John is not as old as Bill; he is much younger.

Tai worked as a carpenter in Boston, Massachusetts.

I have to practice the piano every day.

Try and get some sleep.

Jon said he couldn't recall.

You might want to reconsider your decision.

I want to make this perfectly clear.


That's pretty nice.

Where are you planning to spend the night?

He has recovered his health, so he is now able to resume his studies.

Thanks to your help, I passed the exam.

I thought that my mother was going to kill me.

You had better take a bath to get warm.

Hurf said he would do his homework right after dinner.

She dropped lemon juice into her tea.

There are turtles that are more than two centuries old.

I thank you very much for your help.

May I speak frankly?

It's an omen.

You translate from Quenya to Klingon? Awesome.

Vistlik is wearing what he wore yesterday.

Granville has a piercing voice.


Jason's bike was stolen by a drug addict.

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This is a term used to describe the warming of the earth, due to growing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


He wrote a prompt answer to my letter.

Dawn travels a great deal.

"Are you being attended to?" asked the shopkeeper.

It took me a long time to write to you, sorry!

I had to send him home.

I didn't sneak up on Syun.

The rainy season has started.

A bone stuck in my throat.

Manuel and Amarth are both very excited.

FSI officer: "Sir, there is a website where ANYONE can add a sentence in a foreign language!". FSI president: "What?! Bomb them!".

He acts like he doesn't know anything.

I'm not going to go to a hotel.

Jack lived in Japan for several years.

Have you heard that a psychic dwarf just escaped from prison? There's a small medium at large!

A sensible person wouldn't speak to you like that.

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Let's not be fooled again.


He climbs trees easily.

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A man's happiness doesn't depend on what he has, but on what he is.

Jock said we needed to keep trying.

No, please dial nine first.

I said all I had to say.

Why is Germany so tough on Greece?

This song is both sad and beautiful.

Kiki lived alone in a small cabin.

Gerard is quite strong, isn't he?

Either you or I am wrong.


I easily found his office.

I can't do this for much longer.

500 policemen were put on strict alert.

You knew this would happen!

She is a physicist.


Ozan actually took the time to talk to us.

Arne is like family.

The witch told the servants to sharpen the knives, make a great fire ready, and hang a large kettle full of water over it.

I'll call on Mr Brown tomorrow.

Rats have gnawed holes in the door.


Honzo didn't know what Per wanted to eat.

I answered his blows with several of my own.

He is proud of not having consulted a doctor.

It's quite possible to begin with splendid ideas like liberty and property and to come down on the wrong side of every question of economics or social justice.

We are confronted with a difficult situation.

It was a hot night.

There is power in Warren's eyes.

Do you have some medicine good for a cold?

How did your day go?

May I go buy some ice cream?

While in London, she studied English.


He has built up an excellent business.


He drives me crazy.


They kept looking.


He hated lying.


How will you manage without a job?


I suppose I should congratulate you.

They followed you here.

Edward was being blackmailed by Elizabeth.

Max didn't disappoint me.

Mara's hands were tied behind his back.


Multinational corporations outperform traditional corporations operating in just one country.

I want to end this.

Our captors gave us clothes, food, books - the whole nine yards.


Give me one hour.


Cookie is my dog.

I used to work in a supermarket.

I'm not really sure what I should be doing.

He jumped to his feet the moment he heard the news.

The ice on the lake couldn't bear his weight.

A few minutes after he finished his work, he went to bed.

Not everything that you say in Lojban should be rational.

They hate Thuan.

He plays the bagpipes.


Lincoln is an important person.

He censured me for what I had done.

Click the picture of the frog riding the stag beetle, Paddy.

Cristopher was in too much of a hurry to wait around.

The rainwater evaporates on a hot day.

The writing style was unaffected.

I work a lot.


I assume you're going somewhere with this.

Let's hope we get a break.

His little sister is very cute, isn't she?


He is used to speaking in public.

I don't want Phiroze making the same mistakes I made.

The waiter went to get another glass.

He was lying on the grass.

The soul that desires God to surrender himself to it entirely must surrender itself entirely to him without keeping anything for itself.

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I don't have time to be bothered by such small things.

My Chinese is not perfect, but I could understand enough of what he said.

Ji is not overly friendly.


You'll understand later.

You'll have to ask her that.

Lindsay said he was in love with you.


I phoned his representative.

The man's third attempt to stop smoking failed.

A gang of thieves works these parts.

Sergei was very much involved in his work.

Lar and Stefan had a horrible fight.

Shutoku would want us to continue.

I don't know exactly how many visitors there were. I think three hundred something.


We'll decide it like men, bring the dice!


A humid climate is characteristic of the peninsula.

Tell Martin we're going to need more time.

You or I will be chosen.

Paul has three sons. They look very much alike.

I consulted him.

Come down here.

He became a successful lawyer.

I've already called Lea.

Jeffrey can speak French almost as well as me.

The doctor thought the patient's pulse was rather rapid.

No one was quite sure.

There is no sea in Armenia.

Martha was nothing compared to you.

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Is your father about yet?

Victory is bitter.

I think it strange that she didn't say anything.

Did you hear the alarm signal?

Dan is a brave man. He's not afraid of neighborhood bullies like you.


She brought him up in the Jewish faith.

I take care of Christopher.

She had black hair and dark eyes.

My father couldn't afford a car, when he was young.

I've always liked you.


Gene has a gun.


I'll follow them.

The hotel at which we stayed was very comfortable.

I'll be the one helping him, not you.


Jimmy often stays up all night.

Propaganda is communication intended to persuade.

Judy went to visit Darin in the hospital.

That sounds pretty good.

Should I be late, don't wait for me.

Hunter seldom eats breakfast.

Something's definitely wrong with Elias.


Sho wasn't married to Presley at that time.


Gill is very sad.

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I can't believe you'd do something like that to me.


Who really knows?

You're a nice boy.

Harv asked for the check.