• Hanna
  • Chapter 13

    Hanna Chapter 13

    Once in the hall, she let her body react. She slumped against the wall. Slid down, till she was sitting on the floor, knees bent in front of her. Dropped her head, and shook with quiet sobs. Was this what it was like to be twelve years old? To live in a world run by […]

  • Hanna
  • Chapter 12

    Hanna Chapter 12

    The rest of the morning brought more trials into Hanna’s life. Mr. Carey’s enthusiasm for make-work projects hadn’t ended with Math. Each class contained new and more inventive ways of keeping her busy. Out of trouble. Despairing of life. Everything that that a bright, yet troublesome, young student should be. For the most part, she […]

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    Large Saskatchewan family

    The third post in the Christian Family Planning Series So.  A quick recap of what we’ve learned so far: most Christians need to stop asking other Christians deeply personal questions about their reproductive plans and/or capabilities (read more here); and family planning is not exactly a biblical concept (here). For this third installment, you’ve been […]

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    Hanna Chapter 11

    Friday morning arrived. Day four in this alternate universe. Hanna was still twelve years old. Still in grade seven. Still making an idiot of herself with predictable regularity. And she still didn’t have any idea what was going on. She was starting to get into a routine. She’d woken up early, pulled gently out of […]

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  • Christian Family Planning: What do we Believe?

    blond girl reading

    The second post in the Christian Family Planning series In our last installment of Christian Family Planning, we introduced the subject of family planning, family size, and our culture’s belief that it’s totally OK to question the intimate practices of our casual acquaintances.  Because, why shouldn’t we?  Don’t we all believe that the world has […]

  • Hanna
  • Chapter 10

    Hanna: Chapter 10

    The girls talked about Lisa the whole way home. Hanna’s fight was a thing of the past. The very idea, that someone would make fun of a mentally handicapped person – it was unthinkable. They’d seen a lot of things since moving to Ontario, but this seemed to cross a line. Hanna was proud of […]

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    Hanna, Chapter 9

    Thankfully, no one had taught Yvonne how to hit. Hanna had never been slapped before, but after the initial reaction to the pain, she recovered very quickly. Shaken, more than anything. Half the class was out of their seats. Nathan Gowanloch was yelling “Girl fight!”. Tami Baker jumped up, screamed, and fell in a dead […]

  • Hanna
  • Chapter 8

    Hanna Chapter 8

    Hanna woke up early on Thursday morning, before her alarm. Her third day here – and she still had no idea what was going on. She pushed her disturbing dream to the side. Just a dream, she told herself. But she opened her Bible eagerly, hoping her morning devotions would help dispel the remainders of […]

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    Hanna Chapter 7

    That afternoon, Hanna took her sisters to the public library. It was a short walk, even for Sarah. Their house was conveniently close to downtown. Leaving the girls playing on a giant beanbag snake in the children’s section, Hanna ventured upstairs, to an area she had rarely frequented before: non-fiction. The second floor, with its […]