.

I think that's enough.

How're we doing?

The President vetoed the law after Congress passed it.

Would you like to go and get a bite to eat?


Did Mahesh ever tell you how he first met Kenneth?

Get their weapons.

Whereas birds of prey typically do not, many birds have very large fields of vision.


Wilmer unlocked the door with the key Joseph had given him.

Why did Karen give you this anyway?

What is this notebook for?

Bring me a piece of chalk.

I think they'll win.


I see what the problem is.

I already called Sal.

What's the minimum salary in Gibraltar?

The firm has recently diversified its products so as to extend its market.

Contrarians are often very upright people.

Stevan couldn't find his left shoe.

Because zeal for Thy house hath eaten me up, and the reproaches of them that reproach Thee are fallen upon me.

You won't tell them, will you?

Oleg has lost interest in watching TV.

Uri didn't lift a finger to help.

She had no intention to quarrel with him.

Is it true that Wade lived in Boston for three years?

Bert comes from the southern part of France.


Listen! They're playing my favorite music.

I dislike Chris because he is very rude and insensitive.

That's not my favorite topic.

Fish and red wine don't go well together.

Does that mean yes?

Greg was furious, but he tempered his language because there were children present.

I don't think Mara ever really loved me.

To the whole world - good night, good day and good morning.

I was ushered into the drawing room.

It's a good job, as far as the pay goes.

With the passage of time, Stanley felt less bitter about the situation.

You're going to need a bigger boat.

Pineapple production in Minas Gerais grew a lot.


That's what I want, too.

Angela was lying about that.

I don't think they'll allow you to do that.


I could hardly believe him.


Classical music soothes me.


You can't tell Sabrina not to go.


Let me handle that.

I just want to talk to you.

Boston is the kind of place I want to live.